15.1h Connemara-TB grey filly, born 4/24/03
Bred by FFC; and owned by Kim Leitch, Clover, SC


Full sister to Piedmont Sundance, Piedmont Powers and Piedmont Palmetto


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Hi Vanessa, Grits (Piedmont Harmony) is a fabulous horse... I am really enjoying the "new sports". I am desensitizing her to guns for mounted shooting, and I would like to get a mounted archery group going locally (the closest is in FL). We had the opportunity to work cows a few weeks ago. Everyone at the clinic was joking about her finding all the Irish cows and leaving the others for the Quarter Horses. She did very well with the cows. Her varied abilities are astounding! Anyone can ride her on a trail ride, she is bombproof and fearless.

Grits qualified for the Extreme Cowboy World Championship show in 2010. I only showed her in half of the season, but she still had enough points to qualify! It was in Topeka, so we didn't go this year. Kim L (12/10)

Hi Vanessa, I ran Grits in her first EXCR. She was incredible. She did every obstacle without hesitation. The announcer even said to the crowd that she was the first one to correctly go over the teeter totter. She had to jump six, 12" - 18" logs in a row, and they weren't spaced for even strides. I hate jumping in a Western saddle, so I just held the horn and let her go on totally loose reins. Two of the logs were only five feet wide. She never even thought about going around or stopping, she just sailed over them all, adjusting her stride as needed. We came in 8th, but only because I got us eliminated on the last obstacle, because I am not used to the Western tack, and my lead line got caught on my chaps, and I couldn't get it loose to do the obstacle within the 30 second time limit. I've attached a few pictures.
I LOVE this pony!!! Kim (July 2010)

"I couldn't resist sending you the attached picture of Grits. I took her to an Extreme Cowboy Race Course to school. She was the star! She had to lead my friends' horses through the obstacles, even though she had never seen them. She loved the mud! Kim"



Balmullo's Beacon x Kitties & Cash (TB)



I have been riding her as much as I can, mostly trail riding, but ring work and jumping, too. She is just as incredible as she was a year ago. She went right back to work, remembering everything, even after almost a year off. She is the best minded horse I have ever owned.


I've attached a picture from our first trail ride.  The picture doesn't show how steep this creek crossing really is.  I have friends that won't ride this trail because of this crossing.  Grits never even looked at it, she just went right through it. 

Is she ever going to be an awesome event horse!  Kim

I am really proud of Grits (AKA Harmony).  I don't know who started her, or how long they worked her, but she is basically bomb-proof. 

Hi Vanessa,I thought I'd send you a new picture of Harmony (who is now known as Grits), and give you an update.  She is doing great!  I am riding her, and her gaits are wonderful.  She is jumping on line, and her style is beautiful.  She walks through any amount of water or mud on the trails without hesitation.  As you can see from the picture, she has really matured in the last few months.  She is over 15 hands now, but her rump is still a little higher than her withers, so I think she will be a solid 15.2 by the end of summer.  Everywhere I take her, people ask about her!

I've attached some pictures (below) of Piedmont Harmony's first outing being ponied off Cooper, my Perch/Arab X. She was fabulous, and really enjoyed herself. We've been out 3 more times since. She has so much personality, I'm having a blast with her. Kim (1/07)

Kim Leitch of Clover, SC, is the new owner of Piedmont Harmony. Kim was introduced to Connemaras as a young rider. Among many other Connemara ponies, she rode "Top Notch", 1988 ACPS Camlin Trophy winner, and was featured on the cover of "The Connemara Story", a booklet published by the ACPS around the early mid-60's. I first met Kim several years ago when I lived in NC. She had a cute little gray mare that she brought to breed to one of our stallions. Unfortunately, the breeding was not successful and Kim never got the Connemara she was hoping for. Now, all these years later, Kim has purchased a Connemara for herself; Harmony is a 3 yr old Connemara-TB, by Balmullo's Beacon , who is related to the ponies she rode during her childhood. I am so very happy that Kim has found her new partner in Harmony and that Harmony has her new home with a fantastic lady and experienced horsewoman. It has been wonderful becoming reaquainted with Kim after all this time; I am so glad that she came back to see us, and is back to Connemaras!

Below photo: November 26, 2006 click here for more November photos