ACPS Region III Newsletter excerpts (11/08)

< FONT color= #000000>SusanHearn and Balmullo'sBilly Elliott did their first Beginner Novice level horse trial at MDCTA Jenny Camp starter horse trials < font color = #0000ff > and won! < /FONT >

Foothills Waterman ("Bucky") and Dana Norquist placed fifth in Waredaca's Novice Master's Division in October.  "Bucky and I have had a great season.  We have been in the ribbons every time we have competed.  We finished first at MCTA at Shawan Downs with the lowest MCTA senior member dressage score for the day, winning the Jackson Hold Farm Trophy.   We also finished first at the Marlborough Horse Trials andsecond at Rubicon Spring Horse Trials.  Topping the season off, Bucky has earned enough points for hisSilver ACPS Lifetime Achievement Award in eventing . "

  Keogh's first show (9/08)

I wanted to give you aKeogh (*Gun Smoke x  Arab-QH) update.  I took him to last weekends (sept 27th) Crossroads Dressage and Combined Training Schooling Show.  This was his first show and he won2 nd in Intro Test A with a score of 62.5 and 4 th in Intro Test B with a 66.  He scored mostly 6s and 7s with a couple of 8s for his halts and transitions.  He also scored a 7 on both tests for his gates!

I was very proud of him not only for his classes but also the way he reacted to all the action of the show. He kept a very level head and not much bothered him.  He improved through out the day and by the end he was acting like an old pro! 

  Victory for Carole Moss at her first-ever Combined Driving Event!(9/08)

The event was the Indiana Combined Driving Event at the Hoosier Horse Park just outside Indianapolis on 8/30-31, 2008.  This was a rated event.  To be a rated event you have to meet certain standards set by the national carriage driving club and you accumulate points towards national titles.  There were actually several VSEs there---probably 5 or 6.  Carole did not wow them in dressage, but did in the cones and marathon.  We discussed the philosophy of the marathon and decided that she should let Cooper go at his pace early on figuring he would slow later.  At 4 kilometers in a 5.7 km course, he was 6 minutes ahead.  The trick was slowing him down.  The last 500 meters you could go at any pace but had to keep moving in a straight line.  It took forever for them to get in.  In the cones, we did not get his actual time.  In the previous local show, he had the fastest cone time of ANY of the horses.  There were probably 40 horses there.  Mark (9/08)

Division: Training VSE
Name of Driver/OwnerName of Horse(s)DressageMarathonCones Final Score
1st  Carole Moss Cooper74.40 0.003.0077.40
2nd Peggy PorterButch Cassidy 67.20 12.209.00 88.40
3rd  Marlene Badura Harlequin's Bodacious 68.00 E 6.00 E
4th  Janice Dunn Mariah50.400.00E E


  Connemaras at Dressage at Devon (9/08)

Connemara - USDF Prospects In-Hand

Kynynmont Kerrigan (by *Gun Smoke) - Pam Liddell 74.000% 1st place

Erin Terra's Dream Believer - Michelle Haas 71.600% 2nd

Tre Awain Gypsy Rainbow - Nicole Perin 68.100% 3rd

Erin Terra's Rockette - Nicole Perin 66.800% 4th

  AEC results  (9/08)
Congratulation to Marion Caldwell (owner) and Marty Whitehouse (rider) on their 6th place finish in their Preliminary Division at the AEC, onPiedmont Sundance (TB cross by Balmullo's Beacon).  There were 35 in his division. 
A few weeks earlier, Marion's 17 year old daughter, Laura Burns, rode Sundance to a 1st place finish in Prelim at a local CT, then on to a 7th place finish at the KY Classique HT.
  2008 Wellpride USEA AEC qualified  (8/08)

