born 6/11/87
laid to rest 9/5/15

 Grandson of the Infamous Carna Bobby

Owned by Vanessa Morgan, FFC;; bred by Dianna Green, West Virginia

15.0 h Purebred Connemara gelding, foaled 1987 Gremlin - the perfect all-around family horse. He has done everything I ever asked of him: mountain trails, show hunters, eventing, dressage, foxhunting, wagon trains, 4-H, guest and lesson horse. He was retired in January 2007 due to front hoof lameness. Gremlin sadly and suddenly succomed to a stroke at age 28 and was humanely put to rest. He served well and lived well. His passing left a huge hole in my heart but wonderful memories in my thoughts.

2006 Certificate of Achievement in Hunters

 below: 6 yr old Cydney Bish showing Fiddler's Gremlin MacDaire (August 2006)

  Gremlin was a saint in the H.J. Fox "Back to School" Classics show. He took a teeny-tiny rider in the pre-beginner division. She really should have gone in lead line, but she is a really nice rider so I chanced it. She did very well-3rd, 5th, 6th against riders twice her age. She was sooooo excited and had her fingernails and toenails painted to match gremlin-white with black spots! Rai P (8/06)

Gremlin was ridden in our show this morning in the pre beginner division winning 2 blues and a red... Haley Ruhl on Gremlin (7/06):

April 2006


 Hisega Meadows Erin Bobby

 Three Springs Molly MacDaire

Gremlin's Pedigree

Gremlin saves the day (5/05)

I had entered the CDCTA show at Tri-state in Cleveland, TN, on May 22, with Ladybug to do her move up to Training Level Dressage, but on Saturday she was not trotting sound (hopefully a stone bruise!). Bummer :-( but since I paid my entry fees, I wanted to ride something! So I pulled my old reliable gelding, Fiddler's Gremlin MacDaire, out of the field, cleaned him up and rode him instead. He did quite well, considering that he has not schooled or shown in roughly 9 months. He was 3rd in both of his classes with a 66.66% in Intro Test B and 62.27% in Training Level Test 1.

2004 ACPS Region 4 Connemara Celebration and Open Show (shown by Katie Benton)
1st place Purebred Gelding Stakes (In-hand)
2nd place Open In-hand
5th place Connemaras Under Saddle
3rd place Connemaras Over Fences
6th place Open Hunter Under Saddle
2nd place Open Hunters Over Fences
1st place Training Level Test 1 (58.64%)
2nd place Beginner Novice CT (45.0)

 Katie Benton and Gremlin waiting to ride their dressage test at the Cross-Ties Farm Horse Trials, TN (11/00)

"Hey Vanessa, (Fiddlers Gremlin MacDaire) and I went to our first show today (August 2000). We were Champion in all three of our divisions: Mini-hunter, Short/Long Stirrup, and Two-foot Equitation. Looks like Gremlin is coming out of retirement with a bang. I love him to death." Katie Benton

And a word from her mom, "Katie had a wonderful time showing Gremlin on Sat. The judge told her "I love your horse" It was the positive experience we were hoping for to get her back on the right track. Thank you for making it possible."

You're welcome, Patty!!