2003 ARCHIVED news & activities

News from Utah (12/03)
I had the most wonderful ride on Cricket (Piedmont Chicapea) today and I just had to let you know. We cantered for the first time under saddle. I always do a lot of ground work before I get in the saddle and things were very quiet today so I got on and rode. We worked at a walk and trot for a while and then I asked her for a canter. She thought about bucking for a minute, but I just picked up a rein to steady her and she just relaxed and cantered around. Nothing earth shaking, but I sure had fun! Take care, Colette M.

Queen (Foothills River Queen) is doing great... She seems happy doing dressage. She's so sweet! Hope her baby is just as kind as she is. Nancy K. (11/03)

News from Indiana (10/03)
Piedmont Ripple is doing so well - he's been in training since July 15th and thru to the end of Sept. I rode him the first week in August and have been riding him twice a week since. He is so much fun with a wonderful willing temperament. The trainer and assistant really enjoy working with him - it is their first experience with a Connemara, and I have to say he's got everyone who's seen him curious about this smart, gentle breed. He's the star in a trail class - nothing bothers him!

Thanks for breeding these great horses. I enjoyed the picture of Cricket and still check out your website every so often to see what's going on. I will watch for more pictures of Nell - I am interested in her progress, I really like her. (Peggy C.)


The final stork-report of the year has come in:-) (9/03)

Attached is a picture of (Balmullo's Beacon) Bubba's newest son. He was born 2:50 am August 21st. He seems to be very athletic already. I can't wait to see what color he ends up, once he sheds his baby coat. Right now, as you can see he is a grey dun color. He is built very well, is very sure of himself and seems to be fairly level headed for a baby. (Holly B.)




(7/03)Meet Ruby! (7/03)

Ruby is a 2 year old Percheron filly, a PMU foal that arrived from Canada with another as driving team prospects for our neighbor. She was recently aquired as Charlie's new horse, a future trail mount and hopefully someday the dam of the perfect gentleman's foxhunter, a Connemara-Percheron cross:-) Charlie is currently training Ruby in good manners using Parelli Natural Horsemanship techniques. She is coming along nicely and she and Charlie are proving to be a well-matched pair.

Congratulations to Pete and Carolyn Mastin:-) (7/03)
The Mastin's are proud to announce the birth of their second foal by Balmullo's Beacon out of Georgia, a 15.1h bay QH/Swedish Warmblood mare [Edison (SWB) X Bluegrass Kate (QH)]; she is a gorgeous black filly, who is going to turn gray.

Our 2nd bay filly is here! (7/03)

Last night, Charlie and I returned home from the ACPS Region 3 show in Middleburg, VA. While we were gone, we boarded Phoebe (Ballywhim Candace) at the vet's, since she was due to foal the previous week. When Charlie went to the vet to pick her up this morning, he was greated with the good news that Pheobe had foaled this morning! What terrific good fortune we have had with fillies this year and this was no exception. We now have our 2nd ever bay purebred filly (both by *Gun Smoke), Foothills Smokey Bay; she has long legs, one white hoof with a small coronet and just the tinyest star. It will be a very difficult decision to see which of these I will keep, since I don't think we have room to keep all 3 of this year's fillies (but I sure would like to)!!! Pheobe and filly are both home now, resting comfortably after the newborn's first trailer ride. Keep watching for photos... (7/03)

FFC finally has our very own *Gun Smoke foal, and she's just what we ordered! (7/03)

This morning, Balmullo's Rhiannon, the 'Roary' mare we leased from Mike Edwards, produced for us a bay filly by *Gun Smoke, Foothills Foggy Morning.

She is exactly what we were hoping for:-) Definitely a keeper!

The 'stork reports' keep rolling in (6/03)-
Congratulations to Donna and Kathy, each on their first *GunSmoke foal (both dun purebred colts), and to Angel on her 3rd Bubba baby!

(born 6/30/03) Balmullo's Bobby Bruce copper colored Connemara colt out of Balmullo's Veronica [M1605 XXXIII] grey (by Concord River's Roaringwater Bay). Bred by Donna Duckworth, FL (USA)

(born 6/25/03) Gately's Smoking Gun dun Connemara colt out of Out of Avenns Cailin Windsong [M1389 XXVIII] 14.0h bay (by Lynfield's Cormac MacCarthy). Bred by Kathy Lucas, CA (USA)

(born 5/19/03) Daddy's Money black filly Out of Beauty (grade pony), Bred and owned by Angel Barber (NC)


Our first 2003 "Foothills" foal has arrived! (6/03)

We are so pleased to announce the first foal out of our beloved pony, Foothills Hopefilly. On Friday morning (6/13) she surprised us with an adorable little filly by Balmullo's Beacon. She is either bay or dun - hard to tell at this point - and is extremely friendly and loves to frolic. We had so many options for her name and finally settled on "Foothills Faithfilly". This little lady will be for sale, but if she sticks around here long, I think I'll have trouble letting her go!




