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Since Florida, I have been inspired to get Team Dyno started. Meaning that Carson and Bates have been sent to Joel Sherlin to learn to drive (work!) as a pair. Joel's arena looks great because Carson and Bates are keeping it dragged! Anyway, in 4 short weeks, they have learned to harness, hobble, stand while hitching, pull the forecard, pull the drag (with and without the brake applied), stand still while hitched (while others ride around them in the arena), stay focused on their jobs while the herd gallops to the barn for water, and back into their parking place. Joel is very proud of their progress and so am I!

I learned a lot and had a ton of fun helping groom/navigate for Carole Moss and her small pony pair, during two driving competitions this winter season, under the tutelage of Elizabeth Keathley!!

First was the Grand Oaks CDE Preliminary Championships, in Weirsdale, FL.

Followed a few weeks later by Nature Coast HDT at Black Prong in Bronson, FL.

Click the green link for photos, video and my editorial Driving4Fun

I also got to meet a driving trainer, Barry Hook, that I have been following for a few years on You Tube:

We at FF/PC are looking forward to a wonderful 2018! I hope that you are too:-) Happy New Year and God Bless!!

Congratulations to Black Dog's Top of the Morning (aka Mia) and Charlotte for being awarded the 2017 Seldom Seen Trophy by the American Connemara Pony Society!

The Seldom Seen Trophy (named after a record-setting dressage horse, in case you are wondering - more at is presented annually to the highest scoring purebred or halfbred Connemara ridden by a junior at a USEF recognized dressage show in the US.
The award will be presented at the USEF Convention on January 19, 2018. So proud of this pair! Michelle Cale, 12/30/17

above photo: Charlotte and Mia at the CDS JR/YR Championships in July 2017. It was so hot that Charlotte actually took off her jacket.

Hi! My name is Kendall Benner, and I wanted to give you all an update on a horse you bred named Piedmont Nell (by Balmullo's Beacon). I have owned her for about two and a half years now and we bought her from Julia Hecking. Nell has been doing wonderful here and she is by far one of the most talented and smart horses I have ever ridden. I have been competing her in novice level eventing with schooling lots of training level, and I hope to move her up to training permanently this coming year. I recently got my USPC C3 certification on her and she was wonderful through the whole rating. I had been looking through her bio that you all have on her page and thought you might want to see updates on how she is doing! I am going to attach some pictures from this year so you can see! Dec-17

I am so excited to report that Carson and Bates have begun their destined careers! They are with my farrier, and Project Tully comrade, Joel Sherlin, to begin their training as a combined driving pair. They have been with him only a week and he has already put them in harness and bridle and started ground-driving them as a pair. So far, all the reports are good! FF/PC Dec-17

Wanted to show you a perpetual trophy we received yesterday. This is from Sunny's win (Piedmont Sundance) at the Fox River Valley Pony Club horse trials in June. He had the low score (ridden by Zoe Schroeder). Allison Springer's name appears on this trophy too -- so I am beaming with pride. I am going to have a photo of Zoe and Sunny with the trophy and will send it to you:) Happy Holidays!(Lisa S - Dec 2017)

Windy Isles Quiet Kate won reserve champion in her first under saddle show at the Cedar Hills Pony Club!
Kate is out of Arbor Lane's Bailey by *Gun Smoke - owned by Fiona Cheevers (TN)

Foothills Field Marshall

2017Kippure Little Big Chief

Congratulations to Briana Stolley on her 1st place finish at Paradise Farm HT (October 2017) riding Balmullo's Catfish!

Congratulations to Megan McNatt on her 1st place finish at the Exmoor HT (October 2017) riding Topgun!

Congratulations to Julia Davis on her two blues yesterday at Mystic in CT. Searah's Rayhan. (Tullymor's Mountain Thunder x Searah's Fells Isleen) [Kathy T-S 10/16/17]

Farkleberry's Smokey Lad - 14.1 1/4 at 18 months! By Gun Smoke o/o Marshwood Summer Keavey by Kerrymor Madison. [Kate D 10/16/17]

It has been a very slow, almost non-existent show season for FFPC, but we have had lot's going on! Firstly, we were fortunate to have Delmar visit for the summer and he bred two of our mares: Marit and CoStar. Blush was bred again, and her next foal, due in 2018, is by Collin. Queen was rebred to Beacon and we are awaiting confirmation.

Meanwhile, our 2017 colts, Bro and Lander, are growing into fine young lads! They are both extremely handsome and well-built colts with wonderful dispositioned; they are very fun to watch grow and play:-)

Carole has enabled me to live vicariously through her this season by letting me gator for her preliminary small pony pair in combined driving. We went to Windridge, which they won, and the Indiana CDE, which they placed second, with their best performances to date, in all 3 phases, including this being their first full CDE! I am inspired to start driving again:-)

At FFPC, we are making history; for the first time EVER, the boy Connemara population out numbers the girls!
With the addition of Team Dyno (Providence Carson and Providence Bates), we now have 5 Connemara mares on the two farms and 6 Connemara colts/geldings!! Below are the latest two additions. They are getting a late start, but nonetheless, to my eye, they would (will?) make a terrific combined driving pair.

Carson and Bates!

