Providence Carson
(Tullymor's Samson MacDara X Foothills Smokey Bay)
ACPS G2607 LIV (MICRO CHIP ID 933000120112160)
14.1 h bay purebred Connemara gelding, born 9/1/10, ride/drive pony
Bred by Beury Stout, WV; owned by Grace Vance, SC.

Full brother to Providence's Mountain Smoke and Providence Bates

above, August 2020, with 11 yr old intermediate beginner rider

August 8, 2020: Tabitha riding Carson (2nd show), getting some show experience without wearing blinders:

below: Carson's first show under saddle

First meeting:

Me on Carson:

Elli on Carson:

puppy walking with Belle Meade Hunt


Gardner Cook showing Carson at the 2019 ACPS Region 4 Show:

Sire & Dam

SIRE: Tullymor's Samson MacDara, S1803 XLIII (Tullymor's Chip O'Perseus, S653 XXXVIII x Tullymor's Ursula May, M1815 XXXVII)

DAM: Foothills Smokey Bay, M3238 XLIII (*Gun Smoke, S665 XXXVIII x Ballywhim Candace, M1767 XXXVI)


Carson schooling at Windridge (Aug 2019)

Spring-Summer 2019

2019 ACPS Region 4 Show

Carson began his single driving adventures at the 2018 National Drive in Indiana, with the help of my dearest friend Carole Moss, and trainers, Amy Neary and Joanna Wilburn.

below: Carson driving with Providence Bates in a Pair Pony Combined Test in Tennessee - 2018

Carson: 2017 at Foothills Farms

Providence Bates, full brother:

Providence's Mountain Smoke, another full brother: