Tullymor's Kanga

BEC mare, 14.1 hands, born 8/3/2012

ACPS Inspected and Approved, HWSD N/N
USEF Registration (5300087) - Life

(Tullymor's Chip O' Perseus x Tullymor's Tully Rose )

Bred by May Medley; owned by Suzanne Desaix (VA)

Full sister to Tullymor's Blush

Top 5 in hand 2017 ACPS Region 5 show

SIRE: Tullymor's Chip O' Perseus S653 XXXVIII (Hayselden Perseus x Tre Awain Silaech)

DAM: Tullymor's Tully Rose M1813XXVII (Montully's Son x Kelly's Brannigan)

Kanga earned 3rd place in the 2-4 yr old purebred class the 2015 ACPS Region 5 show.

Summer 2016

Spring 2014

yearling photo from summer 2013

rising yearling photo from January 2013