FUN PHOTOS: 2001-2002

Hi Vanessa, I am sending you a photo where three of the four ponies came from you!! The photo was taken on June 1st, Cassie's 4th birthday, and all the ponies are wearing party hats in celebration. From left to right it is
Balmullo's Cassiopia, Toby (he was imported from Holland...), Balmullo's Winsome Sky and Indy (Piedmont Indian). Jan W.

Ness & *Gun Smoke (12/01)
Below: Ness, Jill and Carole tending to the 'G-MAN' at Pine Top

Emily and Katie Benton on Foothills Ladybug and Foothills River Queen
at the 2001 ACPS Region 4 Show in Conyers, GA


Foothills Hopefilly (o/o Star) and Foothills River Queen (o/o Erin), two FFC mares by Concord River Roaringwater Bay.
Parker and Vanessa up - September 2001



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