National Drives: 2006 - 2010



Carole and I went to the National Drive again this year, at the KY Horse Park. After settling the horses in on Thursday and setting up camp, we went back to the barn to hitch and tack up for a short ride/drive, while there was a little break in the weather. It turned out to be a lot longer than we planned, when one of the mini's bucked, bolted and dumped her driver, getting caught in the trees and breaking the cart. Thanks goodness for Carole's 'spares box'!

Friday was a wash; rained practically all day. We took that opportunity to find a tack repair shop for all the broken halters I brought along, and of course we did some shopping.

Saturday, the rains had stopped, but it was still cloudy and very cold. Carole did the driving parade and I took TeaGo for a nice long hack around the park and cross-country course; he is so good about all the different driving rigs, mules, drafts, minis and teams. Later that day, Carole and I went out on cross-country with Cooper and Carole let me drive. I took super Cooper through the water, in which he almost had to swim. It was quite deep from all the rains the previous couple days. I had to put my feet on the top rail of the cart to keep them from getting soaked. I also got to drive my first cones course (though slowly, as the arena was a bit busy) and it was tremendous fun. Later on we went for a drive with Sue Curtis and her pair of Clydesdale-Dales geldings. Sue let us each have a turn at driving. After all my fun with Cooper and Sue's pair, my interest in driving is growing.

Sunday was the Mimosa drive, which was delightful! The weather was perfect, the scenery lovely and the horses wonderful. Regretfully, we had to pack up and head back home for work on Monday.

National Drive: 2006