Foothills MayBee
ACPS Reg. No. M2048 XL
14.2 3/4 h, gray purebred Connemara mare, born 5/2/01, HWSD N/N
Inspected and Approved by the American Connemara Pony Society

Bred by FFC; owned & ridden by Elaine Meilahn (VA)

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Full sister to Foothills Lorenzo, Foothills Chai, and Foothills August

2017 Certificate of Achievement In Hand

2 yr old Maggie - 2021

Bee's produce:

2019 Redbourn Maggie McGee by Tre Awain Goldsmith

2008 Foothills Field Marshall by *Gun Smoke

2006 Arbor Lane's Bailey by *Gun Smoke


Balmullo's Beacon X Blue Hills Erin


Congratulations to Elaine on the arrival of her lovely filly, Redbourn Maggie McGee, by Tre Awain Goldsmith (AKA TAG), out of Foothills MayBee! (April 2019)

Reserve Champion - Best of Day, at the ACPS Region III Show in Lexington, VA on 7/29/17!!!

Winter 2017:



Vanessa, I think you would have been proud of Bea at Upperville. There were about 14 purebred Connemaras there. I entered her in 3 Connemara classes: She took
second in-hand, mares over 3; she took 4th in hunter hack (over fences); and 7th in hunter under saddle. She did a great job but we pretty much passed everybody even at the walk---she is such a forward ride and she was pretty excited about the big crowds, the jumpers and the whole big day. I don’t normally do show hunter classes, but they seem to go pretty slow J. She now has three beautiful ribbons from Upperville. I am so pleased. Elaine (June 2013)


At the 2012 ACPS Region III Show, Elaine Meilahn earned a trophy for the highest dressage score (Novice CT division, penalty points 32.5) and was Purebred Open Champion on Foothills MayBee! Elaine writes, " She really is a star. I just got home and find myself with ribbons, trophies, and a championship cooler to decorate the tack room, thanks to Bea. She seems to take it all 'in stride'. The only time during the whole show that she got really excited and silly was when she saw a foal....I think she must want another baby. Enough with the 20m circles, already!! Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to share the good news about the amazing Foothills Maybee. Well done, Vanessa, to breed such a good horse. "

She has done it again! Bea continues to amaze me. We entered a dressage show this past weekend (at Kingland Farm) and Bea ended up as high point reserve champion for the show! We have a beautiful silver trophy. I entered so that we would be able to practice our test in a real arena before the upcoming event….I had no expectation of winning anything---this was Bea’s second dressage show. What a great pony! Elaine (Oct 2011)

Vanessa, Took Bea (Foothills MayBee) to our first 3-phase today, beginner novice, at Loch Moy Horse Trials. She finished in first place on her dressage score of 30.5! The stadium and the XC course were not particularly easy and I am VERY proud of her. She was a wee bit nervous at times, but she handled herself beautifully. the place was a zoo with lots of entries---lots of horses, lots of activity. She is catching on really well. She did not completely trust the two water obstacles, but she went, bless her heart. I just chat to her the whole way through. I swear she listens to my explanation of the jumps!
This week I'm taking her to a 3-day foxhunting camp and we will go out cubbing with the hunt on Wed. I'm looking forward to that and I think Bea will love it. She has done so well on the two mock hunts we've been on. I just hope I can still fit into my old brown field boots. Been a long time.
Hope all is well with you. I hope you had a chance to go driving this weekend.
p.s. Every day I am grateful to you for allowing me to have Maybee. Elaine (Sept 2011)


Vanessa, Bea ROCKED today. I took her to Great Falls Va to a Handy Hunter show put on by the Fairfax Hunt. I got a late start this morning as Bea had managed to get into some greasy orange-brown muck (what is it??) in the field during the night so I had to give her a complete bath before we even started. That is pretty typical Bea, as you know. We got there, I checked in, and we went careening down the lane to the ring but didn't make it for the hack class. The next class in our division, first flight, was the cross county as a group following the Master, so Bea had to practically jump off the trailer and out onto the course. She was a true rock star. She LOVES going cross country in a group. I can feel her looking for the next fence. When 3 horses in front of her stopped at a ditch, I simply asked and she soared over it. The very same thing happened at a large table, she went right past the stoppers and over the jump in style. She won the class with the judge being very complimentary. The onlookers practically asked for her autograph! She then went on to earn a third place in the handy hunter stadium course (I haven't worked her on flying changes yet) and then I entered her in the advanced hack section and she was perfect on the flat and also over the 2'11" combination that was part of the class as well as the hand gallop and quick stop. She is amazing. She won that class as well so we came home with 2 blues and 1 yellow from 3 classes. We have been invited to hunt with Fairfax and they gave me a free capping fee. Handy Hunter is Bea's favorite so far! We are going cubbing with the Loudoun West Hunt (closer to home) on Sept 13 and I am sure looking forward to that. Cheers, Elaine (Aug 11)


