est. 1988...generations sprung from the FOOTHILLS FARMS CONNEMARAS breeding program

Below: Born 2010 and later (Born prior to 2010 )

 ACPS Reg#
 foaled  Sired by:  Out of:
 Bred by  Owned by   Tracy Fiona Cheever (TN)


 Stoney Creek Luna  ACPS TFC M6468 LVII
 foaled 5/13/20  Sired by: Redbud's Blue Moon  Out of: Arbor Lane’s Bailey
 Bred by Tracey Fiona Cheever (TN)  Owned by   Stoney Creek Connemaras (TN)

 Colt of Caledonia  ACPS Reg# TFC S6399 LVI
 foaled 6/10/19  Sired by: HK's Danny Boy  Out of: Landsdown Liberty's Beacon
 Bred by  Owned by  

 Stoney Creek Nuala  ACPS TFC M 6405 LVI

bay filly
 foaled 4/11/19  Sired by: Redbud's Blue Moon  Out of: Arbor Lane’s Bailey
 Bred by Tracy Fiona Cheever  Owned by  Stoney Creek Connemaras (TN)

Stoney Creek Celtic Moonshine - a.k.a. "Finn"  ACPS G2693 LVII

14.1 1/2 hand bay gelding
 foaled 3/14/18  Sired by: Redbud's Blue Moon  Out of: Arbor Lane’s Bailey
 Bred by Tracy Fiona Cheever  Owned by Lindsey Jenny  Stoney Creek Connemaras (TN)

 River Wynd's Kasey  ACPS Reg# G2699 LVII 14.0 h bay gelding
 foaled 1/1/17  Sired by: Kippure Cara  Out of: Beacon's Kaleigh
 Bred by  Owned by   Cynthis Copolo

 TBF Sweet Lisolath 'Lillie"  ACPS Reg# M4583 LV

 foaled 2016  Sired by: TBF Sweet Independence  Out of: Landsdown Liberty's Beacon
 Bred by  Owned by Karlin Ekberg (WA)  

 Misty Smokey Dusty  ACPS Reg#

Connemara Sport Horse
 foaled 2016  Sired by:Fable Perseus (Arabian)  Out of: Misty Mountain Spirit
 Bred by Tracy Scheinkman  Owned by  

Dusty is a grandson of Gun Smoke, out of my Gun Smoke daughter, Misty Mountain Spirit. He is 3/4 Arabian, 1/4 Connemara and is full brother to Misty Smokey Colorado. Their sire is an Arabian stallion of Crabbet-Maynesboro-Kellogg (CMK) lineage named Fable Perseus. He is a high percentage Skowronek linebred stallion. Skowronek figures in Connemara pedigrees through Clonkeehan Auratum and his related siblings who were bred into Connemara lines back in the late '30s or early '40s.

 Stoney Creek Grace O'Malley  ACPS Reg# M4585 LV

14.1 h bay filly
 foaled 6/5/16  Sired by: *The Quietman  Out of: Arbor Lane’s Bailey
 Bred by Tracy Fiona Cheever (TN)  Owned by Pheasant Ridge Farm  

 River Wynd's Kenna  ACPS Reg# M4560 LII black mare
 foaled 5/8/15  Sired by: Kippure Cara  Out of: Beacon's Kaleigh
 Bred by  Owned by   Cynthis Copolo

 TBF Sweet Faolan Dubh  ACPS Reg# G2601 LIV

bay filly
 foaled May 2014  Sired by: TBF Sweet Independence  Out of: Landsdown Liberty's Beacon
 Bred by  Owned by  


Exciting update from Stable View at the Spring Fever dressage show!

High Score Rider Day One, Adult Amateur – Danielle Comley and BDF Top Dun in Second Level test 1 scoring 72.03%

BDF Top Dun is a 2014 Connemara x Trakehner by Wildwood Hearne Topgun out of Black Dog’s Fiorella

(May 2014 - June 2018) Poppyfield's He Himself a.k.a "Henry" ACPS TFC 6115 LI
(Loughrea Seam x Dreamcatcher's Fyrestorme [*Gun Smoke])

Bred by Kim Gates (NC); owned by Katherine Worthy Grizzanti (NY)

 Misty Smokey Colorado
(aka Smokey)
 ACPS Reg#

Connemara Sport Horse, buckskin stallion
 foaled 2014  Sired by: Fable Perseus (Arabian)  Out of: Misty Mountain Spirit
 Bred by Tracy Scheinkman  Owned by  

Smokey and Alex won the 1st level Amateur to Ride Championship and came in with a 3rd place Top Ten in the Open section against the pros yesterday. Tracy Feb 2020


Ok, I have something personally brag worthy. Smokey, my 4 year old stallion, just got a Legion of Honor award from the Arabian Horse Association! This is kind of a big deal, at least for me, though technically it is the first level of a series of big awards they can earn. Here is the letter, he gets a plaque too, I’ll post a picture of that when it gets here. The ribbons below are what he came home with from the last horse show. Congratulations to Alex Chadwick, his rider and friend, without whom it would absolutely not have happened! (I need to get better pictures of his ribbons/loot, I’m not good at arranging these things.) Tracy Scheinkman (7/15/18)

2nd place Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Sport Horse In Hand Stallions at the Scottsdale Arabian Show (Feb-2017)

Windy Isles Quiet Kate
born 2013; bred by Tracy Fiona Cheever (TN)
(*The Quietman X Arbor Lane’s Bailey)

2021Foxhunting Bronze Medallion

2018 ACPS Region 4: Winner of Purebred Mares, ages 3+ and over; Reserve Champion Purebred Connemara; 1st place Sport Pony over 14.2hh

Purebred Connemara Youngstock In-Hand Champion with her owner, Fiona Cheever, at the 2015 ACPs Region IV Show.

