Piedmont Rosie O'Grady
TFC  HB M 3325 XLIV, born 11/8/07
(*Gun Smoke x Sleighton )

Bred by FFC; owned by Kate Denton (SC) 
She is truly lovely and smart (knows the voice commands for walk, trot, whoa and back) and has perfect manners for the farrier.  I think she'll be around 15.2 (she's still pretty leggy).  She's very affectionate and loves her grooming sessions. Kate (Sept 08)
Rosie is such a sweetheart!  Very smart and so affectionate.  She just loves her daily grooming and three-days-a-week little lesson in leading, etc.  We took a stroll over to the pasture on the other side of the driveway with the jumps in it (Ceile came along too) and she walked over some ground poles and then went through the ditch near the road a couple of times - what a star!  Kate (May 08)
Rosie's new home   (4/08)
Piedmont Rosie O'Grady (by *Gun Smoke ) has a new lovely lady to call owner.  I had a hard time letting this one go, but I know that Kate Denton (Camden, SC) will give this filly the love and attention she deserves.  Kate writes " Rosie is fabulous!!!!!!!!  She is so sweet and so smart and so cute!  She calmly walked off the trailer (I don't think she moved on there for the entire 6 1/2 hour trip) and I led her around for a while.  Then I put Ceile's halter on and let her into his big pasture and led him around and she just followed.  Ceile is pretty much ignoring her (will not play!) so they just hang out and graze or eat hay.  She just loves people (my friend Drew came today and just got to know her a bit, picked up her feet (no problem) and had her turn her head and lead in a circle - she was perfect."

*Gun Smoke X Sleighton