Foothills Ashford

TFC2909XXXVI, born 6/2/99

Family pony and pet owned by Rebecca Connelly in Hoaenwald, TN




Ashes in Tennessee (1/03)

Foothills Ashes has a new home with Rebecca Connelly in Hoaenwald, TN.


Thanks for the photos Rebecca!:-)







Foothills Waterford X Foothills Kelligan

"Just a note to let you know that Ashes is doing wonderfull and loving his new home. Everyone is so impressed at how incredibly gentle and loving he is. He has started bonding with me and runs up to me from the field as soon as he hears me call his name. He loves our donkey Sparky and my other pony Skeeter.They yell for him whenever I take one in to the barn to be brushed. Talk to you later, Megan Brodbine." (4/00)

Congratulations to Megan Brodbine, Nashville, TN, on her purchase of Foothills Ashford!! (1999)