Foothills Waterman / Dana Norquist (MD) Qualifying Rides for Novice

 2008-06-07 - Rubicon Farm H.T.
Event Type: HT, Event Level: N, Event Division: NRB, Event Placement 2
 2008-05-02 - MCTA H.T. at Shawan Downs
Event Type: HT, Event Level: N, Event Division: NSrR, Event Placement 1
Piedmont Sundance / Marion Caldwell (KY)  Qualifying Rides for Preliminary (Horse Only Division)
 2008-07-18 - Champagne Run at the Park H.T.
Event Type: HT, Event Level: P, Event Division: YROP, Event Placement 5
 2008-05-23 - May-Daze at the Park H.T.
Event Type: HT, Event Level: P, Event Division: JYOP, Event Placement 9
 2007-10-05 - Jumpstart H.T.
Event Type: HT, Event Level: P, Event Division: OP1, Event Placement 11
  Region III Gelding Winner (8/08)
22nd Annual Region III Connemara Show at Glenwood Park in Middleburg, VA on July 19 and 20, 2008,   Judge Kathy Lucas awarded the blue ribbon to Balmullo’s Billy Elliott ( *Gun Smoke X Balmullo’s Veronica), owned and handled by Susan Hearn for the Purebred Geldings In-hand class.  He also placed in the following classes, ridden by owner Susan Hearn:First place USEF 2007 Training Level Test 1, 2nd place  USEF 2006 Beginner Novice Eventing Test A, 2nd place   The Trail Class – Senior, 4th place The Great Egg and Spoon Challenge and tied for first in the Crepe Paper Pair Game, along with Balmullo’s Katydid, o/r Matison Hearn-Desautels
  New rider continues the success  (7/08)
Marty Whitehouse rode Piedmont Sundance to a first place finish in Open Training (21 starters) at the Midsouth Pony Club Horse Trials in Kentucky the weekend of June 26.  Sun is owned by MarionCaldwell.
USEA result (6/08)

 Dana Norquist and Foothills Waterman placed second in Novice Rider B of the Rubicon Horse Trials. 

  USEA Young Event Horse Winner(5/08)
Fiona won the 4 year old division of the USEA Young Event Horse Series at Meadow Creek Park on Friday (only 3 points behind the top 5 year old)!  It was a small group, but very tight competition.  The picture above is the farm's owner presenting us with our ribbon and prizes.
Nationally rated judges were on hand to judge the youngsters.  They were judged in hand for conformation, in a special dressage test and then in a jumping test that included stadium and cross country jumps.   We received over three pages of handwritten notes and their comments included the following:  Jumping Test / Suitability and Potential (where her total score was even higher than the 5 year olds): great use of neck and back; good balance, bascule and energy; great scope and effort, explosive power and very coordinated; mare has great potential and well suited thru national levels - Conformation: solid, balanced; good neck set, fits shoulders; good expression
It was a wonderful experience.  One of the judges stopped me after the jumping test to say how much she loved Fiona's "spunk".  She knew she was a Connemara cross and thought she had great potential.
I was so proud of our girl!  She is coming along so nicely and truly enjoys her job.  Carole (08May)
Take a look at these lovely photos:
  Spring competitions get underway(5/08)
Black Dog Fiona (*by *Gun Smoke):  Pic from our schooling HT . She's really "getting it" on XC. We placed 2nd ! I wish this photo showed the dappling on her hind quarters, she's just gorgeous right now. Judge's comments included "elegant", w/a score of 8 on her gaits!  Carol
Take a look at these lovely photos:
Piedmont Sundance (by Balmullo's Beacon): Sayre School CT  with Laura.  He won his preliminary division with a dressage score of 26.5
  Summer-Fall Results (12/07)
Mike Mulligan at the ACPS Region V show:1st place Purebred Connemara Weanling andReserve Champion Young Horse
Black Dog's Fiona  at the Rosehill's CT: 1st place Green Division A;2nd place Division B
Foothills Waterman at the Maryland HT:3rd place Open Novice
  Kynynmont Kerrigan at Dressage at Devon: Champion Connemara
Black Dog's Fiona Green as Grass CT: 1st place
Balmullo's Billy Elliott at the TROT Judged Pleasure Ride:1st place Novice Horse
Foothills Smokey Bay at the ACPS Region III Connemara Show:  4th place Purebred Mares ages 3-7
Balmullo's Billy Elliott at the ACPS Region III Connemara Show:2nd place Purebred Gelding In-hand; 4th place Sr. Intro Test B; 6th place Sr. Training Test 1;3rd place Purebred Green Connemara Over Fences;1st place Sr. Trail Class;3rd place Best Tail Award ; Costume Class
  Successful move up to Preliminary (10/07)
Laura Burns and Piedmont Sundance won their first Preliminary CT at September in the Park (KY Horse Park) 2007!
Their photos (12-26) can be viewed and purchased from PhotoReflect
They went on to do their first Preliminary Event (10/6-7/07) at the Horse Park and jumped clean.  Time penalities kept them out of the ribbons but it was a fabulous move-up experience for the young pair (16 yr old Laura and 7 yr old Sun).
 2007 Cannon Carriage Classic VSE Champions   (8/07)
Carole Moss driving her mini, Cooper

We had such a great time!  He is absolutely a hoot to drive. Loves the cones.  We went clean in every cones classes, won all of our cones classes ,came in second in our two ring classes,got High point VSE .  Went on theMarathon... made it around but I won’t do the marathon at this location again; too steep for a little guy. 

