Blue Hills Erin 1977-2014
14.3 hand, grey, purebred Connemara mare

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Bred by Gene and Virginia Martin (TN); owned by FFC, since 1988.

She left us on January 31, 2014, at age 37, as pictured below.

photos taken 3/28/12 (age 35)

*Camus John linebred; Erin is the foundation mare of Foothills Farms Connemaras.
Among others, she has produced two lovely mares which have been selected for her replacement in the breeding shed:
Foothills River Queen and Foothills MayBee.

Erin has definitely earned her retirement. After 13 foals, she is still very healthy and doing well, enjoying her days in the sun "on the heather" (in Blount Co., TN:-)), baby-sitting youngsters and providing beautiful pasture art for all who visit. Pictured below in May 2006 at age 29.

Erin's produce:
2002 Foothills August by Balmullo's Beacon
2001 Foothills MayBee by Balmullo's Beacon
1998 Foothills Chai by Balmullo's Beacon
1996 Foothills Lorenzo by Balmullo's Beacon

1994 Foothills Waterford by C.R. Roaringwater Bay
1993 Foothills River Queen * by C.R. Roaringwater Bay

1989 Foothills Ladybug by Blue Hills Boy
1987 Misty Meadow Miss Bonnie * (M1345 XXVII) by Blue Hills Boy
1987 Blue Hills Black Laddie (G588 XXVII) by Blue Hills Boy
1986 Blue Hills Colleen II (M1304 XXV) by Blue Hills Boy
1985 Blue Hills Pat Doolie (G577 XXVII) by Arthur's Black Patty
1984 Blue Hills Chinquapin (M1236 XXIII) by Blue Hills Boy
1980 Blue Hills Dunnegan (G587 XXVII) by Blue Hills Boy

* Have been inspected and approved by the ACPS



photo left - Two of Erin's daughters:
Foothills Ladybug and Foothills River Queen,
ridden by Katie and Emily Benton,
at the 2001 ACPS Region IV Show in Conyers, GA.







Arthur's Black Paddy S312XI X Arthur's Winter Lady M709VIIII

(pictured above, Blue Hills Erin, nursing a foal at 24 yrs young in 2001)

Drawing of Erin, by Angie Brown