dk brown/bay Conn-TB filly, 1996 - 2021
Bred by FFC; owned by Michelle Nestor (Clearwater, KS)

2006 Bronze Medallion in Dressage

Penny's SIRE & DAM
Balmullo's Beacon X Lively Vicki (TB)

Balmullo's Beacon

2010 ACPS Region IV Connemara Show: USEF 2007 Training Level - 1st place

Hi Vanessa, Here is a link to updated pictures of Penelope. She is doing great, I moved her to a new trainer and the sky is the limit with this mare. I'm not showing this year, but I took her to three shows last summer and she was really good and fun to show. Her new trainer used to train and show Arabians and is very patient and consistent. Penelope has really responded well and is turning into a very polished ride with a great attitude. I'm very happy and proud of her. Michelle (July 09)

Successful move to Training Level dressage (4/07) Well, we had a great time at the show.  Piedmont Penelope was very well behaved and I had fun riding her.  We got 60.2% and 60.8% at Training Level 3, and 57.2% at Training Level 4.  I learned alot this weekend about my riding and my horse, and the judges liked the horse--she received 7 on her gaits and some nice comments from the judges.  Hopefully we will have the chance to do another rated show later on this year.   I'm going to concentrate on showing her at Training 2 & 3 at the next few schooling shows.  Michelle

Penny's progress(10/06)

She is doing so well that my trainer took her to the Lynda Alicki clinic this week. She had a 45 minute session with Lynda Alicki. Penelope was great, very well behaved, got right to work, and made it through the whole session perfectly. Lynda thought she was a very nice mover, that we had a good horse to work with, and how steady she was, and how nice she looked. She was surprised to hear that Penelope was a former broodmare and had only been worked the last year and a half. Penelope held her own against all the very large Warmbloods at the clinic. Very proud moment.

 Just wanted to give you an update onPiedmont Penelope . She is wonderful, and really making progress in her training.
 We also went to our last show for the year today: GDCTA Sonora Farms, Canton GA, Judge Amy McElroy 'r' Aiken SC  . My daughter Crystal ended up riding Penelope in the JR divisions, her new horse was kicked and is now off. They only had 2 days to practice together, but something must have clicked,Intro A 67.5% Intro B 67.6%, and the high score Junior rider of the day award. I rode Penelope in the Intro B 66.7% 1st place!and Training Level 1 59% 3rd place; in T-1 during the freewalk, one of the letters fell over the chain and spooked Penelope, I got her right back and her walk was great. My trainer thought the judge wouldn't mark us down for the spook, but she did and commented about it. Oh well, we had a great day anyhow.

2006 ACPS Region IV Reserve Champion Halfbred In-hand:


Region 4 show results (6/06)


Balmullo's Beacon (photo below) was Reserve Champion In-hand and Combined Training Champion. He also won the Training Level Test 3 or 4 dressage class. His daughter, Piedmont Penelope, was Reserve Champion Halfbred In-hand, for owner Michelled Crubaugh.


Penelope's first dressage show (5/06)


We did it, and did it in the pouring rain! Piedmont Penelope was wonderful, we took 2nd place in the Adult Intro B. Crystal rode her in the Jr Intro B and Jr Training Level 1. She was a very good girl and gave us some nice rides. The judge really liked her and she recieved 7's on her gaits and even earned a 8 on her free walk. Still working on the halt--she wants to go go go... She gets better every day. Take Care, Michelle



Here are some shots from the Dressage clinic a few weeks ago. click here
Penelope was very good, and ended up with a 65% Intro B score.
Michelle (3/06)



I love her!!! What more can I say. She is Ms Personality, so much fun to be around. And she is progressing well in her training. She went to the Region IV show, got 4th in the Sr Walk/Trot with me and placed 2nd in the Green Horse class with her trainer Mary Frankel. This was her first real show and she did very well. I rode her in a barn show in September, we had fun, cantered in front of a crowd (still working on her canter) and she behaved like a little pro. I expect great things out of her. (05 Sept)


above: Michelle and Penny at the 2005 ACPS R4 show in Cleveland, TN






She is so nice, I just love her...she is so forward and fluid. I feel like I am riding an upper level dressage horse when I am on her, its a wonderful feeling. Carla J. (Mar 05)





Providence's Gaelic Pence
3/4 Connemara-1/4 TB, dun colt, foaled 5/29/02




 PF Dunford O'Reilly
3/4 Connemara, dun colt, foaled 3/8/00
(Foothills Waterford x Piedmont Penelope)
Bred by Beury & Andy Stout (WV)
wned by Mary Jo & Cassie Bullock of Pinyon Flats, CA





Penny pictured at age 4


Penny pictured at age 3