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Current FFC Broodmares:

These ponies are ACPS Inspected and Approved Purebred Mares


Ruby Red Rocket a.k.a. "Reba"

16.0h chestnut
Thoroughbred mare
born 2011

Windsor Castle X Queen Daisey)


Corner Oak Celtic Star

Purebred Connemara pony
M 3412 XLIII, 2004
14.2h bay
Purebred Connemara mare

(Balius Turlough x Blue Hills Morning Star)


Oakfields Paisley

M 3911 XLVI, 2007
4.2h grey from buckskin mare
Purebred Connemara mare

*Hearnesbrook Dunoon X *Aille Tiger Lilly


Former FFC Broodmares


Tullymor's Blush

ACPS BC M 1033L, 2007, Premium Broodmare
13.3 h BEC>grey, HWSD N/N


(Tullymor's Chip O Perseus x Tullymor's Tully Rose)


Seaborne's Maritime

out on performance lease
ACPS HBM 2184 XL, 2008
15.2h bay
Connemara-TB cross mare

(Seaborne's Schooner x Double Avenue [TB])

Foothills Hopefilly
out on ride/drive lease

Purebred Connemara pony
1999, 13.3
1/2 h, brown

(C.R. Roaringwater Bay x Blue Hills Morning Star)

Foothills River Queen

M1592XXXIII, 1993,
14.2h heterozygous grey

Purebred Connemara pony

(Concord River's Roaringwater Bay
x Blue Hills Erin)

Foothills MayBee
M2048XL, 2001, 14.3h, grey
ACPS Inspected and Approved
(Balmullo's Beacon x Blue Hills Erin)

2001, 16.3h, black Percheron

(Murrays Law x Metierofthefield)
1995, 15.2h, bay Thoroughbred, Jockey Club # 9500359

Elphin Chickadee
(Maplehurst Michael MacDaire x *Scottsway Lullaby)
M3261 XLIII, 2001, 13.3h, bay

(Fair Ripple x Computerplan by Keelo)
16.0h, bay Thoroughbred, Jockey Club # 8747631

 Kitties & Cash
(No House Calls x On The Radio)
16.2h, gray Thoroughbred, Jockey Club # 8736369

Ballywhim Candace
M1767XXXVI, 5/1/93, 14.1h, bay
ACPS Passport No. USA 0443
Greystone Dallen McMor X Bantry Bays Caitlin)

Balmullo's Rhiannon
M1698XXXV, 1995, 14.0 1/2h, bay
ACPS Inspected and Approved
(C.R. Roaringwater Bay x Tullymor's April Fool)

Foothills Kelligan
M1732XXXV, born 5/10/95, 14.1h, gray
ACPS Passport No. USA 0452
(Greystone Kellington x Blue Hills Morning Star)

Appleberry Acres Gabriel
M1215XXIII, 1982, 13.3h, dk brown
ACPS Passport No. USA 0455
(Foxglove Malarkey x Kilkerrin's Rebel Lass)

Flashy Pam

1982, 16.2h, chestnut Thoroughbred, Jockey Club # 826849
(Singular - NoDouble x Flash Bam - Mandate)

Misty Meadow Miss Bonnie
M1220XXIII 1987, 14.0 h, dark dun
ACPS Inspected and Approved
(Blue Hill's Boy x Blue Hill's Erin

Lively Vicki (a.k.a. Irish Koffee)
15.1 h, dk bay Thoroughbred, Jockey Club # 8518015
Koffee is a fancy mare little mare that we leased from Ms. Rush, Danville, VA.
After our foal, Piedmont Penelope, she produced a full sibling colt, Keefer, for Ms. Rush.

Blue Hills Morning Star

M1303A XXV, 13.2h, dun

(Blue Hills Boy x Blue Hills Blue Eyes)
FFC Foundation mare;
*Camus John line bred.


 Blue Hills Erin

M1220XXIII, 14.3 h, gray
(Arthurs Black Patty x Arthurs Winter Lady)

Erin is the foundation mare of Foothills Farms Connemaras.*Camus John linebred.

Misc mare band photos:

Tullymor's Blush: 1st place purebred Connemara mares (age 4 and over) and ACPS Region 4 In-Hand Grand Champion Purebred (June 2016)

Presented for Inspection in 2016 by the ACPS - all Approved: Tullymor's Shady Lady, All Cats Are Grey, and Tullymor's Blush.
Blush was awarded the
"Premium" status for approved broodmares.

l-r: CoStar, Shade, Blush and Cat (2016):

l-r: Hope, Queen and CoStar (2014):

l-r: CoStar, Hope and Queen and CoStar (2013):

(2008 photo)

(2007 photo)

(2006 photo)

Ruby with Piedmot Herman (2006 photo)

(2006 photo)

(2005 photo)

(l-r) Queen, Misty, Bonnie & Star (1993 photo)

Foothills Farms Connemaras Foundation Mares (L-R) MEMORIAL
Blue Hills Morning Star and Blue Hills Erin
Below photo was taken in March 2012 pictured at ages 31 (Star on left) and 35 (Erin on right)

Erin and Star (1/26/14) in their very last days:-( ages 33 and 37)