Congratulations to Elaine Meilahn on her purchase of Foothills MayBee. Elaine has been leasing Bea for a while and has fallen in love with her. Elaine finally convinced me to let Bea stay with her permanently. This was one of the most difficult sales for me, as Bea is the last daughter out of my foundation mare, Blue Hills Erin, and was the only daughter I had kept by Balmullo's Beacon. Besides all of that, Bea is simply a lovely pony - great size, movement, temperament, ability, and a joy to ride. Having said that, I could not be happier with Bea's new home. She is extremely loved and well cared for. I wish all the best for Elaine and Bea.

Bea and I had a great time this weekend with a bunch of other Connemaras. Donna Duckworth and Katherine Mack were there with ponies. I saw some of Bea’s relatives.
We were at the ACPS Centered Riding clinic with Susan Harris. Bea (Foothills MayBee) was a star.
I was reminded to breathe – always a good idea! It was a wonderful clinic . (May 2011)


2010: leased by with Elaine Meilhan

Elaine Meilhan and Bee placed 2nd in the BN Combined Test division and were 1st in the Green Connemara Division at the 2010 ACPS Region III Connemara Show.

She is a joy to ride. We go out alone for long rides and she seems to enjoy it. She is a wonderful partner for dressage and jumping....we are making progress bit by bit thanks to Bea and some wonderful teachers. We're working with Mary Flood lately and with Wendy Murdoch and that has been a real bonus for our flatwork. I don't jump her much as she is naturally good at it and quite brave. We're going out with the hounds for an intro to foxhunting in April. I don't think it will faze her in the least. Can you tell....I adore this mare?! Regards, Elaine 10-Mar

2009: leased by with Elaine Meilhan

Bea did a nice job yesterday despite soggy footing & rain. I was really pleased with our dressage warm-up but when I took her by herself up the hill to the dressage arena and she went down the center line facing the judges box, flowers etc, she 'lost it' a bit and it was difficult to communicate with her for some of the test. Despite that, she got a score of 37.9 and we took third in our division. It was just elementary level, so expectations were not too high. When we started XC, Bea was not so sure what was happening but she didn't stop or cause me problems and by the end she was clearly enjoying herself. I took much of the course at a trot until the last few jumps just to keep it low key and because of the wet conditions. I think she is the sort of horse that could get so wound up as to stop enjoying her work, so pushing her too much probably is a really bad idea. I think she,
overall, has a good time as she stays keen and has a good work ethic. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and she surpassed my expectations. Eventing will slow down here now and I'll look for some small local indoor dressage shows for her until eventing starts up again late in March. We're still working on stifle strengthening. I have moved Bea about a mile from home to a friend's barn where we can use the footed arena for the winter. That will be a big help. My friend, Colleen, has two Connemara cross mares and the three 'girls' go out together very well. I'm still taking care of her much of the time as Colleen and I share the chores. can be proud of Bea --- I am! cheers, Elaine (Nov 09)
P.S. I've attached a photo from at the event....don't have any 'action', you can see that Bea is looking good albeit shaggy. This is before we competed....we were not so clean when we finished!

Vanessa, Hopefully the attachment will get through to you with photos of Foothills MayBee on Sunday at the Region III show. She was a doll and I enjoyed the
whole day (I'm smiling in every pic) and I think she did too. I took her only in flat classes as her stifles are not quite ready for 'showtime jumping' yet, but they are improving with lots of hillwork and some lateral stuff. She won some points and Anne Moe (show secretary) is going to send me the numbers---she did sign the form, so Bea will have some performance points toward year-end awards, as you requested. This is the first time I have shown her, so I kept it low-key. I loved
seeing all the Connemara and other ponies and can't wait for next year. I even bought Bea an 'official' Connemara dressage pad and myself a Connemara hat!! I must be hooked. Bea looks happy in every photo. I think she loves showing off. The only time she 'pulled a face' for the entire day was when another pony was allowed to graze with his bridle on in front of her.....she literally glared at him. Mostly, she was perfectly content to stand beside me between classes just watching all the others. (When you view the photos----- we were in the 'green hack class #7 and 9 and the 'Half-Century Limited' class (which was very fun); you will recognize Bea and I am wearing a dark hacking jacket and grinning like mad.)


