2004 ARCHIVED news & activities

Connemaras on the move (12/04)

FFC is pleased to welcome home one of our own homebred Connemara-TB crosses, Piedmont Penelope. Penny is a beautiful dark bay mare by Balmullo's Beacon that we plan to used for riding as well as future breeding to *Gun Smoke.

Beury Stout of West Virginia is the proud new owner of a purebred Connemara filly by *Gun Smoke, Foothills Smokey Bay. Beury plans to breed her to her new Tullymor colt, but it will be a while since he is still just a weanling. Congratulations to the Stouts on their two new Connemaras!

Registered Thoroughbred Mare, Kitties & Cash
(No House Calls x On The Radio), has gone to Mary Huges (SC) in foal to Balmullo's Beacon for a July 05 foal! KC is a 1987, 16.2h, gray

Our two TB mares, both in foal to Connemara stallions, have moved on to new homes (11/04)

Registered Thoroughbred Mare, Rippleshaveruffles has moved to Utah to live with her new owner, Colette Madsen. Ruffles is in foal to *Gun Smoke for a February 05 foal! Colette owns another Connemara cross out of Ruffles, Piedmont Chicapea (a.k.a. Cricket) who is by Balmullo's Beacon.





Registered Thoroughbred Mare, Kitties & Cash
(No House Calls x On The Radio), has gone to Mary Huges (SC) in foal to Balmullo's Beacon for a July 05 foal! KC is a 1987, 16.2h, gray


Update on Sam (10/04)
Here is a photo of Sam taken Sunday, after we got back from the Region V show, while he was still mostly clean. I didn't get any pictures at the show, since it rained (and rained and rained). It was a very good outing for Sam and I enjoyed seeing all of the ponies. I'm glad we went, but it definitely would have been more fun without the rain!

I was very pleased with him at the show. He took everything in stride, was quiet as a mouse in the trailer, and laid down and took a nap in his stall during the heaviest downpour!

I saw F. Lorenzo at the show and talked with his owner for a little bit. That seems like another excellent match. Sam is definitely going to be a perfect pony for me, and I love him to bits. He has already grown 1/2 ", and I no longer have any doubt that he will finish at 14.2 hh. Pat C

Update on Reilly (10/04)
Hi Beury and Vanessa....I thought you'd both want to see an update of Reilly.. this past Saturday he participated in his first "mock" show... with Cassie. he's jumping cross rails.. we are very excited!! The trainer is very impressed with him and says he has a natural jumping ability.. : ) we all knew that.. tee hee... Cassie is almost 14 years old.. and Reilly will be 5 years old already come this March..! can you believe it! Then when he's 5 we can bring him to the Pony Club... we also hope to make next years Region Show out here.. and show off : ) Mary Jo & Cassie... Reilly & Liam

FFC announces 2005 breeding plans; the last season for Balmullo's Beacon (9/04)
We are dramatically scaling back our breeding program. Many of you already know that we have been leasing out our best broodmares and are now sending *Gun Smoke to Amethyst Acres for his breeding duties. In the future, I plan to use Balmullo's Beacon strictly as my riding and competition horse, without the interruptions of a breeding program. He is the best mount I have ever had and I can't imagine ever having another as wonderful as he has been. He is a fabulous ride and has been a terrific producer, so we thought that before we consider gelding him, we should make one final opportunity for breeding to him. We have not offered shipped semen to him much in the past simply because we did not have the means for collecting him reliably. However, the Burkes at Amethyst Acres are very well equipped, very capable and wonderful to work with. We have repeatedly proven that Beacon's semen holds up extememly when cooled and shipped. So, if you would ever like a foal by Balmullo's Beacon, he will be standing at Amethyst Acres in 2005 - for his final season at stud.
Click here for information on booking your mare for breeding in 2005.

An early-bird stud fee discount of $200 applies if your mare is booked (for either stallion) before 1/1/05.

Houston is now in Illinois (9/04)
Congratulations to Pat Cunningham (Lake Villa, IL) on her purchase of Foothills Houston!

