Foothills Houston
a.k.a. "Sammie"

G1003 XLI, 15.0h
born 8/20/02, gray gelding; dressage/CT prospect
Bred by FFC;
owned by Vicki Brown (OH)


Balmullo's Beacon X Foothills River Queen


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I love him dearly, love his personality. A granddaughter of a friend used him several years in 4-H with much success; in 2017 he went to state fair and won first place in dressage. He's done well jumping too. I enjoy riding him on our trails. He is my forever horse (okay, pony). Vicki (March 2019)

2006 Certificate of Achievement in Hunters

Houston is full brother to Foothills Magnolia and Foothills Highlander


Balmullo's Beacon X Foothills River Queen



Sam was purchased as a resale project and there will be a very lucky person as he has become a wonderful horse to ride. We school in farmer's fields and indoor arenas, cross country jump courses and trail rides. He has competed in local hunter shows and won, and completed a 15 mile Novice competitive trail ride. He went in his first event in August and placed 4th out of 20 in Beginner Novice Horse. He will begin foxhunting in a October. Very easy going but has a motor. (Sept 06)

Wasn't sure if I would catch you before you took off for the 50th, I will be home hopefully showing Sam in jumpers near here. Sam has gone in another local show and won one of the jumping classes. I am attaching a couple of photos Brenda took recently as we are now actively selling him. Hate to see him go but what a wonderful guy someone will get. He is the kind of horse I love to sell, no excuses needed! He will start eventing the end of this month and continue as long as we have him. Hope all is well with you, Martha (08.02.06)

Vanessa, Just wanted to give you an update on Sam (Foothills Houston). Brenda Kiniyalocts owns him and I ( and my 22 yo old daughter) have been riding him since he came here from Pat Cunningham's last year. What a gem! After being with my daughter (she was finishing her last quarter at Ohio State) for a couple of months this spring where he got alot of basic ground work, balancing etc, he came back here and we started jumping. Has he ever taken to it, kind of a given with these guys but you never know. After less than 2 weeks jumping, we went to a little hunter show near by and he was a little champ, no one could believe he is not quite 4! I'm sure you get these testimonials all the time but I wanted to chime in also... Looking forward to discovering more talents in your boy, he's a great trail horse also. Hope to get him out fox hunting in the fall if he doesn't sell before then! Take care, Martha Slamer

Sam's career takes a new direction (11/05)

A year ago, Pat C. purchased Sam as a trail pony for herself, with the hopes that he would get up to 14.1-14.2 hands. Last month, she decided to offer Sam for sale because he took a real growth spurt this year. She believes he'll be at least 15 hh now and, with the power and stamina that he began showing, she saw that she really had an event horse on her hands, rather than the trail pony she envisioned. That, along with being overstocked with a drought and possible hay shortage for the winter, she offered Sam for sale late last month ...

Pat writes, "Sam is going to Brenda Kiniyalocts in Ohio. She wanted a gelding project for lower level dressage and combined training, and she thinks Sam will be just the thing and so do I. I think this is a very good placement for him. She will get him out and show him. So, thank you for putting him on your website, but now you can take him off!"..."I took Sam to Lafayette, IN yesterday to meet Brenda (half way for both of us) and that went fine. I have no doubt that she'll provide him with an excellent home and will put his talents to good use." 11/05

I had Sam out trotting down the trail for a couple of minutes yesterday, just like a real horse! Such a treat, after a year of waiting. I am taking it very slow and easy with him, but I am so pleased with how he is turning out. Very solid to sit on already. Pat (8/3/05)

Obstacle course at the ACPS Region VII Connemara Show, July 2005

Clare Cunningham - 1st place Lead-Line on Foothills Houston

It was so much fun seeing Maggie there, and such a surprise. Below: L-R Foothills Magnolia and Foothills Houston, with Deanne Haggard (TX) and Pat Cunningham (IL), respectively.

April 05

ACPS Region V Connemara Show, Hoosier Horse Park, October 23, 2004
3rd place Purebred Connemaras of 2002-2003
3rd place In-Hand Trail Class

July 04