Foothills Freedom
14.1 1/2 h. gray filly, born 5/29/98, N/HWSD
1999 ACPS Region 3 Yearling Purebred Futurity - 2nd place
Bred by FFC; owned by Pat Norton-White, NY.
(full sister to Landsdown Liberty Beacon)

Freedom, as well as both her Sire and Dam, have been inspected and approved by the ACPS.


Balmullo's Beacon X Appleberry Acres Gabriel


Freedom's produce:
2011 Catskill Lady Liberty by Greystone Adirondack A'Herne

Bloomville, NY: Heather White reports that on Friday June 24th Catskill Connemaras welcomed a filly to their herd. Heather says, “Foothill's Freedom (Balmullo's Beacon X Appleberry Acres Gabriel) gave birth to a beautiful smoky black filly by Greystone Adirondack A'Herne. Catskill's Lady Liberty or "Libby" is a friendly, charismatic and energetic young lady! We plan on keeping Libby as a future dressage pony. Freedom will go back to work in dressage and jumping (which is her forte) this fall. We are very excited to see Harry's great disposition in Libby and are very excited to watch this wonderful little filly come into her own.” Catskill Connnemaras is owned by Heather and Pat Norton-White.

From Pat: "Thought I'd share a photo of Freedom's first with you, Catskill's Lady Liberty (Libby). Thank you for Freedom - we truly love her!"

Older photos of Foothills Freedom:

We still have Freedom. She's ridden by a friend (an H-A Pony clubber) more than anyone else. My daughter is planning on riding her more this year. We love her! She's doing very well, but hasn't been used to her full talent here. We're planning on bringing her to some clinics this year. We're actually also contemplating breeding her this season. She hasn't been bred before, so it's very exciting! She'll be my daughter's project, so I'm not sure what stallion she'll decide on. Thanks for breeding her - she's been a great addition to our lives and farm. She's a keeper! (Pat - May 2010)

Foothill's Freedom is out for additional training and will be showing the local hunter circuit and participating in some Pony Club events this year. She's a pleasure to work with and has a cute spunky personality. Pat (7/03)

(Sept 2002)

Hi Vanessa, Freedom came home on Friday after being away for training for two months. Tristin Moses, who is a 21 year old Pony Club H-A graduate trained her. We now have a riding pony! Freedom now has walk/trot/canter in place. She's been trail ridden and jumped. She's very willing and loves to GO! I've attached a photo of my daughter, Heather, riding her in a lesson. I love the way her mane is blowing in the photo - it seems to represent her spunky personality! We're planning on using Freedom as a riding pony for several years and then, hopefully, she can make some babies for us :-) Pat (7/02)

Freedom is doing very well. She has been out for training for about two months now. I have a 21 year old, graduate H-A Pony Clubber training her. She is going nicely under saddle, on trail and in the ring, she's jumped some small jumps and LOVES to canter. She's fondly being called "the carousel pony" by the young lady who is riding her. We'll be bringing her home soon and my daughter will continue riding her. (7/02)

Foothills Freedom had a banner day yesterday! She came in first in 3 halter classes and second in two others! The judge, who is an eventer and professor in an equine prgram at a nearby college, loved her. More importantly to us, she loaded and unloaded without a problem, stood tied to the trailer all day, and behaved like a gem all day. To say we were pleased with her would be the understatement of the year! Owner, Pat N-W (6/19/00)

Shown by Heather White
Tri-Valley Horseman's Association Hunt & Dressage Show (6/18/00)

Pony Hunter Halter - 1st place
2 Years and Under, Hunter Halter - 1st place
Open Hunter Halter - 1st place
Suitable for Dressage, In-hand - 2nd place
Junior Showmanship - 2nd place



Freedom is doing great! I truly LOVE her. She is just so sweet and willing.
We've had a bridle on her once and again it was a non-event. She just
chomped for a few minutes. She really has been a dream to work with so far.

I thought I'd update you on Freedom. She's adjusting great! She seems to be feeling more comfortable with us and getting used to our routine, although she is still very sleepy looking when I do morning chores at 5:30 or so! We had an exceptional day with her today! (4/2/00)


Heather (my daughter) measured her head and mouth with a piece of bailing twine to measure her for a bridle and bit. She decided to try a few more things when Freedom cooperated so willingly. She slowly put a pad and saddle on her back and Freedom just stood there completely unphased. After taking off the pad and saddle Heather placed a girth over Freedom's back and jingled the buckles. Again, she stood quietly. Heather brought me over a short time later and repeated everything, so I could see, and again she was completely accepting. To say we are pleased with her would be the understatement of the year!


3/24/00 "Hi Vanessa and Charlie, Freedom arrived today at 4:30! I am absolutely delighted with her - she's beautiful and sweet! I was very impressed with how well she unloaded and settled in. The driver of the truck thought she was super too - he couldn't say enough about her willingness. She settled in very quickly. She and our 20 yr. old Appendix mare are both in the barn munching away. As you know, I was nervous about buying anything over the internet, but your professionalism truly made this a wonderful experience. Thank you so much. I'll be sure to keep you updated on her progress and I'd like to hear how your year goes riding Bubba. Have fun and keep in touch." Owner, Ms. Norton-White

1999 - ACPS Region 3 Connemara Pony Show: 2nd Yearling Purebred Futurity