Tullymor's Mountain Shadow

(Montully's Son x *Ailte Mhuire)

*Montully Man ACPS Hall of Fame *Tooreen Laddie Trophy

Shadow is full sibling to Tullymor's April Fool, dam of Balmullo's Beacon, ACPS Hall of Fame *An Tostal Trophy

In 1980 it was thought that the Mountain Lad stallion line, one of three major Connemara stallion lines, was in grave danger. The situation was thought to be so dire that some extraordinary measures to save the line were taken. May Medley in Georgia started to breed her son of Mon Tully Man (Tully Lad X Tooreen Pet [by Tooreen Laddie]),who she had been keeping in her backyard for many years. Monyully Son is a greatgrandson of Mountain Lad through his grandsire Tully Lad and May had been told by Caroline Nesbitt that he was the last of the Mountain Lad line. Montully Son was out of a daughter of Marconi, Marconi’s Stormy Rebel. May also bought a daughter of Jiminy Cricket, another son of Tully Lad, so she could line breed from the Mountain Lad line. This pony, Aillte Mhuire, had had one daughter by Custusha’s Cashel Rock, Courtney’s April Frolic, before coming to Georgia where she produced many offspring. Many progeny of the successful crosses of this Montully Son X Aillte Muhire breeding can be found. One of these, Balmullo’s Beacon (Tullymor’s April Fool X Aladdin), owned by Vanessa Morgan, was a successful eventer and prolific sire for Foothill’s Farm. Another is Samson McDara, mentioned above as the resident stallion at Buery Stout’s West Virginia Providence farm. But May also bred Montully Son to many other what she called “old-fashioned” Connemaras, those that she could find with no Little Heaven blood in their pedigree. This program was in many ways extraordinarily successful with Tullymor ponies now in every corner of the US. ACPS Weekly Pony News 5-17-09

Shadow is the sire of:

2002 Tullymor's Ned Devine S1849 XLIV, 14.2H Dun registered Connemara stallion. out of Bar Bar A's Rebel Doll, by Mervyn Kingsmill and out of Errisbeg Dolly. Ned is registered and branded by the American Warmblood Society. Ned has several purebred and crossbred offspring that move beautifully, have natural jumping ability and most noteably have an incredibly docile, quiet and agreeable temperament. You Tube

2003 Tullymor's Moon Shadow grey stallion out of Tullymor's Kelly O Brannigan

2004 Tullymor's Mountain Sun dun stallion out of Tullymor's Kiss of Sun

2005 Tullymor's Mountain Steel  grey stallion out of Tullymor's Kiss of Sun

2007 Tullymor's Shady Lady grey mare out of Tullymor's Kiss of Sun

2009 Tullymor's Dun McRae out of Tullymor's Kiss of Sun

2010 Tullymor's Out of The Blue cremello gelding out of Roslands Carolon

2011 Tullymor's Tigger bay gelding out of Tullymor's Kiss of Sun

2012 Tullymor's Kessie grey mare out of Tullymor's Kiss of Sun

2012 Tullymor's Partly Cloudy grey gelding out of Roslands Carolon

2013 Oh My Darlin bay mare out of Tullymor's Clementine

2013 Tullymor's Gracie Grey out of Tullymor's Kiss of Sun

2013 Tully Rainbow grey mare out of Tullymor's Shady Lady