Vanessa Morgan driving Foothills Hopefilly and Dillon Morgan Navigating the marathon.

Not our best dressage tests, but was OK

This was the first and last time Hope halted in Training Test 2

Our circles were better (i.e. not counterbent) than previously, even though not exactly round.

Pre-cones encouragement from Carole:-)

Came into cones in 7th place (out of 10) after dressage

By this time, I thought I already had 1 ball down (but didn't:-)

Careful coming into the serpentine

Trying to make up some time.

Ended cones double-clear, moving us up to 5th place.

All clear on phases A and D, coming into E where the fun cranks up!

Don't know WHAT we were looking at!?!

And off to the next hazard...

We've got this one:

Dillon is on top of the time-keeping.

Heading home

Oh gosh! Where are we? What's our time look like?

Dillon knows his times are right but mom is really trying to confuse things.

Finished in perfect time, moving us up to an overall 4th place finish!:-))