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Corner Oak Celtic Star in training at Riverplains Farmdriving (U-tube video)

Corner Oak Celtic Star in training at Riverplains Farmundersaddle (U-tube video)

News from Windy Isles: On March 20th Arbor Lane’s Bailey (*Gunsmoke x Foothills Maybee by Balmullo’s Beacon) delivered a dun (to stay dun!) colt sired by *The Quietman. He has been named Windy Isles Cisco Kidd. We’re very pleased with him and he looks like he’s going to be very fancy.

King's Point Goat Farm - new (unauthorized) webpage

Lorna's students attend their first horse show (4H) with Smokey's Design and Foothills River Queen 10-Apr

Lazer Lavendar (by Balmullo's Beacon) and Laura Szeremi (TX) 10-Apr

Lavender is moving up to training level and I thought you'd like to see her latest!!

Black Dog's Fiona (by *Gun Smoke) and Carol Green (TX) at Feather Creek Lazer 10-Apr

Holly Hill Spring H.T. (LA) 2010-04-16 NoviceONAmt (Starters: 8) - 4th place

Beacon's Seraphim Sheamus (by Balmullo's Beacon) has a new owner, Randy Rease, Rivendell Connemaras (G) 10-Apr

Carley Whetstone (AL) on her Connemara cross, Murphy (by Balmullo's Beacon), finished 4th in NoviceNR (Starters: 12) on their dressage score at the Florida International CCI2*/CCI1* 3-Day in April and finished
3rd in NoviceJN (Starters: 16) at Poplar Place Farm H.T. in March

Spring is here and I have lots of plans! I'm so glad to be out of the cold; now if I could just get some time at home to play with my ponies. My biggest plan is taking 3 mares to the ACPS Inspections in June. I say this is a big plan because all of my ponies have become rather spoiled pasture potatoes. "Work! What's THAT?!" Well, they are now on a program with the help of Melissa Roberts and Tollie Banker. Hopefully by the time the show/inspections come around, they will be able to do more than look cute, and load for treats. I am also planning to bring Balmullo's Catfish to the show. He graduated kindergarten and has gone on to elementary school with Melissa. He should be ready for Junior-High by fall. He is such a good boy. 10-Mar

Cassie and I competed in the Wellington Dressage Opener/CDI this weekend. We got low 60's in Training 3 and First One on Friday but today got 68.8 % in Training 4 for our first qualifying score for this year. Judge was Lilo Fiore and her comments were "'Very obedient, precise geometry. Connection it's highlight also nicely shown bending."
She was a joy to ride today and I'm so proud to have her.

Robbie loves Conor. He takes good care of Robbie. 10-Jan

above L-R: Rob Caldwell on Arbor Lane Conor & Marion Caldwell on Foothills Juniper

All smiles before the hunt in Camden, SC. 10-Jan

above left: Laura Burns on Foothills Juniper & Marion Caldwell on Arbor Lane Conor

I want to recognize these ponies that won ACPS Achievement Awards in 2009:
Balmullo's Cassiopia (Balmullo's Beacon x Blue Hills Morning Star) with Janet Hibel, earned a Silver Medallion in dressage
Tuckaseegee's Dundee (Foothills Waterman x Kid Sister) with Kathy Nebel, earned a Silver Medallion in dressage. Also received the USDF Training Level Vintage Cup
Foothills Foggy Morning (*Gun Smoke x Balmullo's Rhiannon) with Darian Hall, earned a Certificate in dressage
Foothills Waterman (Concord River Roaringwater Bay x Misty Meadows Miss Bonnie) with Dana Norquist, earned a Gold Medallion in eventing
Black Dog's Fiona (*Gun Smoke x Pestyside) with Carol Green, earned a Gold Medallion in eventing

Here is a note I received from Kim Leitch on her Connemara cross, Piedmont Harmony (a.k.a. "Grits") by Balmullo's Beacon:
"I couldn't resist sending you the attached picture of Grits. I took her to an Extreme Cowboy Race Course to school. She was the star! She had to lead my friends' horses through the obstacles, even though she had never seen them. She loved the mud! Kim"

I did take Maggie to a 10 mile Komen Breast Cancer Ride for the Cure and she slogged through the mud and did great, and then I competed with her in a cross country driving event in November and she took second out of 31 rigs, which I was really proud of considering how long it had been since she had been driven at all. In that case the water was what helped us. The streams were all way up from all of the rain, and there were tons of mud bogs on the trail and Maggie was one of only 5 equines that actually navigated the entire trail (14 miles) without refusing anything. The one stream made her swim the last couple of steps to cross it. I was terrified, but she just took it like a trooper. We finished only ½ point off of first, and would have won it, but the dummy here got lost in the pattern for the cones (as usual) and we lost time points for it. But the winner was driven by an international CDE competitor, so I was very proud of the old girl. Deanne 10-Jan



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