Providence Bates
born 2012
(Tullymor's Samson MacDara x Foothills Smokey Bay)
Full Brother to Dillon (below) and Carson

Bred by Beury Stout (WV); owned by Cate Light (PA)

Carson and Bates: Carson has the star

Windy Isles Guinness Twist
(Triple Twist (TB) X Arbor Lane’s Bailey)

Johnny Come Lately
G2593 LIII, 6/17/12
(Potiquimi Keely Shay x Foothills Faithfilly)
Bred by Donna Huntsman (OR)

Castletowns Johnny Come Lately at his first horse trial, ridden by Kimberly Morse (2019)

9 hours old:-)

Catskill's Lady Liberty (aka Libby)
purebred Connemara filly, born 2011
(Greystone Adirondack A'Hearne X Foothills Freedom)

Bred by Pat Norton-White (NY)

From Pat: "Thought I'd share a photo of Freedom's first with you, Catskill's Lady Liberty (Libby). Thank you for Freedom - we truly love her!"

Windy Isles Folly
born 4/1/11
(*The Quietman X Arbor Lane’s Bailey)

Owned by Janel Price Aldridge, WV

Providence Carson
born 2010
(Tullymor's Samson MacDara x Foothills Smokey Bay)
Full Brother to Dillon (scroll down) and Bates

Bred by Beury Stout (WV); owned by Grace Vance (SC)

Carson and Bates: Carson has the star

Kerry Meadows Seamus
born 2010
(Elmshoot's Krispin O'Thule x Blue Ridge Sinead) 6 year old, 14 hand purebred Connemara gelding

Ideal Pony Club mount for sale in Stevensville, MI (49127). Lovely gaits, forward thinking but not strong. Rides all 3 disciplines in a simple snaffle. Lovely and bold cross country, without getting strong/heavy, and flowing stadium courses. He is currently in dressage training and is working 1st level, training second level movements. Seamus is an in your pocket pony, very cute, and personable. UTD on shots, teeth, coggins, and farrier. Loads, clips, and bathes. Sale due to no fault of his own.

Nice mover, forward and brave, loves cross country and jumping. Excellent Dressage/Eventing prospect. Calm temperament. For more information call Martin at (815) 463 6140 or contact us through our Kerry Meadows Farm Facebook page.

Windy Isles Cisco Kidd
born 3/20/10
(*The Quietman X Arbor Lane’s Bailey)

Shannon Robbins from Peotone, IL, has sent this photo of her colt, Windy Isles Cisco Kidd .
It was taken at their Region show last summer by Leah Smalley Photography. Cisco Kidd received a second in his big class of geldings.

Shannon can hardly wait to get on him, she says, “I am counting down until March 20, 2012 when he turns two!” She adds, “It is still a mystery to me why everyone does not have a Connemara pony.” ACPS News : Week of 11-27-11

Shannon Robbins excitedly writes that she has purchased her first Connemara Pony! Shannon says, “First let me explain that I had never heard of the Connemara Pony before coming to Windy Isles Farm. I have had Quarter Horses all my life and until I met this wonderful breed had never looked at any other horse or pony. I was given the privilege of riding the farm’s stallion, *The Quiet Man. After one ride on this magnificent creature I knew I had to have one of his progeny. I purchased "Windy Isles Cisco Kidd" nicknamed "Teddy" from Catherine Prendergast of Windy Isles in July, and have been in love with this breed ever since! Teddy’s dam is Arbor Lane’s Bailey by *Gunsmoke. The time and effort Catherine puts into preserving the true Connemara Pony is amazing; along with her business partner, Seamus Flanagan, they have done a wonderful job of promoting one of Ireland's national treasures. Cindy Cimesa is the trainer of the *Quiet Man and she has done wonderful things with him and, like me, has fallen in love with the Connemara. I hadn't ridden in years and was a little afraid, so she put me on the *Quiet Man! I am so glad she did, I owe him a debt I will never be able to pay. She is also helping me with Teddy, she is a Grand Prix Dressage rider and trainer, and an awesome asset to the Windy Isles Farm Family. I once asked them if everyone knew about the wonderful Connemara, and if they didn't why not? I am so very proud to have a *Quiet Man baby, and tell everyone I have a Connemara Pony and enjoy greatly telling them about this gentle, loving, and truly brilliant pony."