2005 ARCHIVED news & activities

Busy Bee (11/05)

We took 4 yr old Foothillls MayBee to the ACPS Inspections at Balmullo's Farm this month and she passed her inspections with all "very good" and "excellent" marks. After the inspections, I rode her on the trails through the "Temple of the Universe" with Carole Moss, Donna Duckworth and friends, Barbie and Stephanie. It was a fabulous ride and we even practiced a little impromptu 'Quadrille + one'. Bee is leased to Marion Caldwell who picked her up last night to head back to Kentucky where Marion will await her 2006 summer foal (Bee's first) by *Gun Smoke.

FFC is pleased to welcome 2 new residents from Florida (11/05)

We are very happy to have two new Connemaras joining our herd. They are Bugsy Malone, bred by Donna Duckworth, and Ivydell Prudence, bred by Julie VanderMeer. Bugsy is a 3 yr old bay purebred gelding by C.R. Roaringwater Bay out of Tullymor's Ladybugg and Prudy is a 2 yr old gray halfbred filly by Balius Turlough out of an Arabian mare. They are both very attractive (currently) 14.3-15.0 hand horses with very kind temperaments. We are look forward to working with them as we find them new homes where they can pursue their future careers.

Sam's career takes a new direction (11/05)

A year ago, Pat C. purchased Sam as a trail pony for herself, with the hopes that he would get up to 14.1-14.2 hands. Last month, she decided to offer Sam for sale because he took a real growth spurt this year. She believes he'll be at least 15 hh now and, with the power and stamina that he began showing, she saw that she really had an event horse on her hands, rather than the trail pony she envisioned. That, along with being overstocked with a drought and possible hay shortage for the winter, she offered Sam for sale late last month ...

AD: Foothills Houston [a.k.a. Sam] (Balmullo's Beacon x Foothills River Queen) Lovely 3 yo gelding, should mature at a sturdy 15 hh. Quiet and uncomplicated, very easy to work with. Excellent manners, no quirks or vices. Sound and healthy. Well started under saddle, with a solid foundation. Ready to move on. He would make an excellent pony club mount or lower level event horse. Reluctantly for sale due to not enough time or hay. Email for more information or photos. Video available.

Pat writes, "Sam is going to Brenda Kiniyalocts in Ohio. She wanted a gelding project for lower level dressage and combined training, and she thinks Sam will be just the thing and so do I. I think this is a very good placement for him. She will get him out and show him. So, thank you for putting him on your website, but now you can take him off!"..."I took Sam to Lafayette, IN yesterday to meet Brenda (half way for both of us) and that went fine. I have no doubt that she'll provide him with an excellent home and will put his talents to good use." 11/05

Two new happy owners in Georgia (10/05)

Jeri Geary of Canton, GA, is the proud new owner of Foothills Rocky River, a purebred Connemara colt, born this April. He is a beautiful, friendly bay colt by the Dressage Champion, Cashel's Rock of Ages, out of Region III Futurity Winner, Foothills River Queen (by C.R. Roaringwater Bay). Rocky will be such a fun project for Jeri, with his good looks, dressage potential and remarkable kind, trusting and brave disposition. They are sure to be a success together.

Piedmont Harmony, a 2 yr old gray Connemara-TB filly by Balmullo's Beacon, has been sold to Linda Pierce of Hiawassee, GA. Fortunately Harmony is staying with us for a few more months, so I will be able to enjoy her ever growing grace and beauty. This filly was a hard one for me to let go of, but I know she will have a wonderful, useful home with Linda. In February, Harmony will start in training with our farrier, Joel Sherlin, who did a fabulous job starting our young Percheron mare, teaching her well the basic aids, to yield to pressure, working in the ring and on hills, and to tolerate cattle and loose horses grazing while she works:-)

Another FFC pony heads west (7/05)
Foothills Foggy Morning, FM, will soon be travelling west to her new home with Darian Hall in California. Although FM sustained a serious leg injury last December, Darian recognized her potential as an exceptional foundation mare and intends to breeding her to MGRM Briggadoon. This should be a fabulous match and will be truely an outstanding beginning to Darian's purebred Connemara breeding program.

Drawing by Clare Cunningham, age 7, of her family's 2 purebred Connemara ponies,
Foothills Houston and Foothills Faithfilly in Lake Villa, IL (June 05)

Getting started (6/05)

Hi Vanessa, Well Sam (Foothills Houston) breezed right through long-lining class, so I decided he was ready to start riding a little. Today was our first independent ride - a big 10 minutes of walk in the arena. Below is the commemorative photo, taken by our resident 10 year old photographer. As you can see, Sam was completely underwhelmed by the whole business!! (The helmet is for protection from falling coconuts!) Actually, he is far and away the most quiet and easy (and pleasant!) one I have started, and it has been several. I am so glad to have him. He is indeed going to be as steady as they come, just like you said. I'm hoping we'll be able to start short walks in the field in a month or so, and I can't wait for next summer.

The more time I spend with Faith (Foothills Faithfilly), the more I am thinking that she will be the best pony a kid could want. She is quiet and sensible (and sweet!), but more supple and responsive than Sam, which is better for a child. I started teaching her to lunge, and she has learned so fast and been so good.


Leo's foal has arrived (4/05)
Foothills River Queen delivered a cute-as-a-button bay colt on 4/15. He is by Cashel's Rock of Ages.

