Foothills Faithfilly
Inspected and Approved by the American Connemara Pony Society
13.3h dun, ACPS M2141 XLII, born 6/13/03, HWSD N/N
(Balmullo's Beacon x Foothills Hopefilly)

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Faith's sire and dam have also both been inspected and approved by the ACPS.
Bred by FF/PC;
owned by Donna Huntsman (OR).

2017Bronze Medallion in Eventing

2012Faithfilly got a Bronze in Dressage and a Certificate in Pony Club

The Three musketeers...Cadence, Faithfilly and Molly Brown at the Oregon Horse Center (Donna Huntsman July 2017)

Cadence Kennel and Foothills Faithfilly taking their victory gallop after winning the Jr Intro division at Camelot Equestrian Park Foundation USEA recognized horse trials in June 2017!!

It was Camelot Equestrian Park Foundation USEA recognized horse trials in Area 6 June 9-11.
The rider is 11 year old Cadence Kennel in the Jr/YR Intro Division.

They got the red ribbon as well for being 2nd closest to optimum time.



Faith's produce:

2012 Castletown Johnny Come Lately by Potiquimi Keely Shay

2007 Mike Mulligan (G2423 XLVI) by Kilfenora Windy Isles

Balmullo's Beacon X Foothills Hopefilly





Foothills Faithfilly over the training level Crossbow at Camelot Equestrian Park. Chance Solus in the irons (June 2015)

Congratulations to Chance for finishing 3rd in the Elementary Division on Foothills Faithfilly (July 2013)

Liliana Kennel (age 5) on Foothills Faithfilly riding Intro Test A at the CCTA Summer Series show 1. She takes her "hault/salute" seriously. Surprised the judge with some creative test reading but she laughed and played along. "A " enter working trot rising. Anywhere between Moka and the Judge medium walk. Between Daddy and Papa change rein across the diagonal. At Mommy, free walk..........

Foothills Faithfilly warming up with Lily

Taylor Spencer on Foothills Faithfilly. Watch out for this pair this show season.

Castletowns Johnny Come Lately, born 6/10/12 By Potiquimi Keely Shay out of Foothills Faithfilly; bred by Donna Huntsman (OR)

9 hours old:-)

This is a video of Foothills Faithfilly (Balmullo's Beacon x Foothills Hopefilly) at the Oregon Region Show Jumping Rally last weekend.  There were three Connemara ponies on the team and they took 2nd out of 13 teams. This one is from the 3rd round (take your own line) where the kids have to make up their own course jumping each jump only once.(Donna Huntsman - Nov 2011)

Great to hear from you Vanessa! We do indeed have Miss Faithfilly (Foothills Faithfilly) here in our barn. ..I have a very talented young rider who is bringing along an OTTB so I had her show Faith too that she could get some miles on an experienced easy ride. She is has won every Dressage class she was entered in except 1 (behind my other Connemara mare) and put in a good showing at the local hunter/jumper series shows in the 2’3” division. She went to a Horse Trial in California and placed 2nd with the same girl aboard. They are currently in 1st place for the 4 show point series with the last show coming up this weekend. My grandbabies also ride her in leadline Pony Club class and she will be helping 2 different youngsters get their D2’s later in the month. We adore her and she will remain inside our group for the remainder of her life...I have been sending in the forms for the lifetime achievement points, and have also arranged with all of our local show secretaries to offer the “Champion Connemara Of Show”. Faith won it at the last league series Dressage show, and she won it again today at the last show of the season! I will sit down and type up a summary of her show record for this year and send it to you. It’s pretty impressive. She will be the High Point Training level horse for the CCTA Summer Series, I’m sure. She has gotten 1st or 2nd in every class she’s been in.

I bred her to my stallion, Potiquimi Keely Shay (Lasrachais Blue Oaks Pooka /Potiquimi Taralina). She should foal in April and I will send pictures of the foal.

