Below are HALFBRED fillies & mares by purebred Connemara stallion Balmullo's Beacon.

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Beacon's Irish Spring (a.k.a. "Bubbles") grey filly (born 6/12/06)

Out of Walkabout [ISR 90-80111-98) 16.0h chestnut Oldenburg (Walldorf x Justuexe Sweet)
Bred and owned by Angel Johnson,
Tender Mercy Farm, NC

On Tuesday, Angel Johnson presented Beacon's Irish Spring for ISR-Oldenburg Inspection and was awarded the 'Premium Foal' rating. The gray filly, a.k.a. Bubbles, is by Balmullo's Beacon, out of Angel's Oldenburg mare, Walkabout by Walldorf. Bubbles was also Reserve High Score filly at the Inspections which were held at Stonecrop Farm in NC. (Oct 06)

Goldenrodhills Molly black filly, going grey (born 7/24/03)
Out of Georgia (Swedish WB-QH)
Bred and owned by Carolyn & Pete Mastin (AL)

(full sister to Beacon's Pushbutton)

Daddy's Money (a.k.a. "Precious" or "Nikki") 14.2h black filly (born 5/19/03)
Out of Beauty (pony)
Bred by Angel Barber (NC); owned by Alyssa Nebus
(full sister to Beacon's Night Shadow
and Beacon's Little Tike)

Tender Mercy Farm Hi Vanessa, Alyssa Nebus bought "Precious" Daddy’s Money as we call her! Yes, I still have Bubbles (Irish Spring) and Night! Love them both they will not be going anywhere. I can't belive that Night will be 15 this comming year! I have to get some new picture for you! Bubba is looking like hes having fun! Great hearing from you! (2011)

Just wanted to give you an update on Daddy's Money AKA Precious (by Balmullo's Beacon):
She is doing so well! She impresses me every time she is worked... She is doing awesome! We started her over fences about three weeks ago and she loves it! Last weekend we took her to TTC's Schooling Hunter show, I was amazed at her wonderful mind and sweet willing attitude. She neighed once when she came off the trailer then stood for hours, just happily eating her hay! I entered her in 2 classes, beginning hunter 18" and schooling hunter 2'. She placed 5th in 18" and 1st in 2' and the classes were full with 10-15 riders each.
Give Bubba a kiss and tell him that he should be proud of his wonderful baby! Talk to you later, Angel

Piedmont Harmony
dark brown/black, going gray, Conn-TB (born 4/24/03)
Out of Kitties and Cash (TB)
Bred by FFC; owned by Kim Leitch, Clover, SC.


(full sibling to Piedmont Sundance and Piedmont Powers)

Piedmont Nell
gray, Conn-TB (born 8/31/02)
Out of Rippleshaveruffles (TB)
Bred by FFC; owned by
Tracey Hamilton (OH)

(full sibling to Piedmont Ripple and Piedmont Chicapea, see below)

Beacon's Whimsey, HBM 836 XLI, gray (born 6/15/02)
Out of Bugge (reg. Connemara-TB)
Bred by Jane Williams; owned by Julie Robins, Cedar Mountain, NC 

After years of working with horses for others, Julie had a unique opportunity to acquire two two-year olds who had been turned out most of their lives. One of these was Whimsy. Coming to Julie in 2004 as a virtually unhandled two year old, Whimsy has taught Julie about things from a mare's perspective. A 14.2h Connemara, Whimsy was started in a public workshop taught by Julie. She provided an excellent demonstration of what a "sticky footed" horse is and how people can be fooled into thinking a horse is confident when in fact the horse is frozen in fear. Incredibly athletic with a great sense of humor, Whimsy travels and teaches with Julie giving Dezi a needed break from time to time. (2011) Julie Robins - Helpful Horsemanship, Inc.

Whimsy has been so much fun, it will be hard to let her go, such a special horse! Just getting her bridle-less as she has had to fill in for my older demo horse. Will be putting up her first bridle-less ride video on my blog soon. (Oct 09) Julie Robins - Helpful Horsemanship, Inc.

