Foothills Bobby Socks
G 2470 XLVII, born 2-28-08
15h purebred gelding, by *Gun Smoke, out of Foothills Hopefilly

Bobby's sire and dam have also both been inspected and approved by the ACPS

Bred by FFC; owned by Marion Caldwell (KY)

Bob likes Dressage (Marion C May-21)
Foothills Bobby Socks with Marion Caldwell:

Well done, Foothills Bobby Socks and his young rider, earning a nice ribbon at his first ever combined test, in the starter division:-)

*Gun Smoke X Foothills Hopefilly


(Pat C. May 2014)

I had some fun training projects here. Pat Cunningham sent me Foothills Bobby Sox, a 4 year old she had started very nicely and he took very quickly to being a big boy and did some small jumper classes as well as a combined test with respectable results. Hated to send him home...Martha Slammer (2012)

I'm afraid to tell you how good (Foothills Bobby Socks) Bobby has been doing because I don't want you to regret selling him to me! After he didn't bat an eye at lunging with milk jugs and he learned to work in long lines at record speed, I put Clare on him on the lunge line to trot circles a few times and he was perfect - forward, willing, obedient, and completely unconcerned. Now we just have to wait until he's old enough to ride! I'm really looking forward to riding him. He is the most kind and willing and trusting horse I've ever met, and what a lovely mover. If you are ever not using Hope for a year you should use some of the frozen semen to make another Bobby! Pat (Jan 2011)

Bobby placed very well in the purebred geldings class at the Mid-West Connemara Breeders show in Peotone, IL (2010)

Bobby is doing great as you can see. He's grown a lot. He's 14.1 now and I think he might make 14.3. We really, really like Bobby. He has such lovely elastic movement (I'm pretty excited about his canter) and an exceptionally willing temperament. I've never met a horse who tried harder to be good than Bobby! I've started putting Clare on him and leading them around and he likes to go for walks with the dogs. (Pat, June 2010)

Congratulations to Pat Cunningham on her purchase of Foothills Bobby Socks. He arrived at Pat's farm around 11/9/09. Pat had this to say about his arrival: Hi Vanessa, I just wanted to let you know that Bobby is doing fine and I like him a lot. I'm definitely glad I bought him. His temperament is everything I was hoping for - very sweet, calm, and cooperative. I've been trying to spend a lot of time with him this week, having little lessons so I can see what he knows already and we can get to know each other. It was good he came when he did because we've had a week of good weather and next week I'm having arthroscopy on my knee so I'll be in the slow lane for a bit. He is a very good learner just like you said. I'm keeping everything soft and low key so he will learn to trust me and I've been very impressed at how light and responsive he is. He's going to be lovely to ride. I was also impressed at how good he was with his feet when I trimmed them. Anyway, he's starting to follow me around and lip at my coat, so I think he's warming up to me! Mike has been playing with him, so that's working out well too. He has a lot of growing up to do, but I don't have any doubt that he's going to be worth waiting for. Thanks again. Pat

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