Foothills Smokey Bay M 3238 XLIII
a.k.a. Sophy born 7/21/03

(*Gun Smoke x Ballywhim Candace)
Sophy's sire and dam have both been inspected and approved.
Full sibling to W.H. Top Gun
Bred by Vanessa Morgan; owned by Beury Stout, Providence Farm (WV)

2011 Certificate of Achievement in 4H

Sophy's produce:
2008 Providence's Mountain Smoke
by Tullymor's Samson MacDara
2010 Providence Carson by Tullymor's Samson MacDara
2012 Providence Bates by Tullymor's Samson MacDara

Smokey Bay is full sibling to W.H Topgun

Sophy's SIRE & DAM
*Gun Smoke X Ballywhim Candace


Sophy (Foothills Smokey Bay) is doing incredibly well, I started her in July and we are happily trotting all over the place! She has been a dream to start, in fact I didn't get on her for a couple of weeks and just threw the saddle on one nite and picked up where we left off, no big deal for her:)

I'm hoping to take her to a little local show in Sept for a walk/trot class. I took her to this same show in June for an in hand class (which she placed 3rd in) just to get her off the farm and used to being tied up to trailer for day in strange place. She handled everything well, I'm so pleased with her! I've attached a pic of us in the ring the other nite, camera (or Andy) was focusing very well but you can get an idea of what she looks like now. I personally think she's just beautiful but then I'm a little biased:) I can really see Gunsmoke in her.

I'm going to go ahead and breed Sophy next year, if I can bear to not have her to ride. I'm hoping to start trail riding her this fall, there is a county trail group I want to get involved in. I have a friend with a small teaching program in SC that I'm toying with the idea of sending Sophy to her to use in the summer and get some show miles on her. (Beury S 9/09)

Note from West Virginia Sophy ( Foothills Smokey Bay) continues to be such a light in my life, I just love her.  I'll get some recent pics of her to you soon.  Megan Buchanan thinks she is very typey and a wonderful * Gun Smoke daughter!  ...I think she is probably going to be quiet enough for Maisie to show in a year or two, at least that's my plan.  I need to measure her but she's definitely pony height, in fact I'd be surprised if she measures over 14H. Beury Stout (2/09) 

Foothills Smokey Bay 4th place Purebred Mares ages 3-7 at the 2007 ACPS Region III Connemara Show

 I realized the other day how long its been since I’ve sent you pics of Sophy so I went out yesterday and snapped a couple of quick shots in the snow.


I took Sophy to a John Lyons trainer last spring and she was wonderful! He had her tacked up within an hour. It was the first time off the farm since I picked her up from you and she happily went on the trailer with her buddy Maggie (also first time off farm) and behaved perfectly.


I worked with her undertack last summer but didn’t get on as she’s on the small side and I wanted to let her mature another year. So this is the year to ride her! Beury 2/07


Foothills Smokey Bay at Foothills Farms Connemaras in Athens, TN, before moving on to Providence Farm in WV