Tullymor's Macaroni Pony

(Tullymor's Chip O'Perseus X Tullymor's Morning Star)
14.0 h brown Connemara gelding, born 5/17/13, HWSD N/N
Bred by May Medley, GA; owned by Maureen Jeanette, FL

July 2018

Mac went to his first show to walk around the grounds and check out all the action. He was curious but calm and a really good boy. I entered him in the halter class and he won his first blue ribbon:-) (7/14/18)

The next day, I entered a couple other classes, to further his experience. He did a walk and a couple walk-trot classes and brought home a few couple more blue and some red ribbons. The best part is what a joy he was to introduce to the world outside of Foothills Farms:-) He is such a sweet, willing and sensible pony. (7/15/18)


June 2018

May 2018

April 2018 (not completely shed yet!)


Below - early April 2017, before shedding!

Below, March 2017, in his dusty winter coat and native pony mane. Mac is coming along nicely in his training; he is very sweet, sensible, willing and able.

Sire & Dam

SIRE: Tullymor's Chip O'Perseus S653 XXXVIII (*Hayselden Perseus x Tre Awain Sileach [Tre Awain De Valera x Oak Hills Miss Independence])

DAM: Tullymor's Morning Star M2109 XLI (Fieldstream's Riley x Tullymor's April Fool [Montully's Son x Ailte Mhuire])