I just wanted to let you know that Sam is settling in just fine, no need to worry. I could tell he was really tired yesterday, but he seems fine this morning. ... I brushed him yesterday and trimmed his mane and tail. It's obvious that somebody has spent a lot of time with him. I actually was not expecting him to be so well-handled and polite! He seems to enjoy attention, is already coming up to me to be petted... I have had enough horses to know already that this is a really, really good pony. If he will grow another couple of inches, he will be just what I want. I was expecting him to be sensible, but I am a bit surprised at how level-headed he is. If all Connemaras are like this, I should have bought one a long time ago! ....Thank you again for a great pony. Pat

Two dun *Gun Smoke colts born in Florida (8/04)
Congratulations to Mike Edwards and Ann Barkdoll on their new foals. Both of them had dun purebred colts out of bay mares. Mike's mare is Balmullo's Rhiannon [M1698 XXXV] 14.0h bay (by Concord River's Roaringwater Bay) and his colt is full sibling to
Foothills Foggy Morning. Ann's mare is Ballywhim Candace [M1767 XXXVI] 14.1h bay (by Greystone Dallen McMor), and her colt is full sibling to Foothills Smokey Bay.

Piedmont Indian has a new little girl (7/04)

Hello, My name is Karoline Morris. My husband Ed and I purchased Piedmont Indian from Amy Robinson in February 2004 for our then almost eight year old daughter, Peyton.

I was impressed with Paddy from the start. He was kind and gentle and soooooo calm even in unfamilar surroundings. We had arranged to see him at the farm of a friend of Amy who had an indoor arena. Just to be cautious, we started Peyton out on the longe line. After a few turns we just let Peyton ride him around. They were beautiful together. The rest is as they say, history. We were ALL hooked on Paddy after that day.

His new life is the mount and friend of my daughter. They do dressage together. He is so good to her and has really warmed up to her. He is quick to put his nose down so she can give him a kiss on his muzzle. He is the perfect pony for her. They will grow and learn together. It is obvious he has been well treated since his days on your farm. He is talented, very well trained and does his job without a fuss. He is just impish enough to challenge his rider. He is strong and sometimes she has to work at handling him but he is never mean or rough with her. Peyton knows how lucky she is to have Paddy.


An update on Piedmont Ritzy (7/04)

Ritzy is such a pleasure to work (play) with. The picture is Ritzy and Kate, a working student, who has been riding Ritzy quite a bit in her lessons. She gets along so well with Ritzy and is doing a great job riding her. They've even started jumping a little. Ritzy seems to really enjoy working with her. We still do a little sidesaddle, too... I'm going to try to take her to the Region 5 show in October. I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of the other pony-people that I've read so much about. Sandy H.

Shea's progress (7/04)

Literally every hunter/eventer/dressage gal that I've had over has commented on his bone and depth of heartgirth. He is quiet yet playful... The vet has recommended to two other breeders to come and take a peek at the Shea-ster as it was upon my vet's recommendation that I crossed Heiress with *Gun Smoke. The vet is quite pleased with our "science project!!".
Shea has already endured three easy, no-issue trailer loadings, a bath, clippering and can eat a carrot with the best of them. He started nudging his momma out of her grain at only 3 weeks. He comes to me when I call him and we play scratch. He is an affectionate, curious sweet colt who is brave and solid. I have also seen shades of an incredible trot looming in his gait, and his canter is sure-footed and correct. I think he will make the eventer I want him for. At present, he's simply fun to be around. I do wonder at the saddle fittings to come however, as this boy is broad and big.... I see the past of Ireland's hardiness and rock climbing abilities in Shea... I have great hopes for what I believe to be my last lovely horse. Thank you again! Beth F.

Kim and Gary have a new dun filly! (6/04)

Hi All, Our newest addition arrived at 2:30 AM today (6/11/04). Both mom and filly are doing great. We are very pleased with this gorgeous girl. She is our first homebred Connemara and is the first to carry our farm name so she's very special. These pics were taken when she was 18 hours old. She checked out great during her vet check this AM and is a large, bold, precocious filly. She's definitely a keeper and hopefully will one day fill her mother's shoes as one of the foundation mares of our breeding program! We are expecting great things from her! Kim and Gary (6/04)
Dreamcatchers Fyrestorme

Breeding news at FFC! (6/04)
After the first breeding season in many, many years without a foal born on our farm, we are pleased to announce our expected arrivals for 2005!


