Blue Hills Morning Star 1981-2014
M1303A XXV
13.2 hand, dun purebred Connemara mare
Inspected and Approved by the American Connemara Pony Society (ACPS Passport No. USA 0172)

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Bred by Gene and Virginia Martin (TN); owned by FFC, since 1988.

She left us on January 31, 2014, at age 33, as pictured below.

photos taken 3/28/12 (age 31)

Star has been Inspected and Approved by the American Connemara Pony Society, as well as her daughters, Kelligan, Juniper and Hopefilly. Star has been has been a reliable producer of ponies with fantastic dispositions and true Connemara type.

Star, our second foundation mare, has definitely earned her retirement. After 12 foals, she is still very healthy and doing well, enjoying her days in the sun "on the heather" (in Blount Co., TN:-)), baby-sitting youngsters and providing beautiful pasture art for all who visit. Pictured below in May 2006 at age 25.

Star's FFC produce:
2004 Corner Oaks Celtic Star, dun filly by Balius Turlough
2001 deceased
1999 Foothills Hopefilly bay mare by Concord River Roaringwater Bay
1998 Balmullo's Cassiopia dun mare by Balmullo's Beacon
1997 Foothills Juniper * gray mare by Balmullo's Beacon
1996 Foothills Holiday brown gelding by Greystone Kellington
1995 Foothills Kelligan * gray mare by Greystone Kellington
1994 Foothills River Pearl dun mare by Concord River Roaringwater Bay
1993 Piedmont Indian bay gelding by Chief's Go Lucky (QH)
1989 Foothills Finale gray gelding by Blue Hills Finale
1988 deceased
1985 Blue Hills Snowy colt by Blue Hills Finale
* Have been inspected and approved by the ACPS

<- pictured left, Balmullo's Cassiopia

Blue Hills Boy S427 XIX X Blue Hills Blue Eyes BCM3 XXIII

Blue Hills Boy, age 25 (left) and age 28 (right)


Star and her 2004 filly by Turlough:

ACPS Region 4 Show in Nashville, TN: July 1-2, 2000:
Foothills Kelligan, Foothills Juniper and Foothills Hopefilly, 1st place - Produce of Dam

BELOW, FULL SISTERS (L-R) out of Blue Hills Morning Star: Balmullo's Cassiopia and Foothills Juniper, ridden by 9 yr old Abby Westmark and 10 yr old Laura Burns, respectively

Star and Foothills Hopefilly

1/2 siblings out of Star (L to R) Balmullo's Cassiopia & Piedmont Indian

Star and Foothills Holiday

Star and Foothills River Pearl

Blue Hills Morning Star

Three (3) daughters of Blue Hills Morning Star have started driving this year:

Corner Oak Celtic Star (CoStar) was started this summer by Rachel Nicely, then later spent time with Ashley Jenkins. Carole Moss (below) was awarded the 2010 ACPS Senior Scholarship, which she plans to use for driving coaching with CoStar.

(below) Carole taking CoStar over her first bridge at the 2010 National Drive in Indiana.

Marion Caldwell is now driving Foothills Juniper (below) and says that she has transitioned very easily from pony clubber / foxhunter to a CDE prospect.

The 3rd sister to take up driving this year is Foothills Hopefilly (below), who just finished her first CDE at Katydid in Windsor, SC. More to come on this girl!! (Nov - 10)