I have a business page on Facebook “CastleTown Connemara and TB’s. Talk to you soon, Donna (Oct 2011)

Faith and Clare - 2010

above L: Faith with Clare and Tim - above R: Faith with her son, Mike

Also at the show I saw two of Pat Cunningham's young geldings. Mike Mulligan (below, with Tim Cunningham), is a 3 yr old handsome gray by Kilfenora Windy Isles out of Foothills Faithfilly.

Mike has started work in harness and is proving to be a wonderful driving pony. are a couple from the hunter pace on Sunday. Faith was great and Clare and I had a really nice ride. We were our own team and were a little slow but had fun. This has been the first summer that Clare has been old enough for us to do a lot of riding together and it's really been fun for me. Clare and Faith might go out with the hunt club on their pony club guest day in a couple of weeks (in the second field - the slow group!).

Clare Cunningham on Foothills Faithfilly (by Balmullo's Beacon)

Clare with her mom, Pat, on left

Mike Mulligan at 1 year old



I thought you might like to see some recent photos of Faith (Foothills Faithfilly, by Balmullo's Beacon). These are from regional pony club D camp last week, where Clare got her D2 rating. Clare and Faith are learning how to jump - although it is mostly Clare who is learning. I'm pretty sure Faith was born knowing how to jump. She is a great pony for Clare to learn with - sensitive enough that she can really learn how to use the aids but very kind and patient. All of the kids at our pony club love to pet her because she's so sweet. We had regional camp for 3 days last week and then our local club camp that just finished, so Faith is ready for a week off! My proudest moment was on the first day of local camp during the grid lesson. Of course the grid starts out easy and gets harder... it ended up with a 2' oxer at the end of 3 elements, which was bigger than either one of them had ever jumped before, but the instructor didn't know that. I was cringing and bracing for the worst but Faith popped through it like she had done it a hundred times. She got 2 carrots after that!

I read about the Region 4 show. I'm glad you are having fun with Bubba and getting out with him. There is going to be a Midwest Breeders show at the end of August about 2 hours south of here. We're going to go and take Faith (Clare insists) and Mike Mulligan who is 2 now and rapidly filling out. He looks like he'll be 14.1 and a perfect type for hunters. Really lovely conformation and movement and very athletic. I'll try to get some photos at the show. Pat (August 09)

We were up at pony club all day today. It was a work/fun day, mostly with parents working and kids having fun! But Faith and Clare got to practice jumping. It's been really interesting to see how fast Faith is learning about jumping, since she doesn't get much practice at home. She seems to be a natural and I think she really likes it. I think you'd be proud if you could see what a good child's pony she's become. Clare is really having a lot of fun with her. (9/09)


Hi Vanessa, Here is Foothills Faithfilly at 5, all grown up now.  We had planned to go to the Region 5 show this past weekend with Faith and her yearling Mike Mulligan, but they canceled the show so we went to Pony Club camp instead.  We joined a great pony club this year and this was our first experience with camp...  Faith and Clare both learned so much and Faith was an just angel pony all weekend.  There was a mock combined test at the end and they won the intro division (out of 5).  After some of the things we saw at pony club, I am so thankful to have Clare mounted on a good sensible Connemara, and Clare definitely has renewed appreciation for what a good pony she has! (9/08)

 Mike Mulligan at the 2007 ACPS Region V show: 1st place Purebred Connemara Weanling and Reserve Champion Young Horse  

 Faith, May 2007

  FFC Great-Grand Child!    (4/07) Hi Vanessa,  I wanted to tell you that Faith had her foal this morning (at the very civilized hour of 8:30 am - although it didn't save me that much sleep since I've been up in the middle of the night the last 5 nights!).  It is a big strong colt, bay going grey.  He is just what I wanted and I couldn't be more pleased with him.  He is a very good looking colt with lots of bone and excellent limbs, and a very mild mannered personality (so far anyway).  I am attaching a couple of photos from earlier today at about 4 hours old.  He picked the prettiest spring day we've had so far to be born.  His name is Mike Mulligan (after the children's tale - one of Clare's favorites) and he is a keeper.  Faith is an excellent mother as you would expect.  Pat 4/20/07 by *Kilfenora Windy Isles  

