PIEDMONT POWERS (a.k.a. Shaun)
ACPS Reg. No. HBG 640 XL

15.2 h Connemara-TB, brown gelding, born 7/10/01
Bred by FFC; owned by ??? CA

Full sibling to Piedmont Sundance, Piedmont Palmetto and Piedmont Harmony

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Piedmont Powers and I went to our first horse show today. It was the Connemara show and inspections. We took 1st place in three and over halfbred connemaras in-hand and took Champion Halfbred In-hand. What a guy! The next show we go to, we are going to compete under saddle. We have progressed a lot in our canter work. I am extremely pleased with how well he learns everything. Kathy (7/06)

While on business in San Leandro, I was very fortunate to meet Kathy Mrowka, owner of Piedmont Powers (photo right). Kathy is really enjoying taking her time with Powers' training. I watched Kathy ride and I was so pleased with their lovely, relaxed walk and trot. Kathy is going slowly with Powers and is steadily progressing and getting very solid basics in his training. Kathy is a very sweet lady and she is giving Powers lots of TLC. (7/06)



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We put the saddle (no girth, no irons) on him this weekend. He was fine with it. We also put the bridle on for the first time. The bit just disappeared into his mouth. He loves new toys. He practically fell asleep while we were adjusting the fittings. It was wonderful how good he was about everything. I particularly enjoyed putting the tack on him this weekend. It was fun to take Powers out and show him being such a gentleman in front of ...folks. (Apr 05)

Powers is such a joy! We were working on a grid yesterday that looks like a house made out of ground poles. The house had a deep blue tarp in one section, to mimic water. It had a 90 degree angle in and out area around the side of it, to practice tight turns and straight backing. Most horses would balk at the tarp. He went straight onto it, and tried to paw it as though he was playing with water. He had no trouble with all the tight turns, and ins and outs over ground poles. He also had a girth on for the first time yesterday. I put the surcingle on him, and my friend and I fastened the girth. He didn't react at all. I led him around the ring, and all he did was try to look at it to figure out what he had on. Then, we went back through and over the elements of the grid with the surcingle on. He was good as gold. We'll be playing more with the grid this week. Sincerely, Kathy (March 05)

Piedmont Powers has arrived! (2/05)

Thank you so much for selling me Powers. I am very much looking forward to the whole process of working with my young one. I am incredibly glad that he finally arrived, safe and sound. Sincerely, Kathy

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