R7, Purebred Green Connemaras Under Saddle
3. Foothills Maybee, Elaine Meilahn

R9, Bright Green Connemara Hack
1. Foothills Maybee, Elaine Meilahn

R15, Half-Century Ltd.
2. Foothills Maybee, Elaine Meilahn

I saw a lovely photo of you in the Newsletter on Bee's sire and I read that you had a clinic with Jimmy Wofford. He may be my favorite
clinician. I leased my event mare to him when I lived in the UK in the mid-90's---I felt that she was in the very best of hands. I bet you had a great time (and were highly challenged!). Hope all is well with you and your family (horses too, of course). All the best, Elaine (July 2009)

Bee is doing fine and seems to be enjoying herself. We've had lots of rain, so lots of grass. She completely destroyed her grazing muzzle so I have to keep her and the
other 'buxom' girl, Mabel, in the 'sacrifice' paddock all day and only let them on pasture at night. So, they lounge around most of the day in the run-in under the fan. A few days ago, I took Bea for a gastroscopy to make sure she isn't developing any ulcers from the big changes in herlife---she has no symptoms of ulcers---I was just checking. She is
fine. I think I told you she had her teeth done. She is wearing a pair of front shoes now. She and I are doing some road work to get her fitter and more used to things so the shoes are useful for that. She has a terrific farrier who passed his certification (after 5 years of training) in England---he is wonderful and he likes Bea.
Today I took a lesson from Wendy Murdoch; you might have heard of her. She is carrying on the legacy of Sally Swift (Centered Riding). She did a great job with helping me to try to stay soft and balanced on Bea and we got some really nice relaxed work. Wendy said that Bea and I make an extremely good team and that I should definitely consider trying to buy her . (She mentioned it first...I didn't bring it up!). I know you don't want to sell her but I want to mention it because I think about it a lot. I have already grown so close to that mare---she is part of the family here.
So, in short, she seems content and I'm continuing to take the best care of her that I know how to do. I'm hoping to show her at the regional Connemara show in July. I don't know anything about showing in hand, so any tips are welcome! They have added a combined test, and she and I will definitely do that although it is very early days in her training;
it will be just for fun. I will keep you posted. Take good care, Elaine (June 09)

2009: Vanessa, just an update so you know that MayBee is doing fine. She got new front shoes last Thursday and seems fine with them. The farrier is fabulous---did 5 years of training in the UK and is certified. Has worked at Rood & Riddle in Kentucky and now is here because his wife is a vet at the hospital. Lucky to get him. He has Bea very balanced. She is wearing bell boots for 2 weeks just as a precaution. We went on a 2 hour trail ride on sunday and went through lots of water including a wide rocky river. She was suspicious at times --- lots of other riders & so forth, but went when I asked. Had a really good time. Our second jumping lesson is next Monday--very fun. Her new jumping saddle fits her beautifully. No worries about Bea, she seems content. (and she loads into the trailer like a charm now!) Hope all is well with you and your family, best regards, Elaine (May 09)

2007: ACPS Region IV show, Canterbury, FL :

Foothills MayBee ( Balmullo's Beacon x Blue Hills Erin ) was 2nd in the large purebred mares class behind *Belle Dawn (Laerken’s Cascade Dawn X Lizabelle [by Loobeen Larry]), owned by Donna Duckworth,  who was the also the Reserve Champion in hand.

2005: We took 4 yr old Foothillls MayBee to the ACPS Inspections at Balmullo's Farm this month and she passed her inspections with all "very good" and "excellent" marks. After the inspections, I rode her on the trails through the "Temple of the Universe" with Carole Moss, Donna Duckworth and friends, Barbie and Stephanie. It was a fabulous ride and we even practiced a little impromptu 'Quadrille + one'. Bee is leased to Marion Caldwell who picked her up last night to head back to Kentucky where Marion will await her 2006 summer foal (Bee's first) by *Gun Smoke.

2005 ACPS Region IV - 1st place Purebred Mare 4 and over - Foothills Maybee, shown by Marion Caldwell (below)

2004: She is cantering now and doing lots of hacking. Laura rode her yesterday and commented that she rides like Fiddler. Nice and cushy. She is naturally balanced, which makes training so much easier.
Bea is such a sweetie. She is super intelligent and very brave. She is trotting with changes of direction staying very consistent and soft. We went for a little trail ride around the yard this morning after our arena work and she was very relaxed. I think I will do some of that with her for a while to build up her strength. She would make a great cart pony. I hope I have the time to do some of that with her. (6/04)

Below: L-R: Khaki Lacy on Foothills Juniper and Laura Burns on Foothills MayBee