8/8/15 Driving Derby at River Plains Farm

In case you missed it, here is a recap from the 2nd Riverplains Farm Driving Derby. A fun, easy and affordable way to get your driving horses out and about. Horses of all levels, ages and breeds are welcome. A cones course with a obstacle set up with trot only classes and cantor classes. The derby also included a relaxing 3+ drive around the farm.


PARTICIPANTS: Bill and Jazzy. Brian B with Cruize and family. Carole M with Merlin. Cathy with Jazzy. Four in hand with Jose H. Marianna C with Alibi. Judy W and Power Pusher. Rachel N with Lady Lou. Thomas H with Desertz Sweet Secret. Vanessa M with her pair. Random shots and Jose working with Tigger.

Course walk (below): Brionna, Emmett, Carole and Vanessa

This was the first time negotiating obstacle with a pair:
Foothills Hopefilly! and Foothills River Queen (6/28/15)

Hosted by the Rachel Nicely and the entire family at River Plains Farm, along with Cristy and Jose Hernandez

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