2001 ARCHIVED news & activities

Announcing Mary Hughes' Christmas foal (12/01)

A foal by Balmullo's Beacon was born to Mary Hughes, St. Matthew, SC, on 12/18/01. She is a black (possibly dun?) filly out of Mary's Thoroughbred mare, Too Truely.

An Update from Jan on Balmullo's Cassiopia (11/01)

Cassie is doing great. Went in her first show a few weeks ago and got two seconds and a fifth. She acted like an old lady! Hoolie (Sir Patrick Hooligan, a son of Marconi and full brother to my horse Shillelagh) was at the show and I took this picture of them. They look very much alike in the face! ...Cassie packs around the kids at the farm without giving it a thought in the world and still loves to go trail riding. She is still goofy, funniest personality on the farm and everyones favorite. She will also go back to Wisconsin next summer for camp, which she liked very much. Hope all is well ... and that you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Jan


Fun at the ACPS Annual Membership meeting (11/01)

Charlie and I spent the weekend in Texas at the annual meeting. The committee meetings and Board meetings we attended on Thursday through Saturday were very informative and productive. On Sunday, Foothills Magnolia and another Connemara mare were used in a clinic to learn about what to look for in Connemara broodmare. Jimmy Canavan, the Irish Inspector, had nothing but praises for Maggy and convinced us all that he would like to have her in his stable. I also got to drive Maggy and she is rock-solid:-) It was my first time in a horse-drawn carriage!

Booking Information has been posted for the 2002 Breeding Season at FFC (10/01)

Balmullo's Beacon and GunSmoke will both be available for breeding according to the following schedule:
April - June 2002: Artificial Insemination Only by either Fresh* or Cooled, Shipped Semen
July - September 2002: Live Cover
Click here for
Current FFC Breeding & Booking Information.

We are very pleased to announce the addition of *GUNSMOKE to the FFC breeding program (10/01)

GunSmoke (CPBS#986) is the imported, performance tested son of Smokey Duncan, born in Ireland out of the mare Brown Lady. Bookings are now being accepted for 2002.

3 TN riders & their Connemaras tour the Chickamauga Battlefield, Ft. Oglethorp, GA (10/01)

Carole Moss on Sheamus, Vanessa on Queen and Parker on Hope rode the 10 mile loop at the historic Georgia park on 10/6/01. The park has about 3 marked trails. We had planned on the shortest one as this was the first undersaddle outing for the young Hope but we inadvertently took the longest trail! Our 2 hour ride became a 4 hour ride. We all had a wonderful time and all 3 of our ponies again proved their worth and confirmed our love of this breed. The Civil War park is dotted with numberous monuments to soldiers killed in battle, battlesites and monuments erected by vaious states, honoring the soldiers representing them. Our ponies rode past these many odd looking objects and cannons with barely, if any hesitation, and also crossed the stream leading under a bridge and crossing a high traffic road. We had so much fun, we're going back on 10/20 with our good friend Elizabeth Hardison from Roanoke, VA, but will leave the young Hope behind as she has earned her winter break (after Elizabeth demonstrates how to hitch up a cart to her:-)

Unfortunately, our normal email address ( ffc@connemaras.com ) is down!:-(

Until further notice, please use our ALTERNATE EMAIL ADDRESS: foothills @vei.net

Thanks for your patience and understanding! Charlie & Vanessa

Kim shows us how easy it is to sell a nice Connemara-TB cross (10/01)

Poppyfields Tiger Woods, a halfbred colt by Balmullo's Beacon, out of my TB mare Tiger has found his new home. He will be going to Florida to join his new owner Shannon Joyce. Shannon is a first time Connemara owner and is raising Woody as her next eventing partner. Woody will be staying here through weaning and gelding and will be joining Shannon and her husband Bruce at their farm just before Christmas. Woody has been a joy to raise and we will be sorry to see him go. He was our only baby this year and has gotten more than his share of attention! I will have Shannon keep you informed as he grows. Kim (10/01)

New photos of Landsdown Liberty (9/01) owned by Kay Thacker

Pictured above at 3-4 mos old



Foothills Hopefilly (o/o/ Star) and Foothills River Queen (o/o/ Erin), two FFC mares by Concord River Roaringwater Bay. Parker and Vanessa up - September 2001




Jan checks in from Florida after a Wisconsin summer with her 2 Connemaras.