Below are some other recent images of the Connemaras at FFPC:

below L-R: Marit, CoStar and Delmar

below: Gumby, the cat, and Shorty

below L-R: Marit and Roo, awaiting their trip to Blount Co.

below L-R: Blush and Chota (both by Chip)

below: CoStar :-)

below: Queen and Lander

below back to front: CoStar, Chota and Bro

below: Bro :-)

below: Macaroni :-)

Welcome to our new pony, Tullymor's Echota! We bought this cutie pie, 10 yr old purebred Connemara gelding, from Jessica C. in Athens, GA. Below is a photo of his 1st day out on our pasture. I'm looking forward to getting to know this little fellow as soon as I get back from my 2 week trip to IRE. Echota arrived yesterday and I leave tomorrow! In the meanwhile, he will get to know some of the mares and Bro.

Foothills MayBee was
Reserve Champion, Best of Day, at the ACPS Region III Show in Lexington, VA on 7/29/17. Congratulations to owner, Elaine Meilahn!!
Bea is by Balmullo's Beacon, out of Blue Hills Erin, and is the dam of Foothills Field Marshall and Arbor Lanes Bailey

Amy Vanner rode Balmullo's Beacon today in First Level test 3 and Second Level test 1, for 2 blues and very respectable scores with no warm-up! At Tri-State Equestrian Center (7/29/17)

I'm so proud of this lady, Kris H., riding CoStar. If you only knew what she has been through (and still struggles with)...what an inspirational person!


Also proudly announcing the arrival of Foothills Highlander (black, purebred Connemara colt, born 7/14/17!) He is by Balmullo's Beacon, out of Foothills River Queen
Highlander is full sibling to Foothills Magnolia and Foothills Houston.

He's widdle cause he's early but he's precious and perfect<3

Notice that he is standing on the high ground - his choice! He is truely a "Highlander" :-)

The Three musketeers...Cadence, Faithfilly and Molly Brown at the Oregon Horse Center (Donna Huntsman July 2017)

Boomer has gone advanced in combined training and is still booking it XCo!

Foothills Farms is extremely excited and pleased to introduce Foothills Brouhaha , born 6/16/17 (Foothills Field Marshall x Tullymor's Blush)!!
His sire is a successful eventer and his dam is an approved Premium Connemara. Bred and owned by Vanessa Morgan, Bro is available for purchase.

Bro was born 6/16/17 and surprised us all with his unexpected color. He was born black [that wasn't such a surprise; he is a masking black (carries the dilute Cr gene)], but the real surprise is that he will be grey! Apparently Blush, a Cremello mare, carries the grey gene! Bro is adorable, spunky, friendly and perfect:-)

Sire and Dam:

Cadence Kennel and Foothills Faithfilly taking their victory gallop after winning the Jr Intro division at Camelot Equestrian Park Foundation Area 6 USEA recognized horse trials June 9-11, 2017.

The rider is 11 year old Cadence Kennel in the Jr/YR Intro Division.
They got the red ribbon as well for being
2nd closest to optimum time.
Thank you, Donna Huntsman, for the news and photos!

I had a great time at the 2017 ACPS Region IV Show with Carole Moss and my Connemaras, Marit and Roo. It was great to see my friends, the ponies and making memories!

Seaborne's Maritime at her 2nd dressage show: 5/6/17 CDCTS Spring Show (at Elder's Last Lap Ranch, Maryville, TN)

I had to ride test C before test B and warm-up was interesting (apparently, there was a visiting stallion at the show and Marit is quite interested in the fellows) but we pulled through:-) Thankfully, she put those thoughts aside when I was in the saddle; she was very rideable and our scores improved over our 1st show:-)
Intro Test C 60.50% -
2nd place, Intro Test B 64.38%- 3rd place

Tullymor's Macaroni Pony got a bath. That's news (just because he has never had one in all his 4 years!)

I was very pleased with my mare, Seaborne's Maritime, at the Hiwassee College D & CT schooling show last weekend. We did Intro B & C and got 2nd place in each class. More importantly, we both kept our cool (relatively:-) with only a few show nerves displayed by either of us, though each carried some tension. I have not shown much undersaddle in years (only once, since taking up driving), and this was Marit's first ridden show, with a few "good excuses" to be distracted. Overall, I was very encouraged and proud of her willingness and ability. She is a lovely, lovely horse. "Thank you" to Denise Hill for selling Marit to me, to Melissa McKenzie for training her and coaching me, and to Sharon Cannon for the moral support! (Vanessa 4/10/17)

Congratulations to Carla Jimmerson on Carlin on 2nd place in their Training Level HT this past weekend! (April 8, 2017)

Foothills Field Marshall rocked it to 2nd place at Rocking Horse Spring HT: 3/31-4/1/17

2017 colt, Windy Hollow Elija (Foothills Field Marshall x Windy Hollow Modern Millie) - Bred and owned by Amy Plavin

Welcome Windy Hollow Elijah-born this am to his surrogate dam in Ocala. Purebred colt by Foothills Field Marshall, out of Amy Plavin's lovely dressage pony, Windy Hollow Modern Millie.

Congratulations to Briana Stolley on her 1st place finish at Middleton Place HT (March 2017) riding Balmullo's Catfish!

Printed in "American Connemara" March/April 2016 Edition II, Vol. 7 No.2:

Zaboomafoo is a now 10 yr old Connemara-TB gelding by *Gun Smoke, owned, trained and ridden by Anna Stein.

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