See more of Carole and Cooler on the Fun Stuff pages!
Laura Burns qualified for the American Eventing Championships at Training Level on Piedmont Sundance with a 2nd place finish at the Gemwood Horse Trails. 
Foothills Connemaras do it all!(7/07)
TheACPS Region VII Versatility award went to Foothills Magnolia -- She is Balmullo's Beacon (X Aladdin) X Foothills River Queen ( X CR Roaringwater Bay).  Maggie also placed 3rd in an in hand class of 9 mares, 6 years old and above.  Then Maggie was Reserve Champion in the Low Hunter 2' division andChampion in the Driving .   Maggy is owned and shown by Deanne Haggard of Texas.
Dressage talent carries through in the NextGen (6/07)
I took Dundee to his second show with good results.  He took a first place in a large class, beating the "big boys."  Here's a link to some photos. 
It was the Lighten Up Dressage Show in Charlotte, NC.  Scored 60% for first place in Training 1 and 59.642% for third place in Training 2. 
Top Gun comes out on top (6/07)
W.H. Top Gun (* Gun Smoke X Ballywhim Candace [by Dallen McMor]), owned by Jim and Nancy Kilcrease, was the Champion Stallion and the Champion Connemara in hand. Top Gun also won the Mountain and Moorland Class and the Open Pony Championship!  I think you could say the judge liked him!!  
Foothills MayBee (Balmullo's Beacon x Blue Hills Erin ) was 2nd in the large purebred mares class behind *Belle Dawn (Laerken’s Cascade Dawn X Lizabelle [by Loobeen Larry]), owned by Donna Duckworth,  who was the also the Reserve Champion in hand.
Successful move to Training Level CT (4/07)
Hi Vanessa, Laura and Piedmont Sundance did their 1st training level recognized CT today (Sayre School) and brought home the blue ribbon, a saddle pad and a Julep Cup!  I'm about to have a mint julep in that cup to celebrate.  Thought you would want to know.  All send their love. Marion, Rob and Laura
Successful move to Training Level dressage (4/07)
Well, we had a great time at the show.  Piedmont Penelope was very well behaved and I had fun riding her.  We got 60.2% and 60.8% at Training Level 3, and 57.2% at Training Level 4.  I learned alot this weekend about my riding and my horse, and the judges liked the horse--she received 7 on her gaits and some nice comments from the judges.  Hopefully we will have the chance to do another rated show later on this year.   I'm going to concentrate on showing her at Training 2 & 3 at the next few schooling shows.  Michelle
2006 ACPS Achievement Awards for Foothills Farms and Piedmont Connemaras (3/07)

Silver Medallion in Dressage for Balmullo's Beacon
Certificate of Achievement In-Hand for Corner Oak Celtic Star
Certificate of Achievement in Hunters for
Fiddler's Gremlin MacDaire

Bronze Medallion in Hunter for Foothills Hopefilly
Certificate of Achievement in Hunters for Foothills Houston
Bronze Medallion in Pony Club for Foothills Juniper
Bronze Medallion in Hunters for
Foothills Ladybug
Bronze Medallion in Dressage for
Piedmont Penelope

Certificate of Achievement in Pony Club for Piedmont Sundance
Certificate of Achievement in Fox Hunting for
Piedmont Sundance

Bronze Medallion In-Hand for Black Dog's Smokin Kate (by *Gun Smoke)

Dressage Debute (2/07)
Takoma Park, Md: Susan Hearn reports that
Billy Elliott (Gunsmoke X Balmullo’s Veronica) made his dressage debut Feb. 11 at the tender age of 3 1/2. They did Intro A and B and came in 2nd in both classes, with scores of 68.5% and 65.5%! The judge called him a "very capable little horse." Said Susan, “I'm very proud (as far as I could tell, he was the smallest and the youngest of the horses competing). It was also his first time in an indoor arena- he was great about it, but was very curious about the handsome pony he kept seeing in the mirrors!”
Dressage Debute (2/07)
Takoma Park, Md: Susan Hearn reports that
Billy Elliott (Gunsmoke X Balmullo’s Veronica) made his dressage debut Feb. 11 at the tender age of 3 1/2. They did Intro A and B and came in 2nd in both classes, with scores of 68.5% and 65.5%! The judge called him a "very capable little horse." Said Susan, “I'm very proud (as far as I could tell, he was the smallest and the youngest of the horses competing). It was also his first time in an indoor arena- he was great about it, but was very curious about the handsome pony he kept seeing in the mirrors!”