Hi Vanessa, Yes, we are back. We had a wonderful summer, and a very hard shock returning to the heat of South Florida. Cassie (Balmullo's Cassiopia) did wonderful this summer...(she) spent four weeks as a camp horse (ridden by the same counselor the whole time) and I was very pleased with how much time she logged on the trails. The past few weeks I have taken her to the park for trail rides and she rides like a 20 year old horse! It is really great. We are planning on taking her to some shows this fall, I'll let you know how it goes. Oh, did I tell you I also took Indy (Piedmont Indian) to Wisconsin with me. He did great also; all the kids loved him. He lost weight (he was round and squishy!) and firmed up and looks really wonderful. The horses had such a wonderful time turned out in huge fields every day, they would just run and run. I know they can't believe I brought them back to this high heat and humidity. Yes, I am sorry we missed the show, but we will come next year when it is in Florida. I'll try and take some pictures soon of Cassie and send them your way, she really looks wonderful. Talk to you soon, Jan (9/01)

A message from Ritzy's mom!

Finally got on line and wanted to see your web page. Still have Piedmont Ritzy - she's a fun pony, doing well, took her to a sidesaddle clinic and she was perfect. She was the only one the trainer would let her six-year-old daughter ride side-saddle.

... (Ritzy is) a true cross. She has the "easy-keeping" of the pony - she carries a lot of weight and I'd really have to either work her very hard or practically starve her to keep her lean. Stays fat sassy and healthy on just good pasture. She has very classical nice conformation, quite a bit of bone, but a very elegant look as well. I'll have to send you some pictures if I ever get some decent new ones. Right now she looks a lot like a Thelwell pony with class. We've just been mainly pleasure riding mostly. We have done some dressage work - she knows her walk-trot-canter stuff and knows her leads. She can do a decent leg yield and shoulder-in, turns on haunches and forehand, stuff like that. As for dressage, we're just doing that kind of basic stuff and getting in a frame, one bit and all that technical junk. She's getting more steady lately.

Enjoying the pictures on your web-site! Sandy (9/01)

Two Connemaras move to new homes (8/01):


Carole Moss of Chattanooga, TN, happily announces her new Connemara, Beacon's Seraphin Sheamus, a beautiful dun gelding that she got from Rai Pullin (GA), whose Connemara focusing has shifted to breeding. Carole is looking forward to many miles of happy trails and good times with her new charge.




Carolyn Mastin (AL) has recently purchased Foothills Kelligan from Kay Thacker (GA). Kay writes, "Hi Vanessa - I just got your e-mail last night because I go 100mph at all times and had not checked prodigy in several days. Thanks so much for your offer to add Kelli to your website, but after you told the Mastins (Pete and Cuddy) about Kelli at the Conyers show, they emailed us and asked if they could see her. They came over Wednesday and I rode her for them - just walk, trot, canter in both directions and then Cuddy walked and trotted on Kelli and they both seemed to love her. Then yesterday (Thursday), Cuddy called and said she definitely wanted her and then today, they came and picked her up!!! Gee, it sure is easy to sell Connemaras - we've not even advertised her yet!  Thank you for telling such wonderful people about Kelli. They really love horses. They have a 34-yr-old mare that they have moved all over the U.S. with and she still looks great. Kelli will have a wonderful home. Thanks again - KAY"




Stork report from Alabama; baby out of Georgia. (7/01) "Hi there Vanessa and Charlie - Just thought you might enjoy a 1st day photo of Bubba's new Alabama baby - born Friday morning. He is doing well, a tad early, but momma is being a great momma...We named him Pushbutton and hopefully he will be... Pat Bubba for us." The Mastins







Meet our newest arrival (7/01)

FFC is proud to announce their 3rd and final foal for 2001. Born on July 11, this darling fellow is by Balmullo's Beacons and out of the TB mare, Kitties & Cash.





'Pleasure' has a new home (6/01) 'Pleasure Is Mine' is now living with her new owner at Hunter Hollow in Loudon, TN. Her new rider/owner Laura Eskew and mom, Anne Dickie, of Knoxville, TN, found Pleasure a couple months ago. After much deliberation, they concluded that Pleasure was the sweetest, nicest horse and a really good match for Laura. Congratulations to them all!

