Piedmont Indian HB 788 XXIX
Conn-QH cross
, born 7/30/92
15.1h blood bay gelding
Bred by FFC; owned by Peyton Morris (VA)

Again so GLAD you called and I was able to speak to you!!! Indy may be somewhat retired but he is happy and healthy and ready to do anything when asked. He is sweet and loves to be loved on and always interested when he hears the sounds of little kids... Karoline Morris (August 2010)

2005 ACPS Region 3 Show, Middleburg, VA
PIEDMONT INDIAN with rider/owner Peyton Morris- 1st place USDF 2002 Intro Test A - Jr; 3rd place USDF 2002 Intro Test B – Jr

Eight year old Peyton is off to a very good start with her new Connemara (7/04)

Attached is a photo of Peyton and Piedmont Indian taking the blue ribbon on July 11, 2004 in a VADAF (Virginia Dressage Association Fredericksburg chapter) Intro-A dressage test. She was 2nd in Intro Test B.

ACPS Region 3 show, Middleburg, VA: July 17-18, 2004
USDF 2002 Introductory Level Test A (Juniors): 4th place Piedmont Indian/Peyton Morris (60.476)


Chief's Go Lucky (QH) X Blue Hills Morning Star

NO PHOTO OF SIRE     x    

Piedmont Indian has a new little girl (7/04)

Hello, My name is Karoline Morris. My husband Ed and I purchased Piedmont Indian from Amy Robinson in February 2004 for our then almost eight year old daughter, Peyton.

I was impressed with Paddy from the start. He was kind and gentle and soooooo calm even in unfamilar surroundings. We had arranged to see him at the farm of a friend of Amy who had an indoor arena. Just to be cautious, we started Peyton out on the longe line. After a few turns we just let Peyton ride him around. They were beautiful together. The rest is as they say, history. We were ALL hooked on Paddy after that day.

His new life is the mount and friend of my daughter. They do dressage together. He is so good to her and has really warmed up to her. He is quick to put his nose down so she can give him a kiss on his muzzle. He is the perfect pony for her. They will grow and learn together. It is obvious he has been well treated since his days on your farm. He is talented, very well trained and does his job without a fuss. He is just impish enough to challenge his rider. He is strong and sometimes she has to work at handling him but he is never mean or rough with her. Peyton knows how lucky she is to have Paddy.

Piedmont Indian launches a new career (9/02)

You would have been SOOOOOOO proud of Indy (we call him Paddy, long story) on Sat! He was a star! He was perfect! Went down to every fence like a champ, never even bothered to look at the hounds. One hound even ran under Paddy's tummy and he didn't even blink! He had the best time, his manners were perfect!
 Piedmant Indian has come to live in VA! He arrived two days ago and I took him out on trail last night. He was WONDERFUL!! I love him! He was such a good boy, I know he will love fox hunting. He jumped everything I pointed him at, and trucked right down the trails like he had been there a million times. He is such a character. He got hind shoes put on last night and kept turning his head around to watch the farrier work! I pulled his mane after I rode him and he yawned as I did it! Then when I pulled his forelock, he rested his chin on my chest and went to sleep! He is too cute. My mother is already trying to steal him from me! I will send pictures of us out hunting asap... then he can show off in his new career! He seems to love his new home and has already made best friends with our other 3 Connemaras. Amy (9/12/02)


Piedmont Indian was Reserve Champion at a recent show in Miami, with a 10 year old in the walk, trot, canter advanced division. (J.W. 9/02)


Indy has spent the past three years as a children's hunter jumper, but he would excel as an event horse, a dressage horse or as a foxhunter. He has an amazing aptitude for dressage, he has a large and powerful trot! He does love to jump, although he is strong. He was Reserve Champion at a recent show in Miami, with a 10 year old in the walk, trot, canter advanced division. We jump him 2'6" at home, although it's a piece of cake for him. We also trail ride him, swim him at the lake, use him for pony rides, teach lessons on him, he definitely fits the motto "Connemaras Do It All." His barn manners are great, not a single vice or bad habit. He is also a sweetheart and loves attention and to be fussed over. Indy loves to work and right now he is in great shape! Although Indy has been ridden by a little girl the past few years, he would probably be better suited for a rider who wanted to do more, event, dressage, and jump! He has so much potential! (J. Westmark, Heaven's Gait Equestrian Center, FL, 9/02)

Indy with 1/2 sister, Balmullo's Cassiopia 

Owned by Katie Greene in Davie, FL
 Piedmont Indian has moved to a new home, with his half-sister in Davie, FL: "Hi Vanessa, Our friends did buy Indy today, and I am very happy about it. Their little girl is 9 years old and she rides him wonderfully, and they are a great family. Plus, he will be at my barn, so I will be taking care of him! It's a small world now that Cassie has her brother there! (Although I can tell you Indy thinks Cassie is kinda cute, I guess he doesn't know who she really is!) So now I can keep you posted on both of them! Talk to you later, Jan" 7/7/00


Indy was Reserve Champion Adult Hunter & 1st place Green Hunter Under Saddle at Plantation acres, FL. (1999)

Children's Hunter and Pleasure Horse

Owned by D. Flaster (FL)

Owned by B. Farmer (SC)