Tullymor's Shady Lady
Inspected and Approved by the American Connemara Pony Society, ACPS M4068 L
(Tullymor's Mountain Shadow x Tullymor's Kiss of Sun)

14.1 1/2 h grey mare, born 3-19-07

Shade is full sibling to Tullymor's Tigger, Tullymor's Kessie and Tullymor's Gracie Gray

Bred by May Medley (GA); owned by Lisa Graham (LA)


Sire: Tullymor's Mountain Shadow S628 XXXVII

Dam: Tullymor's Kiss of Sun M2107 XLI


So glad to see Lisa enjoying her pony, Tullymor's Shady Lady, and having success in dressage and jumping:-)


June 2016: ACPS Region 4 Connemara Show and Inspections

May 2016: Hideaway Farm Schooling Show


Breezy on Shade - 2/20/16:

At the ACPS Region IV Connemara show this month (June 2015) in Cleveland, TN:

Tullymor's Shady Lady, ridden by yours truly, won the Groundrail Hunter Connemara Champion and she was the 1st place Connemara Walk-Trot Hunter. I also rode her in Intro Test A and B. This was her 2nd show and our first show together; I had a fun time riding her!

(March 2015)

Shade's first off-the-farm trail ride (Dec 2014)

Shade's first show: CDCTA Schooling Show 9/20/14, ridden by Melissa McKenzie
Training Test 1 (68.0%) -
1st place
Training Test 3 (64.4%) -
2nd place

She is such a sweet pony. http://youtu.be/EMCWaRH8ljg (warning - the video is long (around 10 minutes, mostly of her warm-up)
Also, BTW, Shade is full sister to the filly,
Tullymor's Kessie, that won the 2 yr old class at the ACPS Region V show this year.

Below @ 6 yrs old: 2013

2nd day undersaddle:

With her 2013 foal Tully Rainbow