It's quite a filly-year for Balmullo's Beacon (6/01): Congratulations to Liz Scott on the birth of her Connemara-cross filly, Cat's Paw Silver Charm, by Balmullo' Beacon! Liz reports that the filly is jet black with a tiny spot on her forehead, is surprisingly stocky and very calm.

Ruffles had her baby!:-)(6/01): Our TB mare, Ruffles, had her Bubba baby yesterday (on 6/14/01)! She is an adorable little brown filly and I expect she may go gray. Click the filly's name, Piedmont Chicapee, to see the few photos we've taken so far.

We have word on Doc in Louisiana ! (6/01): Dear Vanessa, Just wanted to let you know that Doc (Foothills Holiday) is doing great. He is the pony I have wanted since I was a child, brave, affectionate, and a bit of a clown. Whenever I try to tack up one of my other horses he'll grab their bridle and won't let go.... I don't ever recall having such a devoted animal.Thank you for selling him to me. Sincerely, Linda (6/01)

Congratulations to Julie Vandermeer on her new Connemara pony!(6/01)

Julie Vandeermeer is the proud new owner of Big Bear's Lily!! Julie has cause to be doubly excited because Lily is in foal to Balumllo's Beacon for 2002:-) FFC congratulates Julie on her first permanent purebred Connemara pony(+) at their farm in Fountain, FL. (6/01)

Congratulations Julie!



Lazer Light and Lazer Beam are both beautiful, correct, and athletic. I'm not going to breed End and Pebbles again this year, but I will probably want to breed them both back to Bubba next year. Wait 'till you see the latest pictures of the fillies!!!, owner/breeder, Laura Szeremi (6/01)


Kay Thacker call last night to report the birth of her first foal, a gray (dun?) filly out of Appleberry Acres Gabriel! Kay says that the filly is very long-legged, big and strong with lots of white! The filly has been named Landsdown Liberty.

2001 filly by Balmullo's Beacon

We have also just learned of the birth of a colt out of a pony mare owned by the Barbers in Clevelend, NC. Angel describes the colt as "mousey" colored and they have named him Beacon's Little Tike, who is full brother to Beacon's Night Shadow.

Congratulation to the Thackers and Barbers!!!


BIRTH ANNOUNCMENT: Kim Lander (GA) reports "Tiger had a beautiful bay colt last night. Both are doing very well. He is so friendly! He has a white star. ' Poppyfields Tiger Woods' I will get some pictures to send. (5/01) Congratulations Kim!





Update from Virginia (5/01): "Misty (Silver Mist) is lovely. A super mover, and she seems to be maturing just under 14.2 ... I don't really care what she matures at, as I think I will never sell her. (My husband is in love!) ... She is going well under saddle, just starting really, she walks and trots with Katie, and Katie loves her... I will get you a nice new photo of Misty. She is really a lovely mare, nice mover." owner, Susan O'Connor, VA (5/01)

Another filly by Beacon is born! (5/01): Laura Szerimi happily reports the birth of another Connemara-cross foal by Balmullo's Beacon on 5/4/01:-) This one is a leggy, funny colored (orangish-brown?) filly out of her "Lazer Rock" mare, also known as Pebbles.

Pebbles is a 14.3h registered American Warmblood, who can be seen on Laura's website. To Laura, Congratulations, again!!



Proudly announcing the birth of three 2001 foals by Balmullo's Beacon (5/01):


FFC is thrilled to announce the safe arrival of a Connemara filly by their 24 year old foundation mare, Blue Hills Erin. The filly, Foothills MayBee, is by Balmullo's Beacon.




Just wanted to let you know we had a filly last Monday. She is very pretty and sweet. She has the longest legs I have seen in a while! They are longer than her mommas...Everyone wants me to breed Rocket back to Beacon again, but I think I have enough to take care of right now. If her health stays good maybe next year. Talk to you soon, Becky (5/01) Congratulations Becky!



Due to personal circumstances, FFC is offering breeding to Balmullo's Beacon in 2001 by LIVE COVER only. We sincerely apologize to those of you who feel you are too far to ship your mare. We are committed to providing shipped semen only when we are sure we will be available to reliably provide deliveries upon request and in a timely manner. We know that you (the mare owner) put so much into the process on your end that anything less that 100% satisfaction is not enough.

