The Caravan
Watch "The Caravan Film: A Horse Drawn Journey" here

The final leg - Florida - March 2015:

Carole Moss and I took Foothills Hopefilly and Foothills River Queen to Florida for the final week of "The Caravan; a trans-continental horse-drawn journey"

Below: Our 1st day/night at Goeth Park

Making room to sleep:

Settled in first a good night's rest after a long day of travel from TN to FL:

Day 2 - settled in at the FL Horse Park

Our 1st drive with some of the Caravan group:

Very tired after a long drive, still in their winter coats:

Nice roll in the sand and leaves:

The Caravan main area while at the FL Horse Park

My lesson with Anna - most of what I understood was him telling Queen, "Don't do that" and telling me that I need to drive like a lady and not like a farmer:-) He took us around some crazy turns, weaving in and out of fense posts. I was very impressed with the girls.

Our 1st night at the Grand Oaks Resort; the rest of the crew was still at the Horse Park

After meeting up with the rest of the Caravan at a school, we headed off for the final 10 mile leg, escorted through Ocala by the mounted police.

Heading in for the finale!

Thanks to Carole Moss, other passengers and spectators for these photos!