Providence Bates
(Tullymor's Samson MacDara X Foothills Smokey Bay)
ACPS G2606 LIV (MICRO CHIP ID 933000120112173)
14.2 h bay purebred Connemara gelding, born 6/18/12
Bred by Beury Stout, WV; owned by Cate Light, PA

Full brother to Providence's Mountain Smoke and Providence Carson

Bates was picked up by Equine Express yesterday afternoon and arrived in PA this morning. Cate reported that he arrived in good shape, unloaded quietly and is settling in very well. I am so happy for Bates and Cate! (January 2020)

In training with Elli Niesen, Bay of Plenty Stables, Washington, GA (late fall 2019)

Summer 2019 at FFW


Sire & Dam

SIRE: Tullymor's Samson MacDara, S1803 XLIII (Tullymor's Chip O'Perseus, S653 XXXVIII x Tullymor's Ursula May, M1815 XXXVII)

DAM: Foothills Smokey Bay, M3238 XLIII (*Gun Smoke, S665 XXXVIII x Ballywhim Candace, M1767 XXXVI)

Back to work; summer 2019

Spring 2019

below: Bates driving with Providence Carson in a Pair Pony Combined Test in Tennessee

below: June 2018 in training with Elizabeth Keathley

full brother, Providence's Mountain Smoke: