Ruby Red Rocket
a.k.a. Reba
16.0 hand chestnut Thoroughbred mare, born 6/5/11
Windsor Castle X
Queen Daisy (by Prenup)
wned by Vanessa Morgan (TN)

Reba, at home in the TN red clay (December 2021):

Purchased in September 2021, after weaning her foal, Lorcan (see below):

Reba's offspring:

Reba's produce:

2021 Brambleridge Lorcan (by *TBS Declan Pondi), owned by Catherine Mooneyham




We purchased Reba from Megan Harris, Fade To Grey Connemaras, who owned her from November 2019 through September 2021.

Reba was raced as a 3 and 4 year old, earning a respectable 6 wins in 14 starts and just over 70k before retire sound from racing.

From what we can gather, she spent several years in a field, then was shipped to a trainer in the summer of 2019 to be restarted and sold. With just a few weeks back under saddle she attended her first show and behaved impeccably.

With Megan, she has done lots of hacking and enjoys jumping. She has schooled logs, ditches, coops, stone walls, banks and water. She hunted about 10 times in 2020, whipping-in for Bear Creek. She is super with the hounds and whip and has heard gunfire at close range. She will require an experienced rider if she is to continue hunting. While she has trail ridden in groups extensively, I am not sure that she would enjoy being in the field - she doesn’t like to be bumped or run up on. She would be happiest as a staff horse or possibly leading the field (she is bold).

Megan writes "She is conformationally correct, has great depth of body and big feet!
She foaled a healthy palomino colt by Declan on 04/07. She has to one of the best maiden mares I’ve ever had, she has been outstanding! She had a smooth delivery, plenty of milk and has been the most attentive and gentle mother. All while allowing her people to do what we need to do with her baby."

More Reba photos: