16.1 h. gray Connemara-TB gelding,
born 6/7/00
Bred by FFC; owned by Peggy Crayton, Batavia, IL

 Thanks for checking on Ripple - he's a wonderful horse,he grew quite a bit, I think he's about 16-1H. Here is him at an event he did. He does well in dressage, buts loves Jumping more. Peggy (10/06)

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(Full sibling to Piedmont Chicapea and Piedmont Nell)


Balmullo's Beacon X Rippleshaveruffles (TB)


Ripple is doing great - we just love him. He's at a new stable close to our house with an attached large indoor. I take dressage lessons once a week from the trainer there. She believes he'd make a great eventer, he so athletic and willing. He has grown a lot, about 16 I think, but I have to stand on my tip toes to brush the top of his rump. Peggy (12/04)

News from Indiana (10/03)
Ripple is doing so well - he's been in training since July 15th and thru to the end of Sept. I rode him the first week in August and have been riding him twice a week since. He is so much fun with a wonderful willing temperament. The trainer and assistant really enjoy working with him - it is their first experience with a Connemara, and I have to say he's got everyone who's seen him curious about this smart, gentle breed. He's the star in a trail class - nothing bothers him!

Thanks for breeding these great horses. I enjoyed the picture of Cricket and still check out your website every so often to see what's going on. I will watch for more pictures of Nell - I am interested in her progress, I really like her. (Peggy C.)

Ripple goes to kindergarden (11/02)

Ripple is still doing great, I just had another lesson with him last Saturday (10/19). I have him lining up and standing quietly at the mounting block from both sides, and then from each side I put all my weight in the stirrup and leaned on the saddle. Saddling him up is easy, I cinch him up slowly from each side. He accepts this new "appendage" and my weight with no problem. All our work on the lead rope such as circling, changing directions, going sideways, backing, is done at the walk so far to preserve his legs. Off the lead in the round pen or the arena I have him trotting or cantering (with a few bucks!) and working on transitioning up or down gaits. He willingly follows me anywhere - what's neat is that on lesson days I can always walk up to him in the pasture, halter him and he'll go quietly with me away from his buddies on the long walk to the indoor arena... Ripple's gained weight and grown and I still get a lot of admiring comments and curiosity about "who" he is! I will also watch for more news and pictures on Nell - she looks like Ripple - I wish I could buy her too! I do agree with you about the Ruffles and Beacon match. It's great that Chic found a nice home, she's a cutie. Peggy

Above photos taken 5/30/02, at 2 yrs old

 Piedmont Ripple has a new home (6/02)
Congratulations to Peggy Crayton of Batavia, IL, on her purchase of Piedmont Ripple. Ripple will soon be moving to a nice new home in Illinois to be Peggy's future foxhunter!

I wrote to Charlie saying that Ripple arrived safely and in great shape at 6:00 a.m. this morning...They really like Ripple - said he came off the trailer like a gentleman and how pretty he is. They put him in a nice paddock right away (by himself for a few days). He can see lots of other horses in nearby pastures and paddocks and was trying to talk to some of them. I became his pasture mate for awhile as I began getting aquainted with him. He was interested in following me around and we inspected grass and water together. He's the kind of horse that you feel you've always known.
(Peggy, 6/19/02)