Tullymor's Mountain Steel
ACPS S1979 LIII, 14.1 h purebred Connemara Stallion, born 6/12/2005, HWSD/N, N/Cr, N/G
Tullymor's Mountain Shadow S628 XXXVII (Montully's Son x Aillte Mhuire)
Out of Tullymor's Kiss of Sun M2107 XLI (*Hayselden Perseus x *Bar Bar A's Rebel Doll)
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Bred by May Medley (GA); owned by Vanessa Morgan (TN)

Available for pasture breeding in Athens, TN
Contact me at
connemaras9@gmail.com for details

Although this pony got a late start in life (halter broken at age 15), he has proven to be a kind, gentleman of a stallion, worthy of your consideration for breeding. He is good with his mares in the field, and is a producer of amature friendly offspring, capable of doing as you please, for decades of enjoyment. Although Steel has no performance training or competitive career, he has many assets to contribute to your next foal. Steel is of old-fashioned breeding with a pedigree of many noteworthy Irish and American born Connemaras. For purebred breeders, who care about maintaining the breed standards for Connemaras ponies world-wide (which are always as risk, if not completely kept in focus when choosing a match), Steel brings it all to the table: type, temperament, bone, hardiness, height, conformation, beauty and all-around capabilities. For performance minded breeders, Steel adds willingness, sensibility, soundness and balance to the formula, among other qualities. I've only owned him since late 2019 and I love him more and more each day, putting a smile on my face when he greets me at the barn. As I watch my own first foal of his grow, I am further convinced of the value he offers to the breed and to Connemaras enthusiasts in America.

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Steel at home in TN, out with his mares and settled into life at Foothills Farms/Piedmont Connemaras

Steel is really coming along with his training by Andy Blevins! (June 2020). Andy was really impressed by this smart and willing stallion that had not yet been haltered. He came with quick-to-act "flight" responses to most everything human. "He does not have a mean bone in his body", said Andy, when I asked about the "fight" part of that instinctive reaction.

Below, unhandled Steel at age 15 (At Foothills Farms/Piedmont Connemaras, TN) 2020, prior to any training:

Upon 1st arrival at Foothills Farms - day break 11/2/19

date unsure but probably 2017 or 2018

2016 - Steel at age 11 (at Trum-Searah Farm, MA):

2016 - Steel at age 11 (at Tullymor Connemaras, AL):

2013 - Steel at age 8 (at Tullymor Connemaras, GA):

2007 - Steel at age 2 (At Tullymor Connemaras, GA)