It's a boy! (4/05)



Hattie had a colt this morning...He is definitely gonna be gray.
Very active and alert with lots of cute antics before he had his nap.

This colt, shown at only a few hours old, is by Balmullo's Beacon, out of Marion's TB mare, Hattie Belew.





The Crubaughs are now a 2 Connemara family (4/05)

Michelle, Cruystal and Penny (04Apr)

Michelle Croubaugh (GA) is now the proud owner of the lovely Conn-TB mare Piedmont Penelope. Penny went to Carla Jimmerson's farm for a month for Michelle and Carla to evaluate. They, and the vet, all agreed that she is a wonderful, sweet and talented mare. Penny will be moving to Michelle's regular barn where she will join her daughter, Crystal's, Connemara cross, Miss Congeniality, by C.R. Roaringwater Bay. Penny, who is by Balmullo's Beacon, is now Michelle's dressage and pleasure horse, having sold her big TB jumper for a more reasonable mount. She is looking forward to enjoying Penny undersaddle and is planning to bring her to the Region 4 show this year.

Congratulations Michelle! You know it was not an easy decision to let Penny go again. Many, many thanks to Carla for her help in this transition and for the great work with Penny while under her care. Vanessa

Faith left for her new home today! (4/18/05)

Hi Vanessa, I just thought I'd let you know that Faith is settling in well and I am very pleased with her. She does indeed have an exceptionally pleasant temperament. I am curious... have you ever done any work with her on giving to pressure (dropping the head to poll pressure, giving from side to side, etc)? I have started some little groundwork lessons (I am very big on groundwork) and I keep expecting the other shoe to drop because she has been SO easy to teach. It doesn't seem possible that she could be learning this fast!

I was a little concerned at first because she and Sam were joined at the hip for the first couple of days and didn't want to be separated, but Connemara common sense seems to have taken over and they are fine now.

Anyway, I think Faith is going to be just an outstanding pony... beautiful movement and wonderful quiet, sensible, easy temperament. I'm glad to have her. Thanks again. I'll send a picture after she sheds out, which is progressing rapidly now. Pat

A growing Connemara family in Illinois (3/05)

Pat Cunningham has purchased her second Connemara,
Foothills Faithfilly, a half-sister to her gelding Foothills Houston (aka Sam), both by Balmullo's Beacon. Pat is so impressed with Sam's quiet, wonderful temperament, that she decided on another Connemara for her daughter.

Congratulations, Pat, on your new little angel pony!

A dun colt is exactly what I ordered! (3/05)

Just late enough to drives us all crazy, Piedmont Roulette finally made his appearance. On 3/10/05, almost 3 weeks late, a dun Connemara cross colt was born out of Rippleshaveruffles by *Gun Smoke. Born in SC, Ruffles was probably trying to wait for the snow to melt before she foaled, but fortunately she decided to go ahead and deliver before she popped!. Ruffles was bred by us in TN and was bought by Colette Madsen, UT, late last year.

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

She's black (well, she'll be grey, of course), and she's as bold as her half-brother, Celtic Storm. Her mother is very proud, but she has her hands full keeping an eye on her wild-haired new daughter. Piper (05 March)

We call her "Murphy" and I've never had a baby like her before. She is into everything and demands constant attention. She is best friends with the farm goat. If I'm in the barn cleaning stalls, she has to be involved. She is very smart and cute and knows it...I think her mother is ready to find some good daycare. Everybody loves Murphy to pieces, which, according to her, is exactly how it should be. (05 April)

This filly, born on 3/6/05, was bred by Carolyn Mastin (AL) who passed away last year. Piper Scholfield (OK) purchased Foothills Kelligan, from Pete Mastin, after Kelli had been bred to Balmullo's Beacon.

Black Dog's Smokin' Kate - Now Showing... (2/05)

Here is a picture of Kate (by *Gun Smoke) out of Pesticyde (TB) that is now almost 1 year. The photo is of her at 8 months at a schooling show at my farm. Went and showed her in hand (she got a 72.5). She's a prettier dun in the summer, this is her winter coat. She is quite lovely, though. Beth D (2/05)

Piedmont Powers has arrived! (2/05)

Thank you so much for selling me Powers. I am very much looking forward to the whole process of working with my young one. I am incredibly glad that he finally arrived, safe and sound. Sincerely, Kathy

California photos: Kathy and Powers

Kelli has a new home in Oklahoma (2/05)

We bought her (Foothills Kelligan) and she arrived about a month ago. We worked a little bit on ground manners and rode her once, she was very good. We are counting down the days to Feb. 28. It will be nice to have a baby around again. We have another Balmullo's Beacon offspring, Celtic Storm (photo below), and we love him to pieces. I will try to send pictures of them all when the baby gets here. Piper Scholfield

California Here I Come (1/05)

Piedmont Powers, full brother to Piedmont Sundance and Harmony, has just been sold to Katherine Mrowka, of Sacramento, California. Powers is a 3 yr old (coming 4 in July) brown Conn-TB gelding by Balmullo's Beacon out of the TB mare, KC. Powers will be boarding with us until spring as Kathy doesn't want to risk weather-related shipping problems during his long journey west. Below is Powers (left) with his younger sister, Piedmont Harmony (right):
Congratulations Kathy; I know you're looking forward to getting him home!





Connemara Covergirls (1/05)

Khaki Lacy and Foothills Juniper at the Jump Start Horse Trials in October - on the cover of Young Rider magazine, January 05!