Dreamcatcher's Fyrestorme

M 3386 XLIII, born 6-11-04

14.2h buckskin mare by *Gun Smoke out of Big Bear's Macushula; half sibling to Beacon's TeaGo  

ACPS inspected and approved
Dreamy's sire and dam have also both been ACPS inspected and approved.

Bred by Kim Young (NC); owned by The Gates (GA)

back undersaddle with Elli Niesen riding (December 2019)

Tully Wind and Dreamcatcher's Fyrestorme (owned by Kim Gates - April 2017)


*Gun Smoke

 Big Bear's MacCushulah 

M1329XXVI, 14.1h buckskin
by Camus John's Gladiator


Debi Stocker Malone (NC) 2015:


Dreamy with her 2014 foal, Poppyfield's He Himself a.k.a "Henry" by Loughrea Seamus



Aug 2011

Dreamy (aka Dreamcatcher's Fyrestorme) is now with Kim Gates in VA at the Shangrila Guest Ranch

Dreamy is doing great. Every time I ride her I am surprised by how brave and self-assured she is. The other day we were riding along our creek and a huge grey heron took flight right in front of her. She stopped short and looked a bit, but handled it like a big girl. She has a wonderful, curious nature and seems to really enjoy getting out and doing things, and a kind personality that makes her a pleasure to be around. She likes to be in the lead and has asserted herself as the dominant mare in the pasture as well, but is never unnecessarily mean or ugly about it. I am really enjoying her, especially now that the weather is cooler. (Jennifer Sept-10)

Dreamcatcher's Fyrestorme (by *Gun Smoke) has been leased to Jennifer Hood in Georgia

Jennifer is calling her "Remy" ...A couple of updates:

Just wanted to let you know that the pony girl is great. We didn't do much with her this week and just gave her the chance to settle in, but last night Sarah Beth did some ring work with her and she had some nice moments where she came round and got on the bit and listened to SB's aids. I took her on a trail ride this morning with two girlfriends of mine and she was perfect, even when a deer ran our in font of us and when some bikes passed. I was very proud of her! She had her feet done on Thursday and was a good girl for our farrier, too. I love her personality, too - she's very sweet. Thank you again for sharing her. (7/10)

R.E. her first cross-country school: "She was so good ....SB's instructor had her walk each obstacle a couple of times to start out and then she trotted them. She was very brave and did everything that was asked of her the first time. She schooled the tadpole up-bank, a beginner novice ditch and a couple of logs and was absolutely perfect!
She is GREAT! We've been to our local equestrian park twice now and ridden a lot of trails at home too - she has been well behaved every time. She's exactly as you said she'd be ... (8/10)

Yesterday I met a big group of friends at a local park and we rode for about two hours. Dreamy led the way the entire time and didn't mind the squirrels and deer one bit. Our farrier was out last Monday and cannot get over how big (and nice her feet are). She's been perfect for him both visits and is just a pleasure to be around. (Jennifer Sept-10)

Carla Jimmerson on Dreamy at the 2010 ACPS Region IV Connemara Show (Dreamy's first show) Walk/Trot Senior - 1st place

2010 -
in training with Melissa Roberts, Runaway Farm, TN:

May 2010

Shortly after arriving at FFC in Athens, TN (Dec 2009):