A special message to current & expecting Connemara halfbred owners...brought to you by

This is a reminder to all to please register your halfbred Connemaras with the American Connemara Pony Society !
(Click Seal)(If your halfbred is already registered, please forgive my appeal. However, be sure that you, as owner, remain an ACPS member)
It's easy and inexpensive, especially compared to most other breed societies!
From birth - 6 months, ACPS members can obtain your foal's official papers (TFC, Temporary Foal Certificate) for only $10.00!
You can still register your halfbred after 6 months with the same form but at a higher fee.

Just complete the TFC form (needs to be signed by me, the stallion owner) along with the Artificial Insemination form (if applicable) and send it along with your check to the ACPS Secretary at the following:
P.O. Box 100, Middlebrook, VA 24459
attn: MaryNell Eyles , Secretary/Registrar

Also, please remember that the TFC expires at age 2; at that time, you need to send the original TFC papers back to the ACPS for permanent registration. Check the ACPS website for details.

When you sell your halfbred, please remember that the seller is responsible for completing the transfer papers
and is encouraged to take out an Associate membership for the new buyer.

FFC and the ACPS are very proud of all the Connemara halfbreds out there bringing pleasure to their owners; we believe that they deserve the additional recognition that comes with registration!

It is very beneficial to maintain membership in the ACPS:
· Registration fees are lower for members.
· ACPS membership makes you automatically eligible for some of the numerous performance awards offered though the ACPS, AHSA, USDF and USCTA! There are many ways to win awards with the ACPS so don't count yourself out. Call the Awards Chairman, ACPS officer, or board member for more information.
· A final benefit of membership is the WONDERFUL American Connemara magazine that you will receive every other month. This alone is worth the membership!

Piedmont Connemaras

Half-bred mares/fillies by Balmullo's Beacon
Half-bred geldings/colts by Balmullo's Beacon

Half-bred mares/fillies by *GUN SMOKE
Half-bred geldings/colts by *GUN SMOKE


(pictured left: 2 registered Connemara halfbreds - on L, Balmullo's Cassiopia (by Balmullo's Beacon) & on R, Piedmont Indian (by QH stallion), both out of Blue Hills Morning Star)

** If you decide not to register your halfbred, please let me know ** Thanks for your consideration!!

Vanessa Morgan & the "Piedmont" halfbreds of Foothills Farms