Fondest memories of the ponies of Foothills Farms and Piedmont Connemaras that we have loved and lost.

Balmullo's Beacon (1992 - 2020)

We were both too young to make the century club, but together we totalled 88 years. I have owned "Bubba" for 27 of his 28 years. Today, my heart horse was laid to rest and is buried in his paddock here at Foothills Farms, Athens, TN. I have been so blessed by this perfect little horse and will cherish every year and day that we had together. Many others had the opportunity to ride, compete and fall in love with him, too. His legacy lives on in many of the 60+ foals he sired. I am heartbroken, but memories of the happy and joyfilled days with him with forever live in my heart.

Look at this amazing painting of Bubba's eye, from a photo taken by Krista M Hughey shortly before his passing. She sent it to Danny Holder who painted this amazing picture. It is even more impressive in person? He did the most amazing job, even capturing the reflexion of the barn in the glimmer of his eye. This pony was such a sport. We believe that he was holding on for one final completion, even when he could feel that his days were numbered. That show was the first one we had planned for the year, the first wtc dressage test for Kris, but was the 1st to be cancelled because of the coronavirus. After that cancellation, he was completely let off all work and he rapidly declined. This Connemara, former breeding stallion, Balmullo's Beacon, with a big fan club from his offspring and his eventing days, was a champion his entire life.

Foothills Juniper (1997 - 2020)

Juniper was everything a Connemara should be and lived her entire life, after leaving Athens, TN, with the best home possible. I am so grateful to Rob, Marion Caldwell and Laura for caring for and loving "Bean" and letting her enjoy an active life as a true family all-purpose pony.

Tully Roo

Roo was one of the best ponies I have every trained and ridden.
Her passing was a heartbreaking tragedy for her owner and all who knew her. Gone too soon.

(2012 - 2017)
I picked her out of the Tullymor herd on my second "Project Tully" round-up, along with her dam, Tullymor's Blush.
She is pictured below, in late winter of 2013, as a long weanling with her "aunt",
Tullymor's Kanga.

Foothills Magnolia

This pony was everything I ever hoped and wanted to breed in a Connemara. Her sudden passing has left a big hole in the hearts of both her owner and breeder. She was the inspiration to continue with my breeding program two decades ago, and to breed her sire and dam together again in 2016. Her legacy lives on in Foothills Highlander and her other full brother, Foothills Houston.

(1997 - 2017)

Fiddlers Gremlin MacDaire

(1987 - 2015)

Gremlin - the perfect all-around family horse. He was purchased from Diana Green as a 3 year old stallion. Gremlin has done everything I ever asked of him: mountain trails, show hunters, eventing, dressage, foxhunting, wagon trains, 4-H, Averett college mount, guest and lesson horse. He suddenly and sadly succomed to a stroke at age 28 and was laid to rest on our farm on 9/5/15. He served well and lived well. His passing left a huge hole in my heart but wonderful memories in my thoughts.

Foothills Waterford

(1994 - 2014)

Waterford was the 3rd foal from our foundation mare, Blue Hills Erin. He was by the southern gentlmen stallion, Concord River Roaringwater Bay. Ford's bigger sister, Foothills River Queen, won the hotly contested ACPS Region III yearling futurity and the following year, Ford followed closely in her hoofrints by winning the 2nd place ribbon. Ford was quite a gentleman and a wonderful jumper. While growing up at FFC, he was started undersaddle by the hunter barn, Fiesta Farms, and was ridden by youth. He also schooled cross-country at Big Bear Farms with Julie Krammer-Johnson board. Back at FFC, he bred a few mares before being sold to his forever home with Sarah Trompeter in Virginia, after being referred to us by Melanie Worth. Sarah bred him to several hunter ponies and TB mares and he left a fine legacy in the lives of those Connemara crosses, in Sarah's heart and in my memories. He was humanely laid to rest at age 20 due to a severe acute illness.

The Matriarchs

Blue Hills Erin

(1977 - 2014)

Bought together in 1988; laid to rest together on our Athens, TN, farm on 1/31/14.

Blue Hills Morning Star

(1981 - 2014)

Beacon's Teago

(2000 - 2010)

Teago was given to me in 2007 as a green-broke pony. He was one of several foals we had bred to Big Bear's MacCushula, owned by Jane Willians. Teago has passed hands twice before I got him. I put him to work and he became the most awesome mountain trail pony one could ask for. He came to the rescue of others in more than one disaster that other people had (once during a carriage driving accident and another memorable 911 incident in a mud-slide on the side of a mountain. I rode him at the National Drive (before I took up the hobby myself) and he was never bothered by the carriage or commotion. When I returned from a business trip, I was devasted by the news that he had been struck and instantly killed during a storm at the farm.

Foothills Ladybug

(1989 - 2007)
This story begins in 1988 in Tennesssee when I bought one of my first Connemaras, Blue Hills Erin. She was a feral mare who had been living with her brother, Blue Hills Boy, and Erin was guaranteed in foal - to her brother! A few months later, Foothills Ladybug was born.
Lady was born in North Carolina. At weaning, we moved Erin to our family property in Tennessee.
At age 3, Lady went to a hunter farm. She was being prepared to show to a top pony hunter trainer in SC (Jack T) but before she could be tried by him, she was bought by a family at the hunter barn where she was in training. Then, the family moved to Colorado and I lost track of her.

I had a notice on my website "Any information on the whereabout of Foothills Ladybug would be greatlyt appreciated". In 2000, I got a call from Mary Pruitt who said she thought she had found my Ladybug. She had been standing around for years not doing much except for the occasional training. The family needed to sell her and I wanted her back, so she was soon on a trailer from CO to TN. She was then 12 years old.

During the short 6 years after I got her back, Lady because the wonderful kid's pony that I knew she was meant to be. My oldest son rode her bareback (his Indian pony) as he explored the farm. I rode her in local dressage shows, where the told me I couldn't come back until I moved up a level (because we won everything), and she spent her final days at Lake Oconee Equestrian Center where she spend her final days bring tons of joy and success to the children there. She died of natural causes.

Lady was the epitome of all that is wonderful and magical about Connemara ponies and will be forever in our hearts.