Foothills Kelligan
M1732 XXXV
ACPS Passport No. USA 0452
Born 5/10/95, 14.1h, gray mare
Bred by FFC; owned by ?? (previously Susan Shaw Senteney)

Kelli was inspected and approved by the American Connemara Pony Society in September 1999.
Her sire and dam were also both inspected and approved by the ACPS in October 1995.

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She is full sibling to Foothills Holiday.


below: Kelli in 2014 (age 20)

Below is Kelli with her daughter, Cat, by Balmullo's Beacon (2011)

Kelli's produce:
2005 All Cats Are Grey filly by Balmullo's Beacon
1999 Foothills Ashford gray dun gelding by Foothills Waterford


Greystone Kellington X Blue Hills Morning Star


IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

She's black (well, she'll be grey, of course), and she's as bold as her half-brother, Celtic Storm. Her mother is very proud, but she has her hands full keeping an eye on her wild-haired new daughter. Piper (05 March)

We call her "Murphy" and I've never had a baby like her before. She is into everything and demands constant attention. She is best friends with the farm goat. If I'm in the barn cleaning stalls, she has to be involved. She is very smart and cute and knows it...I think her mother is ready to find some good daycare. Everybody loves Murphy to pieces, which, according to her, is exactly how it should be. (05 April)

Above: Kelli with her 2005 filly, by Balmullo's Beacon

This filly, born on 3/6/05, was bred by Carolyn Mastin (AL) who passed away last year. Piper Scholfield (OK) purchased Foothills Kelligan, from Pete Mastin, after Kelli had been bred to Balmullo's Beacon.

Kelli has a new home in Oklahoma (2/05)

We bought her (Foothills Kelligan) and she arrived about a month ago. We worked a little bit on ground manners and rode her once, she was very good. We are counting down the days to Feb. 28. It will be nice to have a baby around again.

(Above ): Kelli at the ACPS Region 4 Show in Nashville, TN (July 2000)

Foothills Kelligan (by Greystone Kellington), Foothills Juniper (by Balmullo's Beacon) and Foothills Hopefilly (C.R. Roaringwater Bay), 1st place - Produce of Dam