Stork report from Washington State! (5/04)
Polly produced a bay filly this morning... I am very pleased with her. I think she will hold her color since there is no sign of grey around her eyes, she has lovely straight legs and a very pretty face. Best of all she has a charming, calm temperament. She never argued about anything we did or touched. She pays attention but just doesn't fuss. She seems very small, but I always forget from one year to the next how small they are at first.... Give Gunsmoke a pat for me. Linda S.

CribGlas Clarinet


Stork report from Colorado! (5/04)
HI VANESSA!!! Heiress had her baby last night - "Shea" (Smokey's Treasure) is here and gorgeous. He's a strapping colt, very very big and healthy. Dun-buckskinny colored with black legs, tail and mane. His nostrils are outlined in black like his poppa's and there is a bright star on his forehead as well as a white heart between those cute nostrils. He is special. The vet said he is a BIG boy; that he has not even seen warmbloods this big, and very 'nice' baby. This connemara will be well over 16 hands - we all think so! ... Both the vet and the mare's owner, Sara, said the colt is very correct and already his little canter is lilting and adorable. I love babies!!! ... I got my buckskinny white starred colt. THANK YOU!!!!!!! Wow...Beth F.

Now available for breeding at Amethyst Acres: *GUN SMOKE (4/04)

The Imported Connemara, *Gun Smoke, has joined the line-up of breeding stallions for the 2004 season at Amethyst Acres Equine Center, LLC in Buchanon, VA. *Gun Smoke is owned by Foothills Farms & Piedmont Connemaras in Athens, TN, and briefly competed in combined training with Jill Mooney of Jefferson, GA. He was performance tested in Ireland and received the highest score in his field of 12 Connemara stallions tested. *Gun Smoke is registered with the Connemara Pony Breeders Society, in Ireland, the American Connemara Pony Society and the Irish Horse Registry and is available for breeding May - August 2004.
In order to book your mare for breeding to *Gun Smoke, please contact Mark or Debbie Burke at (540)254-1017 or email

*Gun Smoke's first 2004 colt is born (4/04)
Congratulations to Tollie B (TN), who reported the birth of a colt out of her Quarter Horse/Arabian mare, Comanches. She plans to name him Keogh, who appears, at this point to be a bay.

The 1st 2004 stork report for a *Gun Smoke crossbred has arrived (4/04)
Congratulations to Beth D. (FL), who reported the birth of a dun filly out of her Thoroughbred mare, Lexy (a.k.a. Pestycide).

Beth reports that the filly is currently a light dun but may shed her foal coat to be somewhat darker, like her sire. Her vet commented on how large the filly is and Beth suspects that she may grow up to around 16 hands.

Queen delivers a filly for the Kilcreases (4/04)

Congratulations to Jim and Nancy Kilcrease (FL) who are now the proud owners of a dark dun filly (going gray), Elderglen's Miss Kitty, out of Foothills River Queen on 4/14/04. Nancy said that the filly is enormous and was running circles around Queen within the hour.

Multiple Congrats to Marion C (4/04)


An even dozen for Star (2/04)

Ann Bush called last night to announce the arrival of her new (dun?) filly. She is out of Blue Hills Morning Star by Ann's stallion, Balius Turlough. Ann said the baby was up and about in minutes and is reportedly a little chunck, already showing lots of substance.
Congratulations Ann! When you breed Star back to Turlough, place the order so I get one just like yours!
Corner Oaks Celtic Star

Valentine's Day Surprise (1/04)

Congratulations to Alice Kraebber who has reported the first *GunSmoke foal of the season. Born about 2 weeks early, out of Balmullo's Little Star, she is what Alice described as "the cutest bay filly you've ever seen."

pictured here at 3 days old

"In love with the part pony" or "It's the pony-part I love" (1/04)

I'm so in love with Britta.. She turned two in December so I taught her to drive and we sport about in my bright red pony cart.. and now that she's done it a few months, as is her style, she's the little expert, standing like a statue while I clumsily hook her up and then double checking.. she goes all over the farm and if she sees something new or weird she slowly marches right up to it and gives it a big proprietorial sniff and then marches on because she has STUFF to do.. I love the pony in her. Mary H