Vanessa,  Here are a couple of better photos of Faith's boy.  I thought you'd like to see him unfolded.  These are from last week at 2 weeks old.  He is bigger now!   He is quite a character, very bold and full of himself.  I thought I would see more of Faith in the foal, since she has the line breeding behind her and she is nearly a carbon copy of her mother, but he is mostly his father's son.  He has Faith's ears though.  Faith has been an absolute saint with him, even scratching his back for him when he's itchy, which of course is all the time.  She is getting her figure back quickly and looks even more like Hope this year.  What a pair they would make.  Pat

ACPS Region V show, Hoosier Horse Park, IN, October 2006

"We had a really good time, although the weather was challenging (rain on Friday and Saturday was cold and windy and muddy of course). Foothills Faithfilly was very good for Clare in a crowded walk-trot class and did her first ridden trail class with me (3rd I think). She passed her inspection no problem" (Pat Cunningham)

Hi Vanessa, Here are a few photos from the (2006 Region 5) show. We had a really good time, although the weather was challenging (rain on Friday and Saturday was cold and windy and muddy of course). Faith was very good for Clare in a crowded walk-trot class and did her first ridden trail class with me (3rd I think).

Faith passed her inspection no problem... Marynell said she thinks Windy Isles should cross really well with Faith. I hope so.

Hi Vanessa,
I thought you might like to see Faith under saddle at last.  The first photo is from a little open show that we went to last weekend, the other two at home this morning.  Clare and Faith won in the 8 & under leadline class (we decided it was fair to enter since Clare being overqualified and Faith being underqualified sort of balanced out the entry!), then got 5th in walk-trot.  But you have to start somewhere, and considering it was Faith's first time in that class and Clare's second, I was thrilled that they got through it with no big mistakes.  I would definitely still put Faith in the green as grass category.  But she is such a wonderful pony, so very kind and generous and easy to train.  My only concern now is that Clare is going to get so spoiled riding her that no other mount is ever going to measure up!   Hope you are having a good summer.  Pat

I have been riding her lightly, doing walk/trot now. She is absolutely the nicest one to ride I have ever had. Nice and supple but quiet, and she tries so hard. It's just amazing... she is going to be a wonderful, wonderful pony and well worth the wait for her to grow up. She is just incredibly kind and willing. I'm thinking seriously about buying a cart and harness for her. I'll send you a picture in the summer. Happy Easter! Pat (4/06)

I actually had in the back of my mind that I might sell Faith when I bought Leo, since I changed my mind about the Welsh mare, but I just can't do it. I still think she's going to make a terrific pony for Clare in a couple of years, and in the meantime, she is just completely sweet and easy, doesn't cause the least bit of trouble. Pat C (10/05)

Pat and Faith - October 2005


 "Ghost Pony" 2005 Region V Show Costume Class: Faith, Clare and Pat

I thought you would like to see some pics from the (2005 Region 7) show (below). I had a great time and I'm glad I went. I'm also glad I changed my mind and took Faith (
Foothills Faithfilly). It was a really good experience for her. She settled right down and even won the in-hand trail class on Sunday! I was very proud of her for that.

Pat and Faith - June 2005

Faith left for her new home today! (4/18/05)

Hi Vanessa, I just thought I'd let you know that Faith is settling in well and I am very pleased with her. She does indeed have an exceptionally pleasant temperament. I am curious... have you ever done any work with her on giving to pressure (dropping the head to poll pressure, giving from side to side, etc)? I have started some little groundwork lessons (I am very big on groundwork) and I keep expecting the other shoe to drop because she has been SO easy to teach. It doesn't seem possible that she could be learning this fast!

I was a little concerned at first because she and Sam were joined at the hip for the first couple of days and didn't want to be separated, but Connemara common sense seems to have taken over and they are fine now.

Anyway, I think Faith is going to be just an outstanding pony... beautiful movement and wonderful quiet, sensible, easy temperament. I'm glad to have her. Thanks again. I'll send a picture after she sheds out, which is progressing rapidly now. Pat