Foothills Ladybug

M1423 XXIX 
(6-17-89 to 2-2-07)
14.2h gray mare,
[*Camus John line bred]
Bred and owned by FFC.

Inspected and Approved by the American Connemara Pony Society (2002)

All-around, good-time pony!

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Bronze Medallion in Hunters
Bronze Medallion In-Hand

below: Mackensie Reynolds on Lady

ACPS Bronze Medallion in In-Hand (2004)
ACPS Certificate of Achievement in Hunters (2004)
ACPS Certificate of Achievement in Dressage (2003)

   5 yr old Abby's lesson on Lady (11/06)

Lady in her Ladybug costume - Halloween 2006:

Mackenzie Reynolds on Lady (9/06):

Foothill's Ladybug was the 11-17 Senior Beginner Champion at the H.J. Fox Show in Madison, Ga. Ladybug had quite a day as she had to carry three riders in two different divisions because one of the rider's horse was misbehaving. She took home 6 blues, 2 yellows and 4 whites and was ridden by Mackenzie Reynolds, McCay Eislie and Courtney Crowe. Ladybug is worth more than her weight in gold and has definitely earned some time off! 

Foothills Ladybug Reserve Champion beginner crossrails and Champion Equitation w/t/c today at the horsepark. The judge adored her and remarked on what a lovely pony she is.

Pictured with rider, Mackenzie Reynolds (8/06)

Maddie McMillan on Ladybug (7/06):

Blue Hills Boy S427 XIX X Blue Hills Erin


  CDCTA Show at Heatherfield
April 2005, Wildwood, GA
Intro Test A - 1st place with a 67.50%
Intro Test B - 1st place with a 68.57%

2004 ACPS Region 4 Connemara Celebration and Open Show (ridden by Erin Isaac):
1st place Purebred Connemara Mares, 4 and up
4th place Ponies In-hand
1st place Pony Mares, 4 and up
2nd place Junior Walk-Trot Ponies
6th place Green Ponies Under Saddle
2nd place Green Ponies Over Fences
6th place Connemaras Under Saddle
2nd place Connemaras Over Fences
5th place Hunter Ponies Over Fences
5th place Intro Test B (53.8%)
2nd place Pony Dressage Test of Choice
5th place Tadpole CT (54.76)

 CDS Schooling Show
June 7, 2003 Judge Debbie Schwartz
Intro Test A - 1st place with a 65.50%
Intro Test B - 2st place with a 65.2381%

Last weekend I took Ladybug to the Crossroads Dressage Society's June 7th schooling show, this one held at Carole Grau's Merry Hour Farm in Maryville, TN. It was both fun and interesting riding in Carole's beautiful ring with mirrors! I rode 2 tests for Judge Debbie Schwartz. It was a beautiful morning and Lady was feeling good; she put in two nice tests, in spite of a little frolicking during a couple movements. We took home two nice ribbons and got a video tape from the club, which I have enjoyed watching a few times already:-)

Chattanooga D&CT Dressage Schooling Show
May 18, 2003 Judge: Joni Abney
Intro Test A - 1st place with a 68%
Intro Test B - 1st place with a 74%


Below at PNH Clinic, May 2002:


2002 ACPS Region IV Show, Conyers, GA
Judge: Catherine Mack
Vanessa Morgan, rider/handler:
Open Pony In-hand - 6th
PB Mares, age 6 & up - 4th
Intro Level Test 1 - 5th
Intro Level Test 2 - 3rd

Lisa Knappe and Lady 12/31/01:

 ACPS Region IV Show, Georgia International Horse Park, Conyers, GA
August 3 & 4, 2001

Judge: Caroline Nesbitt
Katie Benton, rider/handler:
Amoeba Combined Test - 1st
Very green pony walk/trot (w/rider Sara Benton) - 2nd
Very green w/t/c - 2nd
Very green cross-rails - 1st, Family Class - 1st
PB Mares, age 3 & up - 1st, Produce of Dam - 1st
Open Halter - 4th

Lady has come home to FFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ladybug arrived yesterday (1/23/01) and I couldn't be more pleased!

(pictured here at age 3 at Fiesta Farm, Knoxville, TN)