Again, we are sorry that we will not be filling requests for AI/TS at this time.
We will, however, be offering shipped semen again sometime in the future, as our schedules allow.

Laura Szeremi proudly announces the birth of her Connemara-Arab filly!

The adorable gray filly is the first halfbred by Balmullo's Beacon born this year, arriving on April 23rd. She is out of Laura's registered Polish Arabian mare, Lazer Summer's End, who can be seen on Laura's website. Congratulations Laura!

Marion checks in from Kentucky (4/01): "Juniper is doing fine. She and Laura cantered though the fields this evening with my husband Rob on my halfbred, Fiddler... Laura was so trilled to finally canter though the grass up a long hill. She was so excited and Juniper was a good girl although she did try to pick up the pace when Fiddler threatend her lead. She likes to be in control of her geldings. I have introduced her to cross country or rather she took me around all our jumps the first outing. She locked on and attacked. It is such a different ride than the big boy. I can hardly stay with her she is so quick but I bet Laura will be able to!! Her head is improving this year as her teeth bumps are receeding and her donkey look is going with it. Her coat is gorgeous and we are very happy with her. She like a french snaffle the best." Marion (4/23/01)

We entered Maggie in her first driving show this last weekend.

It was not only the first driving event for Maggie, but also the first for my husband Sam and I.

 It was an open driving show put on by the Carriage Association of America at Texas A&M in College Station, TX. We had to haul 5 hours in a rain downpour and didn't get her into her stall there until 11:00 at night. But the next morning in the show she was incredible! We entered 3 pleasure driving classes and one obstacle course class. She ended up with two 2nds, a 3rd and a 4th. The first 2nd was in her very first class, OPEN Pleasure Driving, against draft horses, mules, donkeys, ponies, horses, minis and mini donkeys and mules (!) and the second was in Open Obstacles with the same range of entries. The judge was Tom O'Carroll, from Ireland, who was wonderful. (He didn't recognize Maggie as a Connemara, however, as he says he hasn't seen a Connemara since he came to America, so no special treatment from the judge for our breed!) We have never driven with others and the show was in a covered arena with grandstands full of yelling, scooter riding kids. Mags never blinked an eye. She just walked, trotted, fast trotted, stopped and backed like she had been doing it her whole life. In the obstacle class she froze at the very last obstacle (two black garbage bags full of shavings that she had to stop between and perform a pivot), but after a little coaxing and a small circle, she walked on in and did her pivots. 2nd out of 16! NO one, including the judge, could believe that she isn't even four years old yet and had never shown before. Be proud of your baby.....she is awesome! Deann (02/25/01)


“Tam continues to train her black (dark bay) Connemara pony, Lorenzo, who is a beautiful mover and very athletic animal. I like to say he moves like a dancer, so agile and energetic in his trot and his canter. He is something to watch and she rides him well.”

Gilligan is on the long road to recovery and rehabilitation since being diagnosed with EPM in 2000. “He is a beautiful, strong horse, who loves to go for trail rides, tolerates the riding arena, and has a very pony sence of humor. He is known around the barn as the “Boss horse” and he doesn’t mind explaining that he is boss to anyone and everyone around. He is a great little horse, and we sure have grown to love the little bully”

“Trail riding is our other passion on the farm. We hitch up the trailer at least once a week and take the boys of for a trail ride at a park or at the new harm in Henry County Kentucky, in the L’esprit. We all enjoy getting out and walking through open spaces and seeing new sights.”

BlueGrass Holiday News (Jan. 2001 issue) from Marchwood Farms

Foothills Kelligan at her new home with Kay Jordan (2/01)

(Jan. 2001) Deanne writes: I had to go out of town on business one weekend in December and there was a driving clinic with a guy from England here in Dallas, so Lenny Roy, my wonderful neighbor from New England, took Maggy to the clinic for me.





She is the most sensible 3 year old the world has ever seen…and the guy running the clinic told Lenny he wanted to buy her! Not a chance, but I was flattered. There were 6 horses and rigs in the clinic, it was both indoors and out, and according to Lenny and my friends who went to audit it, Mags never took a wrong step or showed an ounce of nerves.

I am thrilled (bet you couldn’t tell!)

I just returned from a wonderful weekend with my friend Kate, celebrating her brand new farm, Smallwood Farm, Camden, SC. I got to hunt with the Camden Hunt and must say they are the nicest group of folks and the hunt country is heaven!