FFC's first foal of the year (4/03)

The first 2003 FFC foal to arrive is a beautiful Connemara-TB filly By Balmullo's Beacon our of Kitties and Cash (TB)


*Gun Smoke's first-ever halfbred foal has arrived! (4/03)

On 4/17/03, GunSmoke's first-ever halfbred is finally on the ground! This is Marian's first foal and she reports that he is big (6 inches taller than she expected), bay and has a beautiful head. The dam is a 15.3 hand Seattle Slew mare, Hattie Belew {JC# 8736226}






Val checks in with training progress on her Connemara-cross pony, Neil. (3/03)

I wanted to share some great news with you....I got on Neil (Waterford's O'Neil) for the first time Sunday!!! He was sooooooooooo good!!! He never did a THING....no tensing...no moving...nothing! I got on him again on Monday and he was just as good After a few minutes he was moving off my leg when I would ask him to without me using the word "walk". I love this pony!!!

*Gun Smoke's 2nd American-bred purebred is here, also owned by Alice! (3/03)

Alice called on Monday with more good news: Her mare, Oakfield's Garnett Finch, just delivered a healthy bay filly by *GunSmoke. Even having just foaled 2 babies in 1 week, Alice and Star were ready to go again. We collected *GunSmoke that same day and Alice picked it up for insemination that very evening. Best wishes to all at Old Carolina Farm!:-)

*Gun Smoke's first domestically bred foal has arrived! (3/03)

 CLAIR INNIS "COSMO" was born in the early morning of 3/12/03. He is a very light colored dun with dark points and a lined back; he has a backwards cresent moon on his forehead (hence his name) and I believe some white on his hind coronets or pasterns. He was bred by Alice Kraebber, Old Carolina Farm, NC, out of Balmullo's Little Star by Concord River Roaringwater Bay. Alice reports that he is very friendly and easy to handle. She will breeding Star back again this year for a full sibling in 2004. CONGRATULATIONS ALICE AND DAVID!!

Ashes in Tennessee (1/03)

Foothills Ashes has a new home with Rebecca Connelly in Hoaenwald, TN.

Thanks for the photos Rebecca!:-)

April 26 - ACPS Region 4 Spring Meeting and Conformation Clinic with Laura Balding at FFC in Athens, TN CANCELLED

We plan to start the meeting at 12:30 on Saturday, April 26th and the conformation clinic at about 2:30. Please plan to bring your own lunch or come with a full stomach! The region will provide some snacks and drinks.

The Morgan's can accommodate 5 ponies on an overnight basis and it is first come, first serve. Please contact Vanessa by April 15th to reserve a stall.

You must RSVP to the meeting by April 15th. If we do not get a big enough response to the clinic then I do not think we should bother Laura to come all the way to Tennessee. If we cancel the clinic we will still hold the meeting at 12:30 assuming we have enough people. Just reply to this email and Kim Lander will keep a head count of who is coming and I will let ya'll know by April 16th if the clinic is a go or not.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I will send out an agenda as soon as we know the status of the clinic.

Rai Pullin, Region 4 Chair, pullin@mindspring.com , 770-946-8101



January 16 - 18: USA-Equestrian Annual Meeting, Lexington, KY, Marriott Griffin Gate Hotel
March - Breeding Season Opens for shipped semen requests.

April - Breeding Season Opens for fresh semen breeding at FFC

April - Halfbred foal (Balmullo's Beacon X Kitties&Cash [TB]) is due! - foaled Piedmont Harmony

May 18 - Dressage Show with Foothills Ladybug

June 7 - Dressage Show with Foothills Ladybug

June 7 - ACPS Region 4 Spring Meeting at Poppyfield Farm (GA): contact Kim Lander at poppyfieldfarm@starband.net

Purebred foal (Balmullo's Beacon X Foothills Hopefilly) is due! - foaled Foothills Faithfilly

July 19 - 20: ACPS Region III Show, Middleburg, VA

July - Purebred foal (*Gun Smoke X Ballywhim Candace) is due! - foaled Foothills Smokey Bay
July - Purebred foal (*Gun Smoke X Balmullo's Rhiannon) is due! - foaled Foothills Foggy Morning

August 21: Clifden Connemara Show

September 25 - 28: ACPS Board of Governors Meeting, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

October 25 - 26: Schedule ACPS Region 4 Connemara Show, Conyers, GA

Region 4 will once again be having its show at the Georgia International Horse Park, sight of the 1996 Olympics. Hopefully the new dates of October 25 - 26th will give us some fine fall weather.
This is an open schooling show and will include hunters, dressage, and a combined test.
In hand Connemara classes will also be held.
This year we have invited the Georgia Pony Breeders Association to join us. They will be doing all breed pony in-hand classes, and a green pony under saddle class. They are a new organization formed to help promote ponies of all breeds and disciplines, and we would like to give them our full support!