Oh My Darlin
ACPS HBM 2380 LII, bay mare, 14.2h, born 4/18/13; owned by Melanie Anderson (NC)

SIRE: Tullymor's Mountain Shadow (Montully's Son x Ailte Mhuire)
DAM: Tullymor's Clementine Rose (Tullymor's Little Admiral x Tullymor's Kiss of Sun)

Vanessa, Just wanted to give you an update on Darlin/ Darby. She is doing great and has about 4 short rides on her. I wanted to trail ride her around the property over the weekend with my lease gelding. So my daughter rides Darlin in the arena for the first time and can't believe how quiet she is. She's says, "Mom, you are going to need a crop or spurs with this one", which of course, totally suits me fine. The gelding, who is 19, was fresh as he could be and I had to lunge and lunge him. Darlin just stood on the opposite side of the arena watching him buck and snort like a lunatic. Cool as a cucumber. She could not be bothered by his antics. She has trotted over some ground poles and over a 18" crossrail. Did not phase her. I'm sure at some point, she will behave stupidly over something, but for right now, she is just as awesome as she can be!

We never trail rode that day. The gelding was way to fresh. He needs some wet blanket time.
I'm obsessed with her in a good way!! Just wanted to let you know I adore her. Hope you are doing well. Thank you, Melanie (2/22/17)

Congratulations to Melanie Anderson (Rockwell, NC) on her purchase of Oh My Darlin (4 y/o [hb] Connemara filly); I'm sure sad to see this darlin' leave, but I know Melanie will be a perfect home for her.

Feb 2017

Jan 2017: Darlin (on R) with her big buddy, Fiddler

Hi Mom! Trailered over to Shaker Village for my first off the farm trail ride thru creeks and up steep hills. I was foot perfect! Followed the fat white pony (Juniper) that I ordinarily terrorize lol. October 2016 under Marion Caldwell

Darlin meeting Conor (April 2016):


Sire: Tullymor's Mountain Shadow S628 XXXVII

Dam: Tullymor's Clementine Rose


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