Foothills Caroline

By *Gun Smoke out of Foothills River Queen (by Concord River's Roaringwater Bay)
M 3942 XLVI, 14.2h bay mare, born 3-9-07

Bred by FFC (TN); owned by Jennifer Backs (CA)
ACPS inspected and approvedClick here for PEDIGREE
Full sister to Elderglen's Miss Kitty and Foothills Leapling  

2019 USEF/ACPS Horse of the Year Awards: 2nd place Purebred Connemara Mare In-Hand

2019 West Coast Connemara Region 10 Show:
3rd level open test 1 - 58.919
3rd level open test 3 - 65.875

Owner, Jennifer Backs showing Foothills Caroline in dressage and in the costume class with Desmond:-)

Caroline won the Purebred Connemara Mares class at the 2016 ACPS West Coast Connemara show (Region 10) and also earned the "Consummate Connemara", trophy donated by Helen & Mel King to be awarded to the purebred Connemara, regardless of age or sex, who in the opinion of the judges, exemplifies the breed in the following: TYPE, TEMPERAMENT, CONFORMATION, ATHLETIC ABILITY, AND MOVEMENT, in that order. Caroline was also ridden in two Training Level dressage tests and earned qualifying scores in both. Congratulations to Darian Hall!

At Darian's (2016):

*Gun Smoke X Foothills River Queen


On the Battlefield (Dec 2015): Caroline is on the left (Bre in the saddle) and Queen, her dam is on the right, with Lou aboard.

At the ACPS Region IV Connemara show this month (June 2015) in Cleveland, TN:

Breezy rode Foothills Caroline to win the 18” Hunter Connemara Champion award; Caroline also won the Connemara Hunter 2’ OF class and was 2nd in the Connemara WTC US class. Bri and Caroline also won the Puddle Jumper CT, after completing a very nice dressage tests and clean jumping round.

Congratulations to 14 yr old Breezy on her 2nd place ribbon at the 2015 TAG DEA Spring D & CT schooling show at Tri-State Exhibition Center, riding Foothills Caroline at their first show together. They did the Tadpole CT (Intro/2') and this pair had only 1 jumping lesson together, ever!

At this same show, Melissa McKenzie took the blue riding Caroline in First Level Test 3.

Success for Foothills Caroline at her first dressage show (March 2014)

2014 Spring D&CT at River Glen, New Market, TN
72.6% in Tr Test 2 -
1st place
72.2% in Tr Test 3 - 1st place

ridden by Melissa McKenzie

Below: 6 yr old photos from December 2012

rested and ready to go again!

ACPS Region IV Annual Show, Highfields, Aiken,SC held 9/29-9/30/12:
Caroline looked terrific with Kathee Cook in the Purebred Connemara Mares 4 and over class. I was very pleased with her 6th place ribbon in the largest and most competive class of the show (photo below).

RMI USEA Rated show - Ocala 2012:

4 yr old photo (June 2011)

3 yr old photo (October 2010)

2 yr old photo (October 2009)

2 yr old photo (August 2009)

yearling photo (June 08)

weanling photo (Nov 07)

weanling photo (March 07)

 Below: 1 week old