Lazer Lavender HBM 2075 XLIV (born 4/21/02), 14.1h

Out of Zinnia (reg. American Sport Pony)
by Laura Szeremi, DVM (TX); owned by Sara Midlin (TX)

Ballybritta 14.3h black (born 12/18/01)
Out of Too Truely (TB)
Bred and owned by Mary Hughes, St. Matthews, SC

Alice Verbrick and Bally Britta (photo below) completely dominated the tadpole division at Jumping Branch CT on August 22 winning 1st place and scoring a 25 on dressage and a clean round (2009)

Cat's Paw Silver Charm black (born 6/15/01)
Out of Cassie
Bred and owned by Liz Scott, AL
lost track of this horse; any info would be appreciated

Mystical Moments (a.k.a. Emmy) dun (born 6/13/01)
Out of Decon's Pet (TB)
Bred by FFC; owned by Laura Dorr

Hi, my name's Laura Dorr, and I now own Mystical Moments (aka Emmy). She's a cross mare from your stallion, Balmullo's Beacon. I was looking at your website and I saw her and noticed that it said 'any info would be appreciated' under her photo. Emmy is now an eventer, and is awesome at it! I attached a new picture for you to use! (October 2011)

Piedmont Chicapea brown Conn-TB (born 6/14/01)
Out of Rippleshaveruffles (TB)
Bred owned by FFC; owned by Colette Madsen (UT)
(full sibling to Piedmont Ripple and Piedmont Nell, see above)

Lazer Beam bay (born 5/04/01 - 2012)
Out of Lazer Rock (American Warmblood)
Bred by Laura Szeremi, DVM (TX); owned by Tina (Huntsville, AL)

Tina loves her - she does Parelli stuff and trails.

Lazer Beam is elegant with a HUGE floating trot. Very athletic! She is a fabulous prospect for any discipline.

Lazer Light 14.2h gray Conn-Arab (born 4/24/01)

Out of Lazer Summer's End (Egyptian Arabian)
by Laura Szeremi, DVM (AL); owned by Denise Silva (FL)

It was nice to talk to you the other night about Laser Light.  She is truly a wonder pony and very versatile.  I have a grand reserve champion for dressage, she drives a carriage and LOVES to jump.  She looks just like her daddy and I think she would excel in eventing but I am not an eventer.  I have riders in the barn jump her for me.  All you have to do is show her once, and she soars over the jumps... She takes care of herself and her rider...  I think she looks like her daddy with an arabian head. (08 March)

Cricket dappled dun (born 4/23/01)
Out of Rocket (Paint)
Bred and owned by Becky Smith (NC)

Just to let you know Cricket is doing great! She is a Leslie Scotts (Scotsgrove) farm on a half lease. You can see a picture of her at this link: She has foxhunted, done some hunter paces, and little unrecongized events with the kids. We love her dearly. (her mom is also well, 28 yrs now, on lease at childrens home for ophans).

She's a wonderful horse with flashy movements and lives up to her name by enjoying jumping every time she's put to a jump.

Pennystock 15+ hand gray (born 2/17/98)
Out of Icy Wind (TB)
Bred by Janet Kagel; owned by Philip Ake, Church Hill, MD.

Show Hunter

lost track of this horse; any info would be appreciated

Silver Mist 14.2h gray (born 5/21/97)
Out of Something Special (QH-Welsh pony)
Bred and owned by Susan O'Connor (VA)

Misty has had a wonderful life. She was born on a cool morning in the paddock just outside of the barn. She was backed at 4 after being driven from about 2 and a half years. She was only ridden for the most part after training. She is still lovely to drive. She taught at least a half a dozen children to ride. She had two lovely babies, Samanthra and Lindesfarne. Lindy looks very much like one of Misty’s half siblings. Sami has become a very successful warmblood broodmare.

Misty has done many pleasure rides, trail rides and is proudly on the sign for our property. My husband thinks she can do no wrong, but she hurled me about 20 feet down the hill when I got too close to her first foal, in the same paddock that she was born in. She is the best at coming when called of all my horses, and I don’t think she has been lame or sick a day in her life. The first pony I rode regularly as a child was a half-connemara, and Misty has more than lived up to everything I expected of her when I bred her. (1/21) Susan O'Connor

Piedmont Penelope, dk brown/bay (born 3/29/96)
Out of Lively Vicky (TB)
Bred by FFC; owned by Michelle Nestor, Clearwater, KS
2006 ACPS Region IV Reserve Champion Halfbred In-hand

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