My Services: Offering Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Cellular Exercise (CE) to Equine Althletes and their owners.
I provide the cellular exercize sessions for your horse using a pulsed magnetic field over your horses body, with aproven LifePULSE protocol developed to penetrate deeply into muscle, soft tissue and bone, stimulating cellular metabolism, while providing a relaxing full-body massage. The magnetic field is adjusted to a gentle, very comfortable level, specific to the horse and area of the body being targeted.

In addition to PEMF for peak equine performance, I also provide pulsed magnetic therapy to support healing of various illnesses and injuries in horses, humans and pets.

A full body CE session lasts approximately 45 minutes. The results can be immediate and last for weeks or more!

Target area session protocols depend on the individual.

Routine sessions are recommended to enhance the entire body's ability to maintain optimal health and peak performance, in addition to supporting the prevention of injury, inflamation, soreness and fatigue due to the rigors of regular training and competition.

Acute issues, recent stresses, fatigue, etc. can often be addressed in a single session and can reduce the amount of time required to rejuvenate and restore cellular charge, allowing the body to repair/heal more quickly.

Chronic issues (years of stress, overwork, old injuries, etc.) will benefit the most by more frequent pulsing in the beginning. I recommend at least 5 sessions (a bare minimum of 3 sessions) over the course of 2 weeks to allow the affected area(s) to detoxify and gradually improve cellular function, circulation, oxygen/nutrient intake and restoration. 10 sessions within 4-6 weeks provides optimal opportunity for the body to heal and regenerate lost or compromised cellular function and health. Bimonthly or monthly follow-up sessions are recommended to maintain the restored state of wellness.

For diagnosed medical issues, consult your veterinarian and/or doctor for approval to gradually return to activity, which will most often occur much more quickly than expected!

 Vanessa Morgan Mobile: (423) 506-6975

DISCLAIMER: Vanessa Morgan is a certified LifePULSE practitioner, offering cellular exercise using the PULSE Centers EQ-X system. The EQ-X is not a medical device and has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical condition and is not intended as a replacement or substitute for appropriate medical attention.

below: June 2018 - PEMF demonstration at Hide-Away Farm Summer Camp

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