(Cooper and Carole Moss)

below: Carole and Cooper running Prelim at Elk Creek CDE - 2010

Cooper and I and Mark went to the MTCC Traditional Day of Driving show today.
Brought home
2nd best in cones, first in the Open division and grand champion overall. I am overwhelmed, thought we had a marginal performance day. Beat all the horses and pomies, we were the only VSE in the field. Stayed clear for most of the day, raining now on the way home. See ya soon, Carole (May 09)

Victory for Carole Moss at her first-ever Combined Driving Event!(9/08)

The event was the Indiana Combined Driving Event at the Hoosier Horse Park just outside Indianapolis on 8/30-31, 2008.  This was a rated event.  To be a rated event you have to meet certain standards set by the national carriage driving club and you accumulate points towards national titles.  There were actually several VSEs there---probably 5 or 6.  Carole did not wow them in dressage, but did in the cones and marathon.  We discussed the philosophy of the marathon and decided that she should let Cooper go at his pace early on figuring he would slow later.  At 4 kilometers in a 5.7 km course, he was 6 minutes ahead.  The trick was slowing him down.  The last 500 meters you could go at any pace but had to keep moving in a straight line.  It took forever for them to get in.  In the cones, we did not get his actual time.  In the previous local show, he had the fastest cone time of ANY of the horses.  There were probably 40 horses there.  Mark (9/08)

Division: Training VSE
Name of Driver/Owner Name of Horse(s) Dressage Marathon Cones Final Score
1st  Carole Moss Cooper 74.40 0.00 3.00 77.40
2nd Peggy Porter Butch Cassidy 67.20 12.20 9.00 88.40
3rd  Marlene Badura Harlequin's Bodacious 68.00 E 6.00 E
4th  Janice Dunn Mariah 50.40 0.00 E E

VSE Champion at the 2007 Cannon Carriage Classic

Carole and Cooper at the Cannon Carriage Classic - August 07, "We had such a great time!  He is absolutely a hoot to drive. Loves the cones.  We went clean in every cones classes, won all of our cones classes, came in second in our two ring classes, got High point VSE."


Below: 6/23/07