Tullymor's Tigger
(Tullymor's Mountain Shadow x Tullymor's Kiss of Sun )
13.2h bay purebred Connemara gelding, born 5-1-11
Tigger is full sibling to Tullymor's Mountain Steel, Tullymor's Shady Lady, Tullymor's Kessie and Tullymor's Gracie Gray

Bred by May Medley (GA); owned by Kaitlyn Miller (NY)

I am so glad you emailed, I had actually been meaning to email you letting you know how Tigger was doing! First I must say kudos to you and your training program, when I first brought him home I thought to be fair to him and my unfit self we would start from the beginning, to be able to get a full grasp on what he knows so I wouldn't unfairly over challenge him. But as we got to know each other better and I asked more and more out of him I realized he didn't really have that inevitable "hole" in his education so commonly found in young horses, so I must compliment you on doing such a great job starting him! Now we are still taking it fairly easy, working on keeping a consistent forward rhythm, we've been working a lot on our upward transitions to canter, just staying balanced and relaxed. We are doing ground poles and working on adjustability also. Overall, he is just an absolute delight, and exactly as you described and exactly what I was looking for, I am madly in love with the little guy! He is such a blast not only to ride but to have around the farm, I just love his curiosity and desire to learn and figure things out. Kaitlyn (June 2016)

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Miller (NY) on her purchase of Tullymor's Tigger. They make a wonderful pair and I am looking forward to stories of their fun adventures together!

Tullymor's Tigger also made his showing debut this weekend (2/20/16) at the TAG DEA D&CT. He placed 3rd in Intro Test C with a 65.25% under his current owner, yours truely.

VIDEOTigger in warm-up

On the Battlefield (Dec 2015):

Battlerfield ride on our fabulous ponies: Vanessa on Tigger, Breezy on Caroline, and Lou on Queen and (12/19/15)

At the 2015 National Drive (undersaddle video) longer versionhttps://youtu.be/ueR6D8bS1xw


Trail riding in the Big South Fork

August 2015, with Jose Hernandez

Below at the ACPS Region IV Connemara show this month (June 2015) in Cleveland, TN:

Sunday was the 1st show ever for Tullymor's Tigger; he earned 2nd in the Purebred Connemara geldings class.

Tigger showed his calm, cool manner in the in-hand trail class where he finished in 4th (below); our only problem was backing through the tricky "L". He was perfect in everything else.


May 2015 photo (4 yr old):

Sire: Tullymor's Mountain Shadow S628 XXXVII

Dam: Tullymor's Kiss of Sun M2107 XLI

May 2014 photo (3 yr old):

Below: 2 yr old photos from November 2013

Below: 2 yr old photos from summer 2013

May 2013 (2 yrs old):

January 2013