I also got to meet Terri Carter, the owner of Piedmont Riveria!!

Terri is doing a wonderful job with him in his dressage training and he looks fabulous:-)


photo (2/01)



Ladybug arrived yesterday (1/23) and I couldn't be more pleased! She will be a wonderful replacement for her soon-to-be-retired (one of these days) dam, Blue Hills Erin. Lady looks very much like a 'Blue Hills' pony and is probably one of the finest example of successful in-breeding I've ever seen, if I may say so myself. She has short cannons, terrific bone, thickly-feathered large fetlock joints, excellent hard feet, a beautiful head and neck, very square, sturdy body with lots of depth and width, wonderfully long and sloping shoulder and hip, and a fantastically kind and quiet disposition. Do you think I'm happy with her?? Sorry to go on about her so much... I just wanted to share my excitement. It is a special thrill to find Lady to be such a sturdy, correct and typey pony, particulary as she is my consolation from having just shipped Gabby to her new home across the country.

When one door closes, another one opens. You see, God truely does bless those who love the Lord!!!

P.S. The only thing I can say 'negative' about Lady, at this point, is that her tail is very thick at the top and quite surprisingly scrawney toward the middle and bottom. She must have lived with a tail chewer:-) Another pony, I'd expect.   And I haven't ridden her yet! So stay tuned..

Also, as soon as I learn to download pictures from the digital camera, I'll send up our first snapshots of her, though not so flattering, I'm afraid, in her winter coat and just having come off a 2-day haul...but that's OK:-) TTFN, Ness

We are very excited to have the opportunity to welcome Foothills Ladybug back to FFC!! She will be returning home from Colorado later this month. Many thanks to Mary Stewart-Pruitt, Bobbi Richine and Lady's former owners:-))) (1/01)

Mucho Congratulations to Kay Thacker on her purchase of Appleberry Acres Gabriel!!! Gabby's new home is in Washington State. She is in foal to Balmullo's Beacon for a 2001 foal. We will really miss Gabby but know that we have found the best home for her. Best Wishes to Gabby and the Thackers!! (1/01)

This year Region IV is announcing another stallion raffle featuring Balius Turlough (f 1998) owned by Mike and Ann Bush of Corner Oak Connemaras in Prospect, Tennessee. One breeding to Turlough is being offered for the 2001 or 2002 breeding season. Balius Turlough is by the stallion Gilnocky Drumcliffe (Foxridge Starlight x Whitewood Irish Eve) out of the mare *Tyan Traveller's Joy (Whitwell Senator x Chiltern Replica). He is bay and is expected to mature at 14.0-14.1 hands. Corner Oak Connemaras offers live cover and is planning to train him for AI and offer transported semen by 2001. Presently, Corner Oak Connemaras is not guaranteeing AI/TS. Mares must have current vaccinations, a negative coggins and a clean culture. Mare care is $3.00 per day. A single breeding for the 2001 season is valued at $500.

Proceeds will go to support the 2001 Annual Region IV Show. Raffle tickets will be sold for $10.00 a piece. The winner will be drawn in March 2001 and will be announced at the Annual Region IV ACPS meeting. If you would like to purchase a ticket or need additional information, please call Jennifer Scarpino at (321) 269-0227, email her at jennifer.scarpino@mail.sprint.com or visit the stallion raffle website at http://www.connemaras.com/turlough.html

Feb 10 Foxhunting with the Camden Hunt

March 2 ACPS BOG Committee Meetings, Cherry Hill, NJ

      1:00-Inspection   3:00-Communications   5:00-Regional Chairs   8:00-Finance

March 3 ACPS Board of Governors Meeting, Holiday Inn, Cherry Hill, NJ

April 7 ACPS Region 4 Meeting and Inspection Clinic in Alachua FL, hosted by Donna

Duckworth's Balmullo Connemara Pony Farm

April 7 Region 4 Stallion Raffle Drawing

April 21 Dressage Schooling Show at Heatherfield (N. Ga.)

May 5 Dressage Schooling Show, River Glen, TN

May - Purebred foal (Balmullo's Beacon X Blue Hills Erin) is due! Had a filly, Foothills Maybe

June - Halfbred foal (Balmullo's Beacon X Rippleshaveruffles [TB]) is due! Had a filly, Piedmont Chicapee