Here are some Connemara ponies we once owned or have helped place in new loving homes:

Providence Carson
(Tullymor's Samson MacDara X Foothills Smokey Bay)
ACPS G2607 LIV (MICRO CHIP ID 933000120112160)
14.1 h bay purebred Connemara gelding, born 9/1/10, ride/drive pony
Bred by Beury Stout, WV; owned by Grace Vance, SC.

Tullymor's Echota
13.2h bay gelding, ACPS Reg# S1942 XLVIII, born 5/17/07
Tullymor's Chip O'Perseus x Tullymor's Ursula May)
Full brother to
Tullymor's Samson MacDara
Bred by May Medley, GA; owned by Virginia Wilson, Thomson GA

Providence Bates
(Tullymor's Samson MacDara X Foothills Smokey Bay)
ACPS G2606 LIV (MICRO CHIP ID 933000120112173)
14.2 h bay purebred Connemara gelding, born 6/18/12
Bred by Beury Stout, WV; owned by Cate Light, PA

The Tully Project
Tully Roo
Tullymor's Tigger
Tullymor's Shady Lady
Kessie & Kanga
Oh My Darlin

My Fair Lady

Tully Wind and Dreamcatcher's Fyrestorme (owned by Kim Gates - April 2017)

Tullymor's Secret Pearl
(6/12/04) dk br/black mare
SIRE: Tullymor's Chip O' Perseus S653 XXXVIII (Hayselden Perseus x Tre Awain Silaech)
DAM: Tullymor's Anastasia Pearl (Montully's Son x Kilkerrin's Rebel Lass)

Bred by May Medley (GA); owned by Kathy Trum-Searah (MA)

Balmullo's Catfish
ACPS G2313 XLV, born 8/7/06, bay gelding
Seven Hills Grey Ghost x Tullymor's Shandora
Bred by Donna Duckworth; owned by Sarah Engsberg

Marshwood Summer Keavey
M1960 XXXIX, 2000, 14.3h bay
Kerrymor Madison X Serendipity's Irish Spring

We had Keavey for less than a year. We got her from Kate Denton in exchange for a friend for her 2012 colt. Her new youngster is Tullymor's Partly Cloudy. In the short time I had her, I got her baby belly worked of and resumed her dressage training. She was the most fun horse that I have ever schooled in dressage - so sensitive, willing and easy to please. Anyhow, Kate decided that she would like her back home, so they had 2 grown horses to pony the two youngsters with, so we returned her to Camden in Nov 2014.

Bought back in 2019!

Florida ponies complete their journey northward (2/06)

The two Florida ponies that arrived here together in November, left together for their new homes further north. Paulette Moak purchased Ivydell Prudence, a rising 3 yr old gray halfbred filly by Balius Turlough out of an Arabian mare. Chris Thompson purchased Bugsy Malone, a rising 4 yr old bay purebred gelding by C.R. Roaringwater Bay out of Tullymor's Lady, bred by Donna Duckworth. Prudy and Bugsy left on the same carrier destined for New York and Vermont, respectively. Both Paulette and Chris report that their new Connemaras have settled in and adjusted nicely and they are both very, very happy with their new ponies. (photos from their arrival in Tennessee)

Ivydell Prudence - Conn/Arab

Bugsy Malone - Connemara

Pleasure Is Mine - TB

We got Pleasure, a Thoroughbred mare (Secretariat granddaughter) from Blue Ridge Farm in Leesburg, VA, already in foal to Moxley Duncan and she had Hiites, pictured below. Pleasure lived up to her name; she was super-sweet and a lot of fun to ride. She went to a mother-daughter pair in Knoxville.

Cathreim Solas - (a.k.a. Hilites, or "Loppy") Conn/TB

Big Bear's Lily
, M1325 XXVI, 13.2h , purebred Connemara mare born 5-16-87
(Rose Hill's El Lasto X CMW Misty Harbor)

Julie writes of her new foal by Balmullo's Beacon out of Big Bear's Lily,
"He's here, and he's a blue-eyed cream. He is fat and robust. I am used to the dainty little Arabian babies that always arrive looking like they could use several good meals. I'm not a bit upset about the color scheme, because I was prepared for this possibility. Being the contrary sort, I had already decided he'd be my perma-pet if this happened...Mother and child are doing fine." signed Julie Vandermeer(4/02)

Lily has been Inspected and Approved by the ACPS. She has produced 6 registered purebred offspring. Lily arrived at FFC early in the year 2001 to mark her final retirement as a lesson pony and to resume her broodmare career.

Julie Vandeermeer is the proud new owner of Big Bear's Lily!! Julie has cause to be doubly excited because Lily is in foal to Balumllo's Beacon for 2002:-) FFC congratulates Julie on her first permanent purebred Connemara pony(+) at their farm in Fountain, FL. (6/01)

 Appleberry Acres Gabriel

M1215XXIII, ACPS Passport No. USA 0455

Click here for more info and news on Gabby

1983, 13.3 hand dark brown/blk.Gabby came to us from Rockbrook camp in North Carolina. While at FFC, we enjoyed her on many trail rides and occasionally carried a few children around in riding lessons. Gabby produced a wonderful filly for us, Foothills Freedom, by Balmullo's Beacon, while at FFC. We presented her for ACPS Inspection in 1999, which she passed. In 2000, she moved on to her new home with KAY & GLEN THACKER, Oak Harbor, WA (on Whidbey Island, in the NW part of the state). She has since produced another foal by Beacon, this time for the Thackers!

  (Foxglove Malarkey x Kilkerrin's Rebel Lass) Gabby is a very solid old-fashioned type pony that is not easily found in today's broodmare bands. She has been inspected and approved by the ACPS. Gabby is blind in her R eye (due to an injury) yet is a bombproof mount that will carry mom or her child safely through the mountains and over fences.

"Un-Dun" (AHSA Show Name) owned by Susan Kuliasha was Champion Children's Pony Hunter and Short Stirrup Hunter Reserve at the Atlanta Fall Benefit in Conyers, GA, on 11/18 - 21/99; he also took the division at other shows earlier in the year such as the Chateau Elan Summer show in Braselton, GA, on 8/27-28/99. "Un-Dun" a.k.a. "Irish" is a really cute dun, Conn/Welsh medium pony who lives at Fiesta Farm in Knoxville, TN; he was purchased from FFC. "Irish" came to FFC as a very green pony who was resident of a girls' summer camp program in the NC mountains. He was bred in GA where he was registered with the ACPS with the name "Big Bear's Madcap".

Un-dun, Connemara-cross gelding, owned by Susan Kuliasha, Fiesta Farms, Knoxville, TN (purchased from FFC) took 1st, 2nd & 2nd in Green Pony Hunter, 2nd in Green Conformation Pony Hunter and 1st in Medium Pony Hunter at the Blowing Rock Charity I Horse show (July 26-30, 2000)

Irish now belongs to Rachel Coffey and is still living at Fiesta Farm (12/00)


This photo was sent to us from Brian Doyle who purchased 2 ponies from FFC. This one is Big Bear's Darby, ridden by daughter Erin who is on the Catholic Central High School (Grand Rapids, MI) Equestrian Team. Darby is out of Appleberry Acres Gabriel.

They also purchased Big Bear's Corman MacCarthy